Growlerz Dog Park
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about 2 years ago
Took my dog here. Was great
over 2 years ago
This local dog daycare/play park is perfect for all sizes of dogs, as well as all sizes of humans because they sell alcohol too! I take my 1-year-old Pug here all the time when my partner and I want to grab a drink. The owners are super sweet locals!
almost 3 years ago
This is a fun and friendly new outdoor dog park in Columbia City. Very friendly staff, great space with seating areas that allow social distancing. They serve drinks and often bring local food trucks, or pet related businesses to share the space. They support minority local businesses by partnering. Most importantly it’s fun and relaxing for dogs and people. They offer daycare options too.
Liz Pearce Ooh! Exciting. Thanks for this - will definitely check it out.
  • about 3 years ago
Rose Laughlin Cool!!
  • about 3 years ago