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Melissa Gallagher

I'm a former boutique owner & current Realtor. I'm a true Libra: lover of design & aesthetics and logic & justice. I strive for conscious consumerism, sustainability, and shopping with heart.
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Airhead Super Mable
Inner Tube
We have the Airhead Super Mable. It’s crazy durable and has held up to a lot of abuse and weight!
Apple Pencil
I got the second generation pencil a few months ago, and I really love it. It's the closest to writing on paper, but maybe better because my handwriting actually feels slightly improved. Beyond that, I'm having tons of fun on procreate. If you're going to get one, be sure to do your due diligence on whether to get the first or second generation to be sure it pairs with whatever iPad you're using! I got the pencil and then ended up having to upgrade, which was nice, if not a little bit costly!
Artifact Uprising
Once a year for the past 4-5 years we upload our Summer vacation photos into A|U and create a small, square album. The stack of them sits proudly on our coffee table, and they are truly treasured by us! We've created quick, custom albums to gift friends that visited us with a book commemorating our week together, and they've been a huge hit. The books are easy to assemble on their app with photos straight from your phone, and the prints are high quality yet affordable. We love that each volume coordinates aesthetically with the years' prior in a series that gives tangible reminder to our wonderful vacations.
Ashman Garden Hose Reel Cart
Hose Reel Cart
I recommend the Ashman. We had several plastic ones (seemingly decent ones) that after a couple of seasons of use and high sun exposure have cracked or broken & ended up in a landfill (insert sad face). If you think you'll be wheeling it around and abusing it, spend the money and get something metal (that is weather resistant!) and heavy duty.
Bat, Bat Coffee Soda
There are so many grab & go coffee drinks on the market it can be overwhelming. Bat, Bat stands out for being a coffee soda that caffeinates like a coffee but quenches like a soda without the sugary aftertaste. It's my afternoon fix when I don't want to brew.
Beauty Counter Touch Up Skin Concealer Pen
I really like the Beauty Counter Touch Up Skin Concealer Pen. It's a clean beauty company, which is always a good starting point. The click-to-dispense brush pen ensures you don't waste it and makes application easy. They come in a range of skin tones that works for my dark skin, and it always seems to hide the dark spots without looking cakey. You can blend with your fingers and wear it solo or add a foundation or tinted moisturizer on top for extra coverage. I'm not a big make-up buff, but this product makes me feel like I may have stumbled into knowing what I'm doing.
Becalia Horchata Facial Polishing Grains
Becalia is an ATL based beauty/skincare line. I love all their products, but my favorite is the Horchata Polish. I keep it in the shower, and every few days I use it to exfoliate. It makes my skin SOOOO soft, and it smells like heaven. You'll want to eat it! All their products are beautifully packaged and reasonably priced, so they make great gift baskets!
Bed Bath & Beyond Pure Beech Sateen Sheets
These sheets are just so soft and almost have a cooling property. Love them!
Black & Decker Handheld Vacuum
Vacuum Cleaner
I bought this on my sister's recommendation, and I've been so pleased. Love that it folds up, so it takes up less space than my last one. Has great suction and survives off the charger for a good while. If this lasts years like everyone says it will, It'll be well worth the money!
Bomchel Face Mask
Face Mask
There's so many face masks to choose from and try, but this has been my go-to favorite! First and foremost, it fits well. I have a small-medium size face (that's a weird thing to size up!), and some masks just feel like they're swallowing me whole. This is snug enough that it doesn't droop every time I move and even after hours of wear, it doesn't pull on my ears. The colors and patterns are fun & reversible and I get SO many compliments from strangers! And then there's the fact that Bombchel is a wonderful heart-centered, black-owned business that employs women in an ethical factory in Libera. Highly recommend!
Burlap & Barrel Spices
Burlap & Barrel is a spice company that specializes in ethically sourced spices that are often highlighted by single origin. If you are someone who cares about the subtleties and nuance of flavor in your food, these are a great addition to your kitchen. We recently cooked a dish with the Turmeric and the difference between the standard commodity style turmeric and the B&B version was tremendous. We also love the Cumin, White Pepper, limited edition Black Lime Salt, and well... all of them so far. This is a great, unexpected gift for a food enthusiast!
Candy Paints Nail Polish & Remover
Nail Polish
I love Candy Paints for their beautiful range of 10-free nail polishes. Her colors are gorgeous and they apply like buttah! If you're looking for non-toxic eco-friendly nail care, this is a great place to start. My favorite product in the line might be the Erase That Soy-based nail polish remover. If you're sensitive to smells, nail polish remover might be the most offensive smell out there. Not this one! It's a soft grapefruit scent that is SO much less abrasive than standard remover, leaving your cuticles and nails soft and not stripped. And it works! Like really well. I thought there would be the standard compromise that often comes with using natural products over high-chemical ones. But this was just as effective for me. If you're buying a little kit, don't forget the glass file, which is more earth friendly and will last forever (plus that dreamy color ombre!). Can't say enough good things about all her products!
