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Maria D'Angelo


28-year-old UW alumna and self-proclaimed busy bee. I’m always looking for new recommendations for services in the health and beauty categories so send some my way!
Joined about 1 year ago

Maria Recommends


Brandon Ware
Brandon M. Ware PA-C is based out of the UW Ravenna Neighborhood Clinic. I saw him for a drop-in visit and his calm presence and his ability to listen carefully to his patients made for a comfortable environment to share my symptoms with him in confidence. Brandon offered a variety of options to address my concerns, and wasn't overbearing or belittling. His quality of care is hard to come by and I will ask him to be my primary doctor once he's accepting new patients.
Dr. Kevin Suzuki
I was recommended to visit Puget Sound Perio by my dentist, Dr. Michael Velling, to investigate my receding gums. I met with Dr. Suzuki who thoroughly evaluated my gums and gave me an overview of the symptoms I was experiencing and their potential fixes. He seemed very knowledgeable of dentistry/periodontics and was personable, upfront and kind. His staff is exceptional and made me feel very welcome and at ease, as the dentist isn't exactly my favorite place to visit. Overall I had a fantastic visit with this Periodontist office and would definitely go again.
Dr. Michael Velling
Dr. Robert Hogg (Swedish)
Shoreline Chiropractic
I've been a patient of Greg's at Shoreline Chiropractic for over a year now and I'm loving the results I'm seeing from his care. I have better posture and more mobility, and I always feel energized after my appointments. Greg's care is comprehensive and he listens to each individual patient's needs to craft a custom care plan for each of them.





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I'm looking for a photographer who takes solid team and employee portraits for our upcoming all-hands where my entire company (15 people) will be i...