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Jordan Cook

Learning to use my voice for myself and my community. Writer of love letters. Stand-up comedian & designated texter in friend group. Roller skating is therapy. Yes, I'm one of those weirdos who enjoys green mint choc chip ice-cream.
Joined about 2 months ago
Smith's Rosebud Salve
Tree Hut Tahitian Vanilla Bean Shea Sugar Scrub
Chef'n Twist'n Sprout Brussels Sprout Prep Tool, Green
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Jordan Recommends


Amenti Oracle Cards
These are not tarot cards. Oracle cards have helped guide my thoughts which helps lead me to new realizations. I do the lesson of the day most often. The feather heart deck by Amenti Oracle comes in a cute box with a book, and the artwork is amazing. These are fun to do with friends too!
Bliss Clear Genius
Skin Care
Target carries. It is a clarifying liquid peel that has been transforming my face & making me shameless in my skin. That.. and SPF!
Clue Town
Activity Books
Such a good way to spend the day with a date! I liked working together and working out my brain. We did not finish in the amount of time the book suggested it taking, but we also took a break for lunch. I feel like I know a little bit more about the charming downtown college town.
I have a classic riser standing desk converter. You place it on another hard surface, it's heavier than it looks, but adjustable. Right now I have it sitting on my dining table that turned into my work from home table. It's really helped my posture and pandemic working experience.
Frasier Sterling
Impressed with the intention and quality that goes into their playful low-cost jewelry.
Good Dye Young
Hair Dye
Their semi-permanent colors are so fun. The steal my sunshine color is my favorite. Grammy-Winning artist, Hayley Williams, and her hairstylist Brian are the masterminds behind these vibrant colors and vegan products. Putting on the dye feels like a hair mask, it smells nice and it contains sunflower extract and bergamot essential oil. Plus, I just really like Hayley Williams y'all.
Homasy Handheld Vaccum
Vacuum Cleaner
Perfect for quick pickups of little oopses. Also helps maintain pet hair.
Impala Roller Skates
Roller Skating
I have skates and protective gear by impala, I’m pleased.
Skin Care
The UVC sanitizing system has really come in handy making our face masks last. I use it to clean my phone too. it reduces viruses and bacteria with the help of UV light.
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560
I've also considered my Dad a master griller, and he has this grill. It really helped complete his outdoor setup. And everything that comes from that grill is amazing!
Morgan Harper Nichols
I bought my mom a gift by Morgan Harper Nichols last year and she loved it.
Essential Oils
Their Essential Lavender Oil was gifted to me during a time of stress. I had no expectations, it smelled good. It claimed to be anti-inflammatory reducing depression and easing headaches. Let's just say after trying it I have no doubts!
Plink Garbage Disposal Freshner and Cleaner
Garbage Disposal Cleaner
We were having a rough time with our garbage disposal and it also smelled. My roommate purchased these after we got our disposal fixed and we've been using them since!
Rainbow Symphony Rainbow Decals
Was first gifted these by a friend, loved them so much I gifted some to other friends. I have one in my car and my bedroom window, as well as our sunroom. Seeing rainbows just makes ya happy, ya know?
Shark Vertex DuoClean Upright Vacuum
Vacuum Cleaner
After our last vacuum croaked we were desperate for another just as good if not better. We need a good vacuum in our home as we have cute but messy bunny rabbits who like to shed and such.. the Shark Vertex minimizes this problem, and it’s so lightweight making it easy to use. Don’t worry it’s still packed with power. If you have larger animals I’d suggest upgrading to the True Pet version. They offer payment plans through affirm if upfront cost is too much to pay at one time.
Solo Stove
Fire Pit
When done right, hardly any smoke. It doesn't come with a fire poker, but you'll definitely need one. My friends and I really enjoyed this during my burn birthday party. We wrote down things we wanted to let go of and watched them shrivel away to ashes. Don't put anything else but wood and paper in it. Fire starters help. Easy to clean and transport, try not to get it wet. Very warm to gather around.
Thinx Period Underwear
Feminine Products
No waste, next case!
Vital Farms
Love being able to get their eggs at Kroger's here in Georgia. Sustainable food & you know where it's coming from. Plus there's a chicken of the month mini-feature in every carton!
Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars
Ice Cream
Yes, these are my alternative when I feel like I've had too many calories of real ice cream. One bar is about 100 calories.
Yoga Toes
Foot Health
These are helping me so much with my toe flexibility as well as my alignment.