Canon Selphy Cp1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer
I was gifted this, and I wasn't very sure I needed a photo printer. However, it's gotten great use, and we all love having it. It's quick, the quality is great, and it's easy to use. The price is decent- about 100 prints for $30. In a world where our photos are often trapped on our phones, it's a small price to pay to have actual prints that we can frame, throw into greeting cards, or put into scrapbooks.
Chaco Z/1 Classic Sandal
There's never been a hike I couldn't tackle in my Chacos! I don't like dealing with socks bunching or sweaty feet. God forbid you get really wet, and there's not a lot worse than hiking in wet shoes/socks. Chacos (for me!) are comfy on day one, have great traction & arch support, and are perfect for conditions that might get wet (I don't really believe in hiking without a water feature along the way!). Plus, they pack light for travel!
Champion Classic 2000 Single Auger, Masticating Commercial Juicer - G5-Pg710
I worked in a bar where we juiced A LOT of fruit/veg. We had this for years, and it was such a workhorse. It's a masticating juicer, so it can handle things like wheatgrass. It's pricey, but it's commercial quality.
Clue Town
Activity Books
As a family we love Clue Town books for an off-the-beaten-path day of adventure. If you aren't familiar, they're scavenger hunt booklets of places around Atlanta. Even if you've explored places like Piedmont Park a thousand times, you'll probably discover new spots and old history. They make great gifts, and they're good for all ages!
Best game ever? Maybe! I love word games: Bananagrams, Scattergories, Scrabble, etc. And this might take the cake. Recently played with a ten year old and they asked to play again and again. I don't think there is anyone that my very large family has pulled into playing Codenames that hasn't ended up buying their own soon after.
Comfort Collection Mattress
My sister has these. Anytime I stay with her, I make a mental note that when we upgrade our mattress, we're getting this one! Feels like a night in a nice hotel bed!
Deadbolt Mystery Society
We got the Deadbolt Mystery society monthly subscription as a Christmas gift, and we've had so much fun with it. Such a different way to spend the evening, solving puzzles and exploring the story, rather than staring at a screen. The puzzles are challenging, and often we make it a weekend solve. If you like escape rooms, this is along the same lines but without the time constraint. Works great for families (with older/more mature children), and will teach you a lot about how you communicate and share information and work as a team (rather than compete against each other like most board games).
Dr. Killigan's Pantry Moth Traps
Moth Traps
When we moved to a neighborhood that had a robust farmer's market, we thought it was the house that came with a moth problem. Turns out, it was the organic grains we were bringing home, and the moth infestation spread to all kinds of foods like chocolate, dog treats, and oats. We tried everything to get rid of them, when someone recommended these. Almost instantly, the problem was at bay. Any time there is a flare up, we put out a few traps and it's under control quickly. Highly recommend!
Drawer Wedges
If you own any IKEA furniture with drawers you know the frustration of having the bottom of the drawer slide out of place and sag (except their kitchen drawers, which are SO sturdy). These little drawer wedges solve the problem in about 5 minutes. So easy and so worth it! The drawer sagging was the only complaint I had for a bargain furniture piece, and for another $10, it's perfect!
Elevated Rolling Laundry & Utility Cart
Home Goods
I love the look of the vintage style laundry carts. There's lots of versions at a lot of price points. I think my favorite is this one on Wayfair, albeit pricey for a hamper!
Esby Apparel
Clothing Brands
About 5 years ago I took the pledge to only buy sustainably made new clothing. Esby has been a go-to for me. Their sizing is accurate/consistent and has a good range, including extended sizing. Their fabrics and shapes feel current but often have unique twists that make it feel worthwhile to splurge. Sustainable clothing is not cheap, but I've encountered brands that charge similar prices without the quality. I feel like Esby delivers. Their Duffy Jumpsuit has been a favorite that fits a range of body shapes, and for me is a go-to for looking pulled together while feeling like I'm wearing pajamas (win!!!), it's also one of their best sellers that they offer year round. The Savannah jumpsuit is another I love. Whenever I wear the Tulum Caftan, I get tons of compliments.
Fiskars 18-Inch StaySharp Max Reel Mower
Lawn Mower
We have the Fiskars 18" StaySharp. I'm not going to lie to you and pretend that I mow the lawn. But my husband does, and he has said this mower feels like it spoils him. Hot tip: get the additional clip on basket to catch your trimmings!
Fizz & Co Seltzers
Sparkling Water
This is a line of sparkling waters by Kroger (a grocery store). They're soda flavored, and they come in Cola, The Dr., and Root Beer. There might be more flavors, but that's all I've seen so far. I haven't tried the Cola, but I'm sorta obsessed with The Dr. and Root Beer. I gave up soda years ago, so my palette might be jaded, however, I'm a sweet tooth and I don't do diet drinks. These TOTALLY deliver. I was totally skeptical of the idea (soda without the sugar, gross!), but my brother bought them for me and brought them to me to prove how good they were. And I was shocked. Five stars, highly recommend!
