The best candles of 2023

Sara Marie - This has been my go-to candle that I always come back to because it's the only one I have found that burns to the bottom. Plus, if you find you are near the bottom and it did not melt evenly, they'll return or exchange it. In fact, they will do that for all of their products. Out of the 100s of c...
Cindy Hawkins - I traditionally purchase these candles for the Fall and Winter seasons. They make my entire home feel festive!
Kali Thompson - i love these candles, they are my top favs.
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Emily Midgley - I like the Yankee Candle Large Jar Candles. I am super sensitive to smells so there are a handful of scents I can handle. The Sicilian Lemon and Home Sweet Home - which is a blend of cinnamon, baking spice and freshly poured tea.
Laura Wilkinson - I love Yankee candles, They smell great and burn much longer than other similar-sized candles. I tend to purchase the food scents the most. Yankee candles also make great hostess gifts.
Sara Latronica - We love Yankee Candles- I think they're a lot of people's go to for candles and it is easy to see why once you have tried them. The scents are much better than competitors and they last for a very long time.
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Victoria Grinde - I love this candle. The gentle crackle of the wood wick. And the gender neutral scent gives me warm cozy library vibes when I burn it.
Cindy Sersig - I love woodwick candles. The flame flickers like wood and gives off a soothing crackling sound and the aroma of the candle fills up the room, but not in an overpowering way.
Cindy Hawkins - I love the Woodwick candles. They are so unique!
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Katie Taylor, Joyce Ling and 1 other
Molly Pearcy - Love the scent of this candle! Makes my home smell lovely.
Lindsey S - The top rated candle sold at Anthropologie! I have yet to find a scent or style I don't love.
Meena Caputo - Smell super good!!!
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Elexa Martinez - These have been my go to candle for years now. I love that they burn for a long times and can fill a room with lovely scents in a short period of time. My favorite scents are the geranium and peony.
Molly Pearcy - Love these candles! They make the whole house smell clean and fresh. I also use the Mrs. Meyer's Lavender surface cleaning spray to keep my kitchen countertops clean so I love that I have one scent throughout the house.
Cindy Hawkins - One of my favorites, too!
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Elexa Martinez - This candle has been burning in my kitchen all month and I am very sad it is out. It makes me feel like I have a pie baking in the oven. It is so sweet and fragrant and not over powering.
Julio Martinez - Love the way these candles make our home smell, very welcoming!
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Natasha Willis - I stock up on these at holiday time so I can use them year long. I love the scent and it really makes my house feel like home.
Test Out - I love candles and this one of the ones i have to get when i grocery shop
Morgan Keith - I love this candle for the fall. So nice
Victoria Grinde - These candles are the during those times of year when the bugs are out! We have a couple on our patio and then some throughout the backyard.
Clau C - These candles are a part of our backyard routine, specially in the Summer when mosquitos are everywhere.
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Kali Thompson - really good for houses with multiple pets!
Megan Sammons - This candles are very good for controlling the pet odor. I use these in my bedroom because that is where my cat box is and I barely smell the box.
Kali Thompson - these are great for making my room not smell like an animal room!
Megan Sammons - I love these candles! They work really well with getting rid of the smell from my cat and the scent sometimes will last a day or two after just a couple of hours of being lite!
Paula Claure - They are 100% Plant-based, they come with a beautiful base, and you can buy the refills for every season.
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Jeri and Amy Andrews - We are obsessed with candles and could make a holiday list solely composed of our favorites! Thistle Farms is an organization that provides a pathway of healing and hope for women survivors. Their Love Heals candle collection, handmade by these incredible women, is the perfect accompaniment to a ...
Jessica Graham - I won the Cinnamon Cedar candle from the FC wishlist giveaway and it is amazing! The fragrance is not overpowering and the soy candle is clean burning. I'm glad to have learned of Thistle Farms and like supporting a business that provides a pathway of healing and hope for women survivors.
Clau C - I get these to pamper myself once in a while. They make me happy! Every scent is wonderful but Rose, Lemon Verbena and Fig are my favorites, depending on the season.
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Laura Wilkinson - I love DW candles. Their jars are so visually appealing and the scents are strong and they burn well. I give them as hostess gifts as well as burn them in my home on a regular basis.
Z M - Inexpensive and literally smells like you're walking through crunchy leaves in Autumn/Fall.
Brittany Menestrina - I just bought a lot of candles from Evil Queen based off on a recommendation on Fresh Chalk. It said they last for 50+ hours but obviously I haven't burned one down yet but the smell is amazing!
Jessica Graham - Evil Queen candles smell amazing- my favorites are "Can't Adult Today" (smells like fruit loops!) and Literally Dead (apple cider and crunchy leaves). The candles are 100% soy and you're supporting a women-led small business when you purchase them.
Patricia Burnett - smells amazing !
Kenna Richards - Threshold candles are one of the best candles I have ever bought. I get mine at target and they come in many different sizes for the best prices. The candles not only light up the room but they will fill any room with the most amazing smells! 100% recommend trying these candles out for yourself.
Jennifer Marthaler - These are the most beautiful candles I have ever seen! So magical! 🤩 Definitely worth checking out!!!
Anja Castillo - The best apple candle you'll ever buy! It smells like pure Apple--none of the cinnamon you usually find in some candles. It smells like you just took a bite!
Mandi Pacer - I feature Malicious Women Candles in my shop and love their mission to give back in the mental health arena. They donate a portion of the proceeds to programs centered around suicide prevention. My absolute favorite scent is "Ungrateful Teenager" it smells like a bowl of Froot Loops. I am a candl...

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