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Kenna Richards

Im 21 years old with a lot of ambition. I currently work at Modern Allo located in chandler AZ. Former soccer player now a coach, Husky owner, major coffee addict.
Joined 2 months ago
Threshold Candles
Nekteck Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager
The Original Moon Lamp
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Apple Watch Series 3
Smart Watch
If you're looking for an Apple Watch that low is cost and does what you need I highly suggest the Series 3. While I have one I also bought one for my boyfriend and let me tell you it helps so much throughout the day. We only needed something that can track health, stocks, and show us our notification whiteout always going on our phones 24/7. this watch does so much for for a decent price.
Botanica Room Spray
Air Freshener
I've never kept something on my shopping list for so long, Botanica is where its at. I work in a childcare and you can only image the verity of smells everyday. Every so often I run around the room spraying the room spray religiously. Let me tell you this stuff neutralizes every oder. 10/10 defiantly recommend this product
Fabletics Leggings
Hey ladies, you need to check Fabletics legging out ! I'm the type to struggle with buying leggings. Either they don't fit right, too short, transparent (which no body wants) or just not right in anyway. I have 3 pairs from them and let me tell you they are an everyday wear for me !! They are decent price where you're not spending your whole paycheck but you're also getting great quality. Check them out and let me know !!
ionvac Cordless Vacuum
Vacuum Cleaner
The ionvac is a small compact handheld vacuum perfect for a small apartment or any tiny messes. The vacuum is sleek looking, and comes with a stand to keep it up right. Definitely worth the try.
The Maskie
Face Mask
In this pandemic we are always seeing new and different types of masks come out. But for me I love the brand "The Maskie". They are protective masks that also double as a scrunchy !! Personally I haven't used mine as a scrunchie yet but I do keep it comfortably around my wrist when I'm not using it. The Maskie is super comfortable for my face and even has hidden adjustable straps if needed. they also come in many colors.
Threshold Candles
Threshold candles are one of the best candles I have ever bought. I get mine at target and they come in many different sizes for the best prices. The candles not only light up the room but they will fill any room with the most amazing smells! 100% recommend trying these candles out for yourself.





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