Fujifilm X-T30
I was ready to buy my first big girl camera of the digital age, and I went deep on research. I ended up getting a Fujifilm X-T30, and I'm really pleased with my purchase. It's a great balance between being a serious camera that takes great photos while also being small enough to carry around on a trip. It's mirrorless, so it's lighter and smaller than a comparable DSLR. Fuji makes some incredible lenses and the x-mount body is compatible with more than just the proprietary brand. I love that it connects via bluetooth to my phone so I can edit there quickly (or at home on Lightroom). It was around $1500 for a top notch prime lens and the body, and I think it's a great introductory camera for a new enthusiast.
Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal
I've been using Hello Charcoal toothpaste. I'm about halfway into the tube, and I feel like I've noticed at least a small difference in my teeth whiteness. It's not a full-on whitening program, but could be a great addition to your routine.
Homewhis Fridge Organizer
I love these fridge organizers that help add compartments and storage without stacking your containers too high.
JBM Skateboard Helmet
Bike Helmet
We got this helmet this past year. It's simple in design, and we haven't had any big spills to test it, thankfully! But for the price, it's been adjustable enough to get a good fit, and it breathes well in the Georgia heat. In the past, we decked out a plain helmet with fuzzy cat ear barrettes that we hot glued on, and they actually sell silicone mohawk "stickers" that you can add to spruce it up if that's more her speed!
Kewpie Mayo
Kewpie Mayo is a Japanese mayo that uses egg yolks and MSG in synthesis to create a rich, creamy, umami-filled mayo that I think is superior to the former King of Mayo in my cabinet (Duke's of course). I try to eat mostly natural foods, so if you're like that and the idea of introducing MSG mayo scares you, you might want to read up a bit. It's not really as bad as you thought, and many fancy chefs that are sourcing grass fed beef and locally grown vegetables are seasoning it with MSG, so you might be eating it anyway. Anyway, Kewpie is delicious and worth the indulgence!
Kinto Travel Thermos
I was given one of these as a gift, and honestly thought it would sit in the heap of thermoses that didn't meet my needs. I was wrong! It's stainless steel double-walled and competes with our Yeti in terms of keeping coffee warm for long periods of time. What I like even more is its lid system. The thick walls of a thermos (without the lid) are usually metal (read: hot) and not pleasant to drink from. With the lid on, you're usually forced to drink out of a little sippy hole, which I find annoying. Plus, lids with little flip caps over their openings are ripe for spills. This two piece lid makes hot beverages easy to pour without drips, and more pleasant to drink out of than other lids. Plus, they're sleek and minimal, which I love!
Lodge Cast Iron Pan
Pots & Pans
For most of our day to day, we use Lodge Cast Iron (we have a 5" & 12" skillets). Reasonably priced, and you'll have it FOREVER! You can use them stovetop, throw them in the oven, or even use directly on a campfire grill.
Mac Sports Double Decker Collapsible Cart
I was gifted this (by some loving friends who witnessed me pull my back one too many times!), and I can't tell you how often I use it! If you lug a lot of stuff or if you're a small business owner (which means you lug a lot of stuff), this is a god-send. I kept it in my car trunk back in the days where I went places (pre-pandemic), and it came in handy so many times. Now, it's in my garage, and it's still getting use carting things around the yard. It folds up and expands super easily, it's stood up to a lot of abuse, and it can hold quite a bit.
Machete Apple Watch Bands
Apple Watch Band
I don't have an Apple Watch, but when Machete came out with bands, I considered getting one! These are far from "athletic" in design, but if you're looking for a stylish option these are as good as it gets! Plus, it's a small, female owned business that uses an environmentally friendly acetate (not petrol based) and takes extra eco steps (recycled metals, earth friendly packaging, etc.) to lessen their footprint.
Manduka Leggings
I have a pair of Manduka leggings that just fit SO perfectly. I'm hourglass shaped, so finding a good fit in the waist that still accommodates my booty & thighs is key. These fit the bill. They're also thick enough that it's like that weighted blanket effect in leggings, ya know?
Menu Design Shop Spice Grinder
Pepper Mill
I didn't know I could have a strong opinion about a spice grinder, but here we are. These are beautiful (they come in lots of great muted colors), and they work really well with multiple grind settings and ceramic mill mechanisms inside. They're easy to fill, and did I mention they're so pretty? My husband is very particular about anything culinary, and he shares my infatuation.
Naja Seamless Underwear
Women's Underwear
These are the absolute BEST underwear in terms of comfort and no visible panty lines. Seriously, none. And I've tried lots of brands that look similar, but still left lines. I love that they come in skin tones that match varying shades of skin. They just started making them in recycled nylon, and they're an ethical company that pays above market wages with healthcare benefits for single working mothers and female heads of household.
Neva Opet
If you're looking for a stylish bag, I love Neva Opet, for classic and well made leather bags that you can beat up and carry forever.
Nuun Hydration
Supplement Bar
I love Gatoraid, but I try not to allow that much sugar (and all those mystery ingredients) into my life (at least not via my liquid intake). Nuun tablets have become our family go-to for hydration and electrolyte replenishment. Nuun is low-sugar and doesn't use artificial sweeteners or coloring agents. Plus the packaging is much more earth friendly, given you pop a tablet into a reusable water bottle or glass rather than a single-use plastic bottle.
