Kasper Homes and Remodeling
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Kasper Homes and Remodeling

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about 1 year ago
I am the owner of a design build firm here in Austin, Texas. I am also a single mother of two children and work very hard to maintain an excellent reputation. Kasper Homes contacted my firm in a great hurry to turn around two landscape design documents within one week.

Both myself and my designer worked over two weekends to expedite this process for Kasper Homes, while still meeting our other, previously scheduled obligations. We also gave this company a deep discount, providing both designs for the cost of one.

Kasper Homes promised that a check was in the mail and then stopped responding to any and all attempts for us to contact them. In the real world, this is considered theft of service and is a criminal offense. We are in the process of collecting the balance due.

For any prospective home buyers or individuals looking to build a home, I think it's important to know how this company operates and how they treat other small business owners in the community.
recommended by Trey Parr
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