Special Occasions

Andra Hall Living Cake Shop
Andra Hall is the master behind Cami Cakes cupcakes. She also has a line of her own cakes you can order for any occasion. I've gone to her twice now for birthday cakes. She calls her cakes her girls, they all have names, and all include a decorative floral arrangement on top. The display is truly unique as the cakes are boxed up with a bow and plastic cutting knife in what she calls a "cake purse". I've tried the strawberry and carrot cake flavors. Cant wait to try her version of the southern staple - yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
Cascade Skating
Historic skating rink venue featured in the documentary America Skates as well as the movie ATL. My first trip there inspired me to buy a pair of skates so I could practice and come back to skate on the outside lane with the pros. Skates are available to rent but, everyone's personal skates were so uniquely designed.
Charis Books & More
Book Store
The perfect bookstore to explore as we cerebrate all women. This feminist find keeps their event calendar fresh even in these virtual times. They have great options from queer and BIPOC authors. An excellent place for folks looking to gain cultural competence.
Coca Cola Roxy
Just had an awesome time here seeing Sunsquabi for my friend's 30th, good job on a socially distant jam night!
Dave's Cosmic Subs
I order the "Grateful Dave" every time. Often I add on one of the gooiest brownies you've ever seen. Such a satisfying work from home lunch.
Desta Ethiopian Kitchen
One of my first eatery experiences in Atlanta, order the Sheeba wine and feel like a queen!
Joystick Gamebar
I'm always down for a barcade, plus this one is in the Edgewood area which is noted for its nightlife.
LEONs Full Service
Leon's does not disappoint. Someone took me here when I was new to Atlanta, and so I brought my family when they came to visit - they approved.
Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium
Don't go if sacrilegious things offend you, this place is full of them. I myself enjoy the humor and concept of this place. Make a friend, play ping pong, grab a drink and folks to join you in the photo booth.
Sublime Doughnuts
Donut Shop
They're black owned and open 24 hours! This really is my 2nd go to for donuts. They also have coffee items and frozen treats too. They will even spell out messages for you. I once ordered a box that said "B My Gf" it was such a cute way to make things official with my then partner.
Sugarboo & Co.
Great place for unique gifts and pick me ups. You'd want to window shop here anyway for craft ideas. Ps: if you are into typewriters like me, you'll love it here. Plus there's a Location in Ponce City Market & you probably want to go there anyway!
Sweet-Stack Creamery
Ice Cream
Saw it recommended on here, and tried it! Thanks to UberEats. Icing in ice cream is never a bad thing 😊 aka order the cookie monster.
The Yard Milkshake Bar
Ice Cream
Fancy shmancy milkshakes, I don't frequent it, but it is so worth it every once in awhile.
Trap Music Museum
I cant wait to go, a lot of my friends have enjoyed it and gotten some pretty cool Instagram pics out of it. I used to go to church across the street from it, and the line was always so long to get in. I'm glad the concept is doing well. I think it's an important museum in a community that really helped put Atlanta on the rap map.






All Fired Up
Let your creativity heat up here. I chose a cute mug and plate set like for coffee or tea. I painted the plate to look like a vinyl, then designed the cup around the music. The final product really glosses. Good date night.
Archer Paper Goods
Art Supplies
This place is great anytime I need a unique or quirky card. Based on archery, they carry some "outdoor" supplies, cute gifts for adults and children (they have Jellycat!), stationery, writing/art supplies, trinkets and so much more!
East Pole Coffee Co.
Coffee Shop
Neat place to work from. You can see them roasting behind glass, and the noise is quite pleasant. Oh, order your late with choc milk can thank me later.
Revolution Donuts
Coffee Shop
Beware, this place could become your new Saturday morning ritual. You may have to wait in line, but it's well worth it. Pre-order for pick up and delivery options are also available. Menu is monthly and includes vegan and gluten free options so there is something for everyone... unless they run out before close (that's how good i'm talking). If you're feeling really revolutionary grab a donut, a crunchy mister, and s coffee. You'll thank me later.
Rosie's Cafe
Come for the West End Blend, stay for the chicken n waffles. They have a great wing special and three locations in the Atlanta Metro, Northside drive is probably the most frequented as it's the OG location I believe.
Starlight Drive-In
Movie Theater
Best way to see a new movie these days!
Urban Tree Cidery
Atlanta's first cidery, and boy do they have fun with their drink concoctions. So many cider flavors to taste and choose from. Outdoor seating and charcuterie boards available.

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