On Clouds
Running Shoes
I've really liked my On Clouds.My biggest gripe was that I kept finding shoes that were comfortable but UGLY. You know the thing where athletic brands make women's items in pink and purple because all women LOVE pink and purple!... drives me crazy! I've liked that my On Cloud shoes have served me well on pavement (my primary running surface) and trails... and the grocery store. Neutral colors, low profiles, without sacrificing performance! I'm not a serious runner, but they're worth trying out if you're not familiar!
Outdoor Voices All Day Sweatpant
Women's Sweatpants
Outdoor Voices is an ethically made activewear brand. I have several items by them, but their CloudKnit sweatpants are the winners! I got a pair for Christmas 2019, right before quarantine madness hit, and I've worn them no less than 70% of the time since March 2020. They are SO soft, and SO stretchy. And they cute too (as far as leisure wear goes!). I've considered investing in another pair just to have while my current pair are in the wash. But I'm saving the money and washing them quickly to get them back in rotation for now! If you consider your clothing based on price per wear, these will be worth every penny!
Oxo Hand-Held Mandoline
Food Slicer
I use the handheld version (just $17 on Amazon), and it's one of my most used cooking tools. I used to be a really slow cook- I'd knock out a Rachel Ray 30-Minute Meal in just under two and a half hours. The pandemic forced our household roles to change, and I was cooking on the daily without time or desire to spend 3 hours in the kitchen every night. One of my best shortcuts is using the mandoline to make knife work a breeze. Sometimes I'll turn the pan on and just slice directly into it. Onions can be shaved razor thin for carmelizing, carrots are all uniformly sized for even cooking, I've even used it for garlic. The one we have is at least 5 years old and sharp enough to take off the tip of a finger! Love love love this thing!
Peak Design Camera Straps
Camera Straps
This camera strap is comfortable, has a grippy side or a smooth side (easily reversed), and adjusts quickly. It's a great option for travel.
Peak Design Everyday Sling
This is a small camera bag for just the essentials. I like that it can be worn many ways (around the waist, as a sling or on one shoulder), and is truly a minimal bag (I've crammed it with 2-3 lenses, but it's much more functional if you don't do that). It's made well and has stood up to light rain without a hint of moisture inside. It's got a good network of pockets and pouches for organization. I think I will eventually get a larger bag too, to carry filters and multiple lenses, and It'll likely be from Peak as well. Their customer service is great (my product shipped without a strap, and they sent quickly), and I love their constantly improving design ethos.
Rainbow Vision Moon Face Open-Dated 12 Month Planner
If you're looking for a unique, indie designed planner, I love the Rainbow Vision. She does dated and undated ones. The artwork is fun, there's the addition of a lunar calendar if you're into moon cycles, and self-discovery reflection pages
Rega RP1
Record Player
We have a Rega RP1 that's served us well for about 5 years. It hooks up to our Sonos system (with an additional doo-dad). It's simple enough for a non-audiophile like myself, but came highly recommended as a great starter turntable by someone who is super into it all.
Revolution 101 Balance Board
Balance Board
We bought this a few years back and it eventually made it's way into a closet, only to be forgotten about until recently. We pulled it out, and it became a little beacon during our days of sitting in front of our screens (remote learning/working). Whenever we had a few minutes, we'd challenge ourselves or just wobble around between zoom calls. Sometimes there was a line at the balance board. We actually found ourselves sore and forgetting we had exercised. Given we're all earning far fewer steps these days, it's been a fun way of playing indoors during this sedentary lapse in life.
Ryobi One + Cordless Drill/Driver Kit
I've really enjoyed the Ryobi system. Their batteries charge quickly and hold a charge well. Their drill kit is fairly exhaustive, and the other accessories that work on the 18v battery are really great (like the fan that saves us when working in the garage!).
Home Security
I bought the components for a SimpliSafe alarm about 5 years ago for a retail space. When I moved out a year later, I didn't need an alarm in my new space, so it went in a box. My sister recently asked me about my experience with them because she was considering outfitting her cabin with a system. I was able to give her the pieces I had and she was able to reuse them and add to them to get a custom system for her needs. There it is: what sets SimpliSafe apart from their competition. No long term contracts, we could start and stop when it suited us for a low monthly service rate. No built-in components that can't be reconfigured or taken with you, so the money invested wasn't wasted. Beyond that, both of us were able to set it up and put the kits together with ease! Such a great company and concept. Will definitely use again!
Sonos Five
When we renovated our house, we splurged and added built-in speakers to the kitchen, dining and living room. We chose Sonos (considered mid-range as far as price goes) for the whole system, and we couldn't be more pleased. I'm not sure what the built-ins model are, but we purchased an additional Sonos 5 to connect to the system and use upstairs after we lamented we didn't include our upstairs in the initial installation. Wow that speaker is impressive! It's LOUD if you need it, but listening to music through it has been a bit revelatory! We hear things that we didn't know were there- background vocals, minor notes and secondary rhythms. I'm FAR from an audiophile, but this speaker (and the whole Sonos system) has been such a worthwhile investment.
