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Oula Clothing

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over 2 years ago
Oula is really inspired apparel. The designer, Erica, is from this amazing multicultural family. She's married to a person from Sierra Leone, she comes from Miami, and she's infused the clothes with her and her husband's history. The silhouettes hearken back to the Black is Beautiful movement, and her memories of her mother and grandmother with big house dresses with elaborate sleeves and big prints in wild colors. She's tried to recreate and modernize those, and the twist that she's taking is that the fabrics all come from Sierra Leone and India and places where she's able to find those textiles in their own environment and then incorporate them into this modern take.

Over the pandemic, I personally have been wearing them quite a bit because a lot of them are that house dress style, which basically means something that you can wear without shoes. It's got an easy going silhouette; it doesn't need any special undergarments, and it really screams comfort. Also, these dresses make you look like you are a queen. When we've all been staying at home for a year, it's a real improvement to be wearing a queen dress in my home environment.

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