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The best bike bags of 2022

Carol Mullins - I wanted an accessible bag for my phone, mask, wallet, tools. This wide top zippered bag is easy to get into, yet keeps everything secure as I ride.
Cindy Hawkins - I love this bike bag because it's small, but so convenient to carry all the essentials while bike riding.
Esther Kast - Easy to affix to the bars, spacious storage (wallet, phone, camera, pocket-juice battery pack & cord all fit with plenty of room left), not noisy & shifts very little while riding.
Emily Midgley - This is such a cool bag and a must have for bikers. It easily attaches to your bike with Velcro. It is waterproof, has a clear top window compartment for your phone so you can listen to music, or see maps while you bike, and it has so much storage for snacks, keys, and credit card slots. It is li...
Carol Mullins - OMG, I just got this and tried it out. No more putting my phone in zippered handlebar bags and having to fumble to see maps. It was so easy to install, the clear facing window makes it easy to see and stay safe while riding. Highly recommend the Kulie products.
Esther Kast - My daughter bought this phone bag for me. I love it cause I can easily access my phone if needed and I can listen to my music and see my maps if I am out venturing.
Victoria Grinde - We have this bike bag on all of our bikes. It holds all the essentials that you need when you are out on a ride. It is secure. Water proof. It's perfect.
Jeff Mullins - Perfect size for my wallet and keys. Easy to install under the seat.
Carol Mullins - This is the perfect size for keys and multi-tool. I like that it attaches directly to the seat and post.
Natasha Willis - I like the seat bags because they're still easily accessible without looking ugly on your bike.
Kelsey Lockard - I love my KaiVenture Bag! Perfect place to keep my snacks and spare parts/tools when I ride. When you order your bag you can pick between different fabrics, colors, and designs. Fun process and the end result is amazing.
Josh Bean - For longer cycling outings or multi-day adventures, it's a good idea to get some additional storage space to carry spare clothes, additional food and other necessities. KaiVenture bags is a fantastic place to head for custom-made frame, handlebar and other cycling bags. Not only will they create ...
Victoria Grinde - I am kind of a bag fanatic. I probably have as many bags as I do Nalgene water bottles lol. BUT I do really like this bag. My laptop fits in it nicely which is a huge thing for me since I usually always have it with me.
Victoria Grinde - I love all of North St.'s products and this bag is proof that there products are amazing.

You never know what life is going to throw at you, or what you might collect along the way. The Convertible’s padded shoulder strap feels plush, its waterproof liner seals out rain, and the matte fabric giv...
David Grinde - This bag fits great on my Fat bike and transfers well to my regular road bike. Holds everything I need when I make the ride from home to work.
Natasha Elizabeth - Love this! I got it for when I travel because you never know what kind of bike you are going to get when you rent. With this you always know it will work out!
Molly Pearcy - The Gusodor Bicycle Repair Bag is a handy little repair kit to have for emergencies. The repair kit comes with a small pump, crow bar, patch kit and key wrenches. It will help you make a quick fix so you can finish your ride.
Jeff Mullins - Holds all your rain gear, tools, spare and more for those long trips.
Victoria Grinde - This bike bag is awesome!!! It's big enough to hold everything you need but small enough that it doesn't feel like you are carrying a massive haul. It's light weight, even when you have all your essentials packed.
Preeti Viswanathan - I love the Kulie Convertible Backpack Pannier (French word for a bag that goes on a bike) because it is a bike bag and a backpack, both! If you have been cycling with a backpack on you, try switching to a bike bag and you will be thrilled with how efficient your rides become. This Kulie Pannier e...
Ethan Cui - Won't replace a full-on fender set. But it doesn't require fender mount on your frame, only takes 30 seconds to install, and will save your bottom from wet road.
Josh Bean - If you've ridden bikes for long enough, you are sure to have had a number of unfortunate breakdowns. Flat tires, broken chains and broken spokes are a small sample of the mechanical issues that I have had to deal with while out riding, for this reason, having a reliable saddle bag that can carry ...
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Find the best products & professionals
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