SPIbelt Large Pocket
Running Gear
I bought the Spibelt on a whim, and used it for a good while before considering that I could do better... it's not the coolest looking waist belt to sport on your runs. So I bought an arm band to put my phone in. And I hated it. So I bought another one. And another one. Until I had tried all the arm bands and decided to go back to the waist method. So I bought some fancy leggings with pouches, but struggled to find one that was easy to get my phone in and out of or to keep it there when I ran. So then I looked at other waist band methods. I tried all different brands of FlipBelts, but I didn't like them either. I have a small waist, but I'm hourglass shaped. If I found a belt that fit my waist... good luck getting it off. So I'm back to the SpiBelt, and I'm appreciating it more than ever! It's still low profile enough that it doesn't add a ton of bulk. The clip for taking it on and off means that I get the right fit on my waist to keep it from jiggling, but I can unsnap from my body super quickly and easily. And no matter that my phone keeps getting bigger with every upgrade, the Spibelt is stretchy enough to accommodate. It's still not super stylish looking, but I was fooling myself into thinking that mattered... for me, this is a job for function, not form!
Spiral Bobby Pins
Hair Accessory
Love these! I don't currently have enough length to use these, but when I did, you could always find one lying around the house. I'm not particular to brands, but the double helix (I think that's what it is!) is great at securing thick, heavy hair!
Spotted Trotter Peppered Umami Beef Jerky
I'm obsessed with this jerky! It's the perfect blend of sweet & spicy that makes it hard to stop snacking on.
Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle (2.5 Quarts)
We've had good success with a classic Stanley Thermos for warm school lunches.
Starmark Everlasting Treat Bento Ball
Dog Toy
My pup can be a bit picky about his treats, but he really went after this! And as advertised, it lasted a long time (well, it lasted until it was buried somewhere in the backyard). Will definitely be buying again!
My siblings and I bought StoryWorth as a gift to my mom. Each week, she is emailed a question about her life (think: What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?). She responds and can even upload old photos. Her answers are sent to us via email after she responds. At the end of the year, we get a printed out book (photos and all; or before print we have the opportunity to add additional photos if we'd like). In truth, this was the most selfish gift I've ever given because I feel it's me who has been gifted something. I'm SUPER close with my mom and never expected I would learn so much. Each week my eyes well up with tears as I hear a perspective that feels akin to reading her journal entries. If you're looking for a sentimental gift that will reward the writer (my mom has enjoyed the process too!) and receiver, I can't imagine a better one.
Sugar Candy Mtn. Clothing
Clothing Brands
I try to only shop sustainably made clothing, and Sugar Candy Mtn. is one of my favorite brands. Their linen is beautiful and the right amount of thick (not so thick that it doesn't drape or move but not so thin that it's all wrinkles) and their craftsmanship is obvious, even if you don't know much about clothing craftsmanship! Their Angela jumpsuit is one that fits lots of body styles (I owned a boutique that sold the line and sold it to so many different women), and always gets lots of compliments. They also package responsibly using paper instead of plastic (which is rare in wholesale). They're thoughtful and classic. You'll get years of wear with their stuff!
Sun Ninja Pop Up Beach Tent
We got one of these for a beach trip where we needed to travel light because we would be riding our bikes to the beach each day from our rental. After a lot of research we chose this one because it was the lightest and most compact (while considering budget & reviews). It was easy enough to get set up, provided great coverage for our family, and we happened to use it on a super windy day and it fared well. It DID need to be adjusted due to the wind, and we had some struggles, but it was crazy windy, and it wasn't like nearby folks with umbrellas and tents were doing much better (except maybe people with much more heavy-duty tents, which wouldn't have fit our cycling needs).
The Container Store Elfa
I acquired an Elfa system in my existing closet, but recently wanted to give it an overhaul to better suit me. I was so glad that years later it's easy to do just that. I had to install some completely new tracks and move around a lot of what was existing. It was SUPER easy to do it solo with just a drill (you might need anchors if you're going into drywall). Anyway, if you want a customizable closet solution, I highly recommend!
Thermoworks Thermapen Mk4 Instant Read Thermometer
Food Thermometer
We have so many fancy thermometers- ones that sync with our iphones and others with alarms and alerts. This is the one that gets used the most, never breaks or glitches, and is simple to handle.
Thinx Period Underwear
Feminine Products
I've been using for about 2 years now, and I highly recommend Thinx. They work best as a back up to whatever other method you prefer (cup, pad, tampon), but it's a really solid back up. Like wear-white-during-heavy-flow sort of back up. I highly recommend the high-waist, hip-hugger, and cotton bikini. I strongly advise against the sport style, which does not stay in place.
Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag
Messenger Bags
I have a few Timbuk2 Messenger bags that I've carried around for years and years, taking on almost every trip, riding bikes, using for work, and they hold up great. They have lots of patterns/colors, although I would say their style leans more toward sport/functional than fashion forward.
