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HiBAR’s Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

$12 – 30
HiBAR’s Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

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over 1 year ago
Game changer! These are amazing products for the hair. Better results than expensive bottled "professional" shampoo and plastic free!
over 2 years ago
A really amazing alternative to traditional shampoos, and the perfect fit for any eco-friendly person!
over 2 years ago
The solid shampoo and conditioner bars are a great alternative to clunky plastic bottles most shower products come in. The hair bars are easy to use, lathering into your hair just like shampoo and conditioner. HiBAR is also shipped in plastic-free packaging directly to your home, so you can completely eliminate plastic from your shower’s hair routine.

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over 2 years ago
I absolutely love HiBAR! I've been using them for over 6 months on the same bar. I was afraid that these wouldn't lather well but they are super easy and take no more time then traditional shampoo.