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about 2 years ago
Use this when I record my workouts and its super flexible and can be placed almost anywhere
over 2 years ago
perfect for vlogging! i love it!
over 2 years ago
The only thing better than conquering that route you’ve tried over and over again is being able to watch your triumph later! Whether it’s archiving and studying your progress or posting your next viral hit on TikTok, this well known tripod makes for a great companion to hold your phone and record you. It’s sturdy and flexes to almost any angle. And you can even wrap the legs around poles or other protrusions to get that hot action shot.

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almost 3 years ago
I've used many tripods and this is easily the best one. It's grip is tenacious, so it's strong enough to mount sideways, putting the camera in portrait mode. It's also well-built, so it's lasted a very long time without getting progressively looser over time.