I really like Todoist as far as apps go for making quick to-do lists organized by different projects. It's intuitive with enough features... but not too many! Not exactly a planner, but a good organizational tool.
Tone It Up
I got a membership to Tone It Up, and I'm careful not to fault the App for my lack of working out over the past year. The financial commitment was pretty light per month, so it was money that I don't consider wasted even if I didn't use it much. The good? Lots of videos from 7 minutes to 40+ minutes. They also have programs/challenges that you can join and it sets you up with a week of work outs that you can schedule as you need. It sort of makes it mindless if you're the type to lose half the dedicated hour for working out to searching for the right video (that me!). They have a good assortment of yoga videos, and there's plenty of options to ramp it up from there into HIIT workouts and cardio kickboxing and whatnot. What I like about it is the variety: it's hard to dread working out if you don't know what you're in store for. There's not a ton of repetition, so it makes the time go by a little quicker. The app is easy to navigate and quickly narrow down options based on what you're looking for. The only words of caution I have are that you need a high threshold for the You-Go-Girl!-isms. It's a bit cheerleader-y, so I try to keep the volume down and my own music up! They have made efforts and gotten better about having a more diverse group of women that host the videos so kudos to them, but for a while there they leaned hard on skinny white women with mermaid hair. Thankfully it's not so bad on their newer videos! They have a lot of nutrition plan stuff to pair with the work outs, but I can't vouch much for that!
Trader Joe's Cauliflower Gnocchi
When anyone in my family goes to a Trader Joe's, we are obligated to text each other to find out how many bags of Cauliflower Gnocchi each family wants. We're all obsessed. I'm admittedly one of those people who frequently substitutes the joy of real carbs with cauliflower or legumes or heart of palm weirdness. But these little pillows of cauliflower and potato starch are sneaky! When I want pasta-like comfort without the guilt, these top the list.
Trader Joe’s Mushroom & Company Multipurpose UMAMI Seasoning Blend
This stuff like a little secret weapon in the kitchen! My favorite trick is to add it to cauliflower rice for depth and flavor akin to cooking in broth (since you really can't add too much moisture to cauli-rice without turning it to mush). But honestly, I shake this on all kinds of things for a little umami umph!
Vent a Hood
Range Hood
If you're in the market for a hood vent, I highly recommend Vent A Hood. It's one of those things that I didn't know I cared about until I got one. It's one of the quieter hoods I've ever been around, which is key. It's also super easy to clean- no professionals needed, no filters. You can design custom or choose one of the gazillion styles they have.
Vitamin a Swimwear
I bought a Vitamin A suit two years ago and have loved it. I feel their sizing is pretty true to size.
Vsco App
VSCO is a photo editing app that I love. I actually pay for the annual subscription. Their filters are some of the best out there for phones, and they have a TON of them. Beyond that, their editing tools are really great, allowing you the ability to tweak things like singular color adjustments. I started on the phone, but I feel like VSCO has made me fluent in LightRoom more quickly because the functions are similar.
W&P Peak Silicone Ice Cube Trays
Ice Cube Trays
I'm pretty familiar with silicone ice cube trays (I worked with lots of brands in different bars), and these are the best I've tried. The large cube trays are my favorite, but if you like spheres, their sphere trays are superior to other brands of sphere molds. There's a few things that set this brand apart: 1) They come with lids, which keep your cubes from getting that freezer smell. 2) The silicone is very flexible making it easier to remove the cubes from the tray. 3) They have a firm rim/frame, that makes it easier to load them into the freezer without spills. Bonus: they come in pretty colors and they have lots of tray types from crushed ice trays (it's a thing) to a single insulated jumbo cube for extra clear ice.
Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars
Ice Cream
Got these in chocolate chip cookie dough for a light treat, and I'm really enjoying them. They will definitely be in my rotation for healthy desserts!
Yeti Colster
I'm not anti-Yeti, but I don't worship at their altar like some people. But these little koozies are pretty brilliant. On days where I might have packed a cooler to keep my drinks cold, I can just throw a cold sparkling water in one of these, and I'm always shocked at how long it'll keep them nice & chilled. This is entry-level Yeti that makes a great gift!


Arrow Waste
Junk Removal
We recently rented a dumpster for a big house project. A friend tipped me off that Arrow was competitively priced and didn't charge more for longer periods of use. I did some research and got quotes from several other companies, and Arrow was easily the best. They don't charge more for longer rentals, which is helpful because we knew the work wouldn't be done in a single week. Rental & drop off coordination was a breeze.
ATL Community Thrift
This is an independent thrift store in Austell. It's not huge, but there seems to be consistent scores as long as you're not counting on finding something specific. One day, you might find that dreamy solid wood farmhouse table, the next it might be some perfect high waisted jeans. Sometimes thrift stores can feel like they are filled with cheap items that were purchased in the last five years from Walmarts, Targets, and bargain stores. This seems to be a place where you can find some older novelty and quality, even if you have to dig a little.
