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James Gates

Joined 2 months ago

James Recommends


Special Occasions

Bazbeaux Pizza
Good pizza. Love their Pizza Alla Quattro Formaggio. I have great memories there.
Ice Cream
Good ice cream. My cousin also used to work here. During Covid in 2020 they gave free ice cream to people who donated their antibody blood.
Bru Burger Bar
Plenty of burger choices, they even have vegetarian versions! Their fries are great, burgers are delicious, I have no complaints.
Buca Di Beppo
Good food. I love the desserts. My family always shares their desserts but I always want to keep mine for myself. (They serve very large portions).
Café Patachou
European feel - they don't put ice in their water. I like it.
Graeter's Ice Cream (Shop)
Ice Cream
My cousin used to work here, they have really great ice cream with a whole lot of different flavors.
Harry and Izzy's Northside Indianapolis
Great bacon slabs. I get them every time. Excellent service.
King Dough
Unique pizzas. Always ask for your pizza well-done. They have vegan desserts.
Nicey Treat
Ice Cream
I've never been to their indoor place, but their popsicle truck is awesome. They have great options if you get to them early- don't wait until the end of the day. 10/10 recommend.
Oriental Inn
Good Chinese restaurant that's family owned. They have great service and delicious authentic food.
St. Elmo Steak House
Mmm, steak. Their famous shrimp cocktail sauce will surely clear out your sinuses.
Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Love watching them make my ice cream right in front of me. I also love when my added gummy bears are a bit frozen from the Nitrogen.
Tinker Street
Nice place, a bit small but friendly. They don't take reservations. Once I saw Andrew Luck there.
Wild Eggs
It's not very wild in there, but they do have good food!
If you don't like spicy food, this place isn't for you. Their bread is delicious.

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