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Bath and Body Works 3 Wick Candles

Bath and Body Works 3 Wick Candles

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9 months ago
I have yet to find another candle that will fill my whole house with scent
11 months ago
I traditionally purchase these candles for the Fall and Winter seasons. They make my entire home feel festive!
11 months ago
These smell incredible!!!
about 1 year ago
you really cannot go wrong with these candles.
about 1 year ago
i love these candles, they are my top favs.
about 1 year ago
I love these candles with a passion. I wish I had a roller for every time I've bought a candle from bath and body works. They have so many different scents and they are always on sale. I always buy a ton during the annual candle day sale. One of my favorite scents is mahogany teakwood!
Brittany Menestrina I just got some with their sale last week! I absolutely love their seasonal scents!
  • 12 months ago
about 1 year ago
These are the best smelling candles!!
about 1 year ago
My favorite candles ever! It’s the best if you can catch them on the buy 3 get 3 sale ;)
about 1 year ago
This has been my go-to candle that I always come back to because it's the only one I have found that burns to the bottom. Plus, if you find you are near the bottom and it did not melt evenly, they'll return or exchange it. In fact, they will do that for all of their products. Out of the 100s of candles I've purchased from them, I've only had to swap out one. Gotta love great customer service!


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