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they are a big hit at the Thinkery which is a Children's interactive museum.
SOOO cool and fun - nonstop play and imagination!
3 months ago
Magna Tiles have stood the test of time in our playroom. After five years these tiles are still the go to building blocks my kids use for their projects. We started with one set and have since bought two more. Durable, colorful and limitless building possibilities!
Elissa Tompkins We love these! So many options. I’m pretty sure my kids could survive off of playing only with these and Duplo blocks!
  • 7 months ago
5 months ago
Was waiting in a waiting room for a doctors appointment, they entertained me, and I am somewhere in between the age of 3 and 99
5 months ago
I recommend Magna tiles, my kids got them when they were 3 and they literally played with them constantly until they were about 10. We ended up with 2 sets they loved them so much. The original brand (Magnatiles) are not cheap, but they are so well loved and last forever. There are bunches of knock offs, but for durability the original is really good.
5 months ago
Has offered my 3 and 5 year old endless imaginative play
6 months ago
A year into the pandemic, we've spent A LOT of time at home and manga tiles have saved my sanity on many a rainy day.
There are so many kids' toys that are a chore to participate in as an adult, but building a spaceship or a castle or city tower with these durable, magnetic tiles is always fun. They felt expensive when we purchased them, and worried that our ROI would be minimal, but they are used often and for long stretches of time.
I bought my set at Treehouse Kid and Craft in Decatur, so I supported a small, local, female owned business to boot!
7 months ago
My boys love building with these as much as Duplo blocks. We like to make little garages for our toy cars to park in.
7 months ago
These tiles are the greatest things ever! They keep my 6yr busy for so long. I even will play with them from time to time. It's fun to watch my kiddo build all sorts of different things. Great educational tool.

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10 months ago
Our three kids have been through a lot of toys in my house. Honestly, most of them are junk. Poorly made plastic that barely survives unboxing and then rots in a drawer for a year or two before getting donated. Most of it comes from grandparents.

Only two toys have withstood the test of time - Legos and Magna Tiles. Both toys share that combination of durability and creativity.

Magna Tiles are thick plastic shapes with magnets inside. Snap 'em together to craft little buildings or other structures. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, mostly squares and triangles.

This toy is indestructible, and each of my kids has spent several years playing with the tiles. We always find an excuse to keep the Magna Tiles because the kids still use them.
Alison Finkel Yes to this! We still play with MagnaTiles in our of the only toys to survive many years of indoor and outdoor play.
  • 10 months ago
Haneen Remaileh Agreed, most played with item in our house. Best for age ranges 3-6 years old IMO
  • 9 months ago
Elissa Tompkins Love the endless play these bring! My boys didn’t love them until about 2.5 years old but now they play with them everyday.
  • 7 months ago
recommended by Kaelin Dunn, Jennifer Vo


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