Attic Treasures
This is a great little undiscovered shop that is filled with goodies. Expect name brands and designer labels with decent pricing (and higher prices with luxury brands). If you're looking for career wear or brands like Banana Republic, Tibi and Saks, there are lots of suits, blazers, blouses and dresses of good quality and recent styles. Not a lot of housewares. Don't forget to hit up the shoes that are $6 each no matter the brand!
Candler Park Market
Candler Park Market is a neighborhood market that will make you feel like you live in a tiny town where everyone knows your name. I used to live nearby, and there's a specialness to being a regular here. They don't all know me anymore, but I go back often. The market is small but surprisingly well stocked. Since it's located just off Dekalb Ave, it's such a quick visit if I need to grab something on the way home for dinner. They have grass-fed beef, fresh vegetables, and just enough of the basics that you can make a meal on the fly. They have a great sandwich lunch counter too. But perhaps the crown jewel of the store is their beer/wine selection. I don't drink as much beer these days, but it used to be the place where you could find 4-packs of KBS (if you know, you KNOW) long after every other package store went on a waiting list. And they used to have things like vintage bottles of Cantillon and obscure collaboration beers. I don't think you'll find the super rare gems any more, but you will always have some great selections of craft beer well beyond grocery store shelves. And for wine, it's a spot to get grower's champagne or quality rose. It's well worth a visit if you live in the area or pass by frequently and haven't stopped in yet.
City Issue
We love Midcentury Modern design, and City Issue has been the source of some of our favorite pieces. The pieces here are lovingly restored or in great condition, and you'll swoon over the selections from barware to seating to storage and art.
Custom Slipcover & Upholstery
Miguel & his team are amazing! They did a custom leather banquette for us, and it's absolutely stunning. They sourced the perfect leather for us, and it's the centerpiece of our house. They've done a lot of work with my husband and his businesses. There's nothing I wouldn't trust them to reupholster!
Drugstore Vintage
If you're looking for vintage tees, this is THE place! Maybe you want the perfectly worn, buttery soft, Tupac tour tee with holes in all the right places or the Fleetwood Mac 3/4 sleeve raglan from the 70s? They have the stuff of dreams that you didn't know you needed. They probably will even tell you the pedigree of stitching and cotton used, and maybe even a story about the previous owner. For collectors, stylists, fans, and anyone who's scoured thrift stores for months and never turned up a gem like these!
Earth Sky Builders
Home Building
Earth Sky did our home renovation & addition in 2015. Working with them was a dream! They were so thoughtful with details and solutions. They met deadlines and budgets. They worked with us on our wacky ideas and obsession with custom storage. If you're going to have a work crew in your home on a regular basis, these are the people you can trust with the keys. Beyond that, the finished product is one that we continue to appreciate. No corners of trim with small gaps, no weird transitions between flooring, no drawers that stick. They are worth twice the price!
Final Cut Georgia
While this is a bit of a haul for most Atlantans, it's well worth the drive. Final Cut is the final resting place/closeout warehouse for Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and that whole family of brands. If you need furniture, clothing, accessories... basically anything that didn't sell in the stores before they rotated it out or anything that was returned or damaged or just open-box ends up here. The prices are ridiculous! I bought a $1500 coffee table that was "damaged" because it had a few scratches/chips that never bothered me for $175. The inventory changes very quickly, so don't count on finding something specific, but if you are just shopping around for a new apartment or looking for some new clothes, you should check it out. Bring a truck if you're looking at furniture because they don't usually hold items!
First Oriental Market
This place is chock full of all types of asian grocery needs. From more obscure ingredients like fermented red tofu to mustard pickle or more common things like Shaoxing wine or Chinkiang vinegar, they have it all. I highly recommend their big bags of frozen Gyoza, which make a super quick and satisfying snack to have on hand. If you get there and you're confused, don't be afraid to ask! Everyone is super helpful and can translate that item you have from the online recipe. A word of caution, be sure to check the expiration dates before you buy! It's a small store, and it's packed. Leave some time to explore!
Flora & Fauna Atl
Flora & Fauna is a great small biz that focuses on house plants. They can help you find the right plants whether your thumb is green or black, and their space will make you wish it was the former if you happen to fall into the latter thumb category like me. They also do fun collaborations with local artists and makers (think: jewelry inspired by plants or handmade ceramic planters). It's also one of those spots tucked into a neighborhood (Cabbagetown) that makes you feel like you've stumbled onto a local gem.
If you're looking for a good local nursery for outdoor planting, check out Garden*Hood. The staff is always helpful, and they always seem to have what I need. A great alternative to the big box spots located in the heart of Grant Park.
This follows basic common sense for thrift stores, that if you go to the wealthier neighborhoods, you're more likely to get higher quality and, hence, better deals. This rings true for this Goodwill. Here you'll find fewer vintage pieces but also fewer Forever 21 cast-offs. So if you like labels and current trends, this is a good spot.
Los Angeles
They're inexpensive for basic printing needs. Seriously the best price around if you're looking for luxe business cards (their Trifecta line makes people say "ooooh, so thick & pretty!") with a velvet or textured finish. They also have great prices on stickers if you just need something simple (no die cut shapes).
