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Kulie Convertible Backpack Pannier

Kulie Convertible Backpack Pannier

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over 2 years ago
I love the Kulie Convertible Backpack Pannier (French word for a bag that goes on a bike) because it is a bike bag and a backpack, both! If you have been cycling with a backpack on you, try switching to a bike bag and you will be thrilled with how efficient your rides become. This Kulie Pannier easily clips on to either the front or the rear bike rack and converts to a backpack in seconds (no tools needed). The pannier hooks are simple, so the bag is light. The bag is constructed with a unique clamshell design to make sure the pannier hooks are hidden away and do not jut out or stab your back. The hooks are nearly flush with the back of the bag and are fully covered and secured with a handy Velcro swatch. The backpack style makes this great for commuting to the office, but its also super convenient to carry on hikes or treks. The bag is water resistant and comes with a rain cover so you can ride with it no matter the weather. There are plenty of pockets, straps etc. to store your laptop and electronics, snacks and water, books/magazines and writing material etc.

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