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Jonathan Sposato

Magnolia • Seattle, WA
Dad, watch guy, car-collector, lover of quirky things.

Jonathan Recommends


Elder Statesman Smoking Jacket (Cashmere)
Words canNOT describe the unbelievable softness and craftsmanship of a handmade Elder Statesman sweater. I would venture to say that these are bar none the most beautifully made sweaters for either men or women in all of existence. This is a small volume boutique weaver that started out making gorgeous blankets originally, and recently transitioned to sweaters. Minimalist in shape and complexity, but oh so incredibly rich in detail and color. If i was only allowed one versatile piece of outer wear on a weekend trip, this would be the only thing I need. You have to feel these to believe.
Lewis Leathers
The best leather biker jackets ever made. These hearty, classic, and always stylish jackets are about as original as you can get, next to their American equivalent, the famed Schott Perfecto. Rumor has it that seminal punk band the Ramones ditched their Schott Perfecto's in favor of Lewis Leathers. And because these are British, you can even get them tailor fitted to you. I am embarrassed to admit I have three of them—two vintage and one new. Try the horsehide over cow for a stiffer 'slicker' look. One of my vintage ones dates back to the late 50's and it looks amazing.
One Teaspoon Super Khaki Calvary Utility Suit
Commonly referred to as overalls or 'onesies,' the boiler suit was actually put into heavy rotation by none other than Sir Winston Churchill himself. Legend has it that he walked into his saville row tailor asking that they make him something he can jump in and out of in emergency situations. He also wanted to look 'smart' navigating the rubbled streets of war torn London, protected from mud and rain. Thus was born the onesie as a suit alternative. Personally, I think the good old navy blue ones from Army Navy Surplus are best, as they are always available in military colors favored by pilots. This one from Australian luxury denim brand One Teaspoon is also pretty cool because of its relaxed cut. Notice the drop crotch and inseam length to peg and roll them for a great look.
Q Timex Reissue 38mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch
If you know something about watches you'll know this classic 'Pepsi' bezel is an homage to one of the most famous watches in the world, the venerable Rolex GMT. But even if you can't care less about watches, this new Timex reboot is simply a great durable timepiece for $175 bucks. If you wear it, you signal to the world that you know what you're doing, have great taste, and are smart with your money. The vintage nods in the design warm my heart, and at 38mm width it will look good on everyone.
Vintage Korean War M65 Field Jacket
I don't know what it is about a classic M65, but I've yet to meet a man who doesn't look handsome in one. Doesn't matter if you're too tall or too short, fat, or the hunchback of Notre Dame, a properly fitted M65 will always look leading-man. And if you’re inclined to pick one up, go for a vintage one from Korean war era to Vietnam period (prices range from $19 to $500 dollars depending on patches and condition) because they were the most hearty and look like they served their country with distinction and lived to tell about it. My own father's M65 from Vietnam is long gone, but I managed to pick up a couple at vintage clothing stores years ago and they are truly among the most special pieces in my own wardrobe. You can wear them working out in the yard and use the myriad of pockets to store gloves, keys, tools, etc. You can go punk like Travis Bickle or hipster like kids in Harajuku.





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Jonathan's Conversations

Simon Dalexy
about 1 month ago • Capitol Hill
I need someone to help me "format" a homeless initiative/petition, so that I can submit it to the City of Seattle?
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