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Melissa Miranda

Central District • Seattle, WA
Founder & Head Chef, Musang
Joined about 1 month ago

Melissa Recommends

Boos Block Cutting Boards
Cutting Board
These boards are as beautiful as they are high quality. They are sturdy and don't crack over long term use. I use mine at home and at our studio space and I love it.
Craft Wok
You can cook so many things in a wok! Think big: pasta, deep fried goodies, the list goes on. It heats up super fast and because of this you can cook things quickly with a nice sear. It allows for a really great char flavor. Find a wok that feels comfortable when you hold it—not too heavy, since you want control over it—and over time, a beautiful layer of seasoning will develop on its surface.
Croc Shoes
They are the most non-slip shoes I have ever worn in the kitchen. They're comfortable and cute! Don't sleep!
JB Prince Kunz Sauce Spoon
It's the perfect size for doing anything: serving, plating, drizzling. Most of us at Musang have our own, cherished spoon.
Johnny's Seasoning Salt
I have so much nostalgia attached to this kitchen staple because my Lola always cooked with it. My whole family learned to cook with Johnny's Seasoning Salt. It is a flavor bomb in your mouth!
Kari Kari Chili Crisp
I love the amount of crunchy garlic in this chili crisp! The heat is tasty but not overwhelmingly spicy. It tastes great over everything, especially over a bowl of rice.
Lexa Luna Studio Ceramics
Lexa Luna is a Filipina ceramicist whose work I just love. Her pieces have connections to home, to our stories, to our ancestry. Hand formed and intentional pieces, they are sturdy and gorgeous.
Nacionale Chef's Knives
Nacionale Bladeworks is a Philippine owned company. The quality of their products is always high. They're beautiful knives made from repurposed materials. We're so excited to be collaborating with them on a custom Musang knife soon!
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