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3 months ago
We love Crocs in our house- my husband, myself and the kids each have a pair. They're so easy to slip on for around the house activities!
7 months ago
I live 80% of my life in Crocs. I'm on my feet constantly working at a vet clinic, and my crocs have saved my feet! I have hip dysplasia and wearing these shoes has helped so much.
8 months ago
yeah im going to reccomend crocs lol. i mean theres summer crocs to work outside in and winter crocs to keep your feet warm.
8 months ago
One of the only shoes I will wear
8 months ago
I own so many different pairs of crocs. they are non-slip and comfortable and come in so many different styles.
9 months ago
They are the most non-slip shoes I have ever worn in the kitchen. They're comfortable and cute! Don't sleep!

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9 months ago
I wear these around the house or running out to the store. I love my crocs. They are comfortable, durable great when watering my garden, because I don't have to worry about them getting wet. I also wore these at the gym/pool/locker-room. They slip on and off easily.
10 months ago
My husband calls me a hippie and says he wouldn't be caught dead in Crocs lol but I love them and pretty much live in them. I am all about comfort and ease.
Carol Mullins Tell your husband they are back in style, along with wide leg jeans.
  • 9 months ago
10 months ago
In the winter I like the fleece lined Crocs.
11 months ago
I love my crocs! Bright orange, cute pics, comfy and easy to clean! A throw back to my childhood too🤣
Elissa Tompkins 😂 for some reason, I don’t think these are comfortable!
  • 11 months ago
12 months ago
Only the best shoes in the world!! They have the best support for tired achy feet! They are my go to post run, when I first wake up, or just because I can shoes.
Mandi Pacer Everybody hates on Crocs, but I think they are the most comfortable shoes and I had them for all the restaurant gigs I worked! Easy to clean, too! :)
  • 11 months ago
Carly Canter Mandi Pacer Let the haters hate, they're more likely to have feet problems! lol
  • 11 months ago
Mandi Pacer So true! I like this color, very fun and bright.
  • 11 months ago
Brynn Hays I love my crocs! They saved my back bar tending. Haters gonna hate!
  • 11 months ago
recommended by Katie Taylor


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