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over 2 years ago
I use the handheld version (just $17 on Amazon), and it's one of my most used cooking tools. I used to be a really slow cook- I'd knock out a Rachel Ray 30-Minute Meal in just under two and a half hours. The pandemic forced our household roles to change, and I was cooking on the daily without time or desire to spend 3 hours in the kitchen every night. One of my best shortcuts is using the mandoline to make knife work a breeze. Sometimes I'll turn the pan on and just slice directly into it. Onions can be shaved razor thin for carmelizing, carrots are all uniformly sized for even cooking, I've even used it for garlic. The one we have is at least 5 years old and sharp enough to take off the tip of a finger! Love love love this thing!
Z M This sounds awesome! Certainly better than grating my fingers off. Going to order this today- thanks.
  • over 2 years ago