Highland Row Antiques
I love Highland Row for so many reasons. They always have a great mix of furniture, and plenty of deals. Mostly I love getting lost wandering through the store's booths where there's a mix of throwback trinkets like vintage political pins, old globes, strange oversize medical models of human organs, and coffee table lighters. They're located right next to Youngblood and Megan Huntz, so that's an easy bonus. Parking is a pain, but it'a nice walking in that neighborhood so I usually don't mind.
Holland Electric Company
Larry is reliable and lovely to work with. He's done a lot of work for us and he never lets us down.
Intown Ace Hardware
Hardware Store
All the Ace Hardwares around Atlanta are good, but the one in Decatur is beyond. Calling it a hardware store feels like calling Disney a park. They have a deep inventory of all your basic hardware needs, but then there's housewares and gifts and locally handmade goods. There's the garden center, and holiday stuff and Rooster Cookies (see also: Best Cookie in Atlanta?). It's fun to just get lost in there. Owner Tony Powers is a stand-up guy in the community, and the staff is always kind and quick to help.
Kudzu Antiques
I love to just get lost in an antique store, and Kudzu is such a great place for that. It's set up booth style, so you'll have a mix of eras and styles to peruse (including some clothing & some new/handmade stuff). It's a great place for gifts, inspiration, and we've gotten some furniture/accessories at really reasonable prices.
Lanier Painting & Contracting
Owner Michael Laughlin has painted so many projects for us... retail spaces, restaurant projects, multiple homes (interior and exterior). He's great with a quick turnaround, and the work is always neat.
Last Chance Thrift
I've had hit or miss success with the Lithia Springs location of this shop, although they have a solid section of baby clothes and home goods there, and I've had days where I've had a great haul. Decatur's location is a regular haunt for me, and it's always got some treasure! If you like your thrift stores gritty, you'll love it there. To me, that just adds to the sense of discovery! Don't miss the housewares set atop the clothing racks if you like vintage glassware, silver trays, and brass bookends.
Park Avenue Thrift
I've been to several locations of Park Avenue Thrift, and they've all been solid. Sign up for text coupons that are worth the daily ping at 8:30am. However, the real treat is the Outlet. The week there starts on Thursday with fresh inventory and everything inside is $2.50. Then the price drops each day until Wednesday when everything is just $.50 (albeit picked over). (Note: they close early Wednesday to re-stock.) This means that each week you have massive inventory refreshes and crazy low prices. Expect it to be busy!
Patel Brothers Market
If you like Indian cuisine but have struggled to find ingredients, Patel Brothers is a great source. You'll find alllllll the spices and herbs, along with papad, frozen naan, jarred pickles, and really everything you need. I love that I don't have to drive all the way to Buford Hwy, and I can get a yummy Indian lunch at one of the spots next door while I'm there!
Second Life Thrift
There are two sister shops next door to each other, the clothing shop and the furniture store. Definitely stop by the furniture store for a perusal, but the clothing is where you're more likely to score (mostly women's clothing). It's called "upscale resale," and it's the least thrifty of the shops on this list with higher quality donations and an atmosphere that's more boutique-y. Ask to be directed toward the vintage rack (usually a small collection) for immaculately kept pieces from the 1940s-1980s, or designer racks where prices might go up to $30, but you could score Chloe. Don't forget to check the wall of shoes beside the counter where I've spied Louboutins and Gucci.
Sustainable Home Goods
Home Decor
If you're trying to shop more consciously (and support diverse women-owned businesses) you have a great reason to visit SustainAble Home Goods (in Ponce City Market). Beyond that, the shop is chock full of BEAUTIFUL things for your home & life & gifting! You'll be introduced to new, local artists and all kinds of things you didn't know you needed that are good for the planet.
The Debonair Signman
Chris is an amazing local sign painter. He is so passionate about his work, and he truly treats it like the artisan craft that it is. If you need a sign painted, there are few people with his experience and expertise in Atlanta. Check his portfolio and you won't be disappointed. Plus, he's a super nice guy!
Tower Press
They're small, female run, and a champion of the indie design scene here in Atlanta. She can do a lot of custom and fun finishes (think: holographic metallics). Great for stickers, post cards, enamel pins, etc. Super creative and helpful with branding. Fast, responsive, and great customer care!
Value Village
There are several Value Villages around Atlanta, and they all deliver. They're clean, fairly expansive, and easy to find. They also have a good mix of men's, women's, kids, and home goods, so chances are you'll find something. I frequent the one in Decatur, but also recommend the Tucker location and the one in Atlanta on Moreland Ave.
Your Dekalb Farmer's Market
You'll save at least 20% off your grocery bill here! The produce section is rife with things like standard veggies and then all those lesser known hard to find items like galangal, thai basil, chanterelles (when they're in season) and a hundred different varietals of apples. They aren't great about stocking local produce, but you won't have trouble finding organic versions when it's in season. If you try to eat meat that's raised humanely and free of antibiotics, this is great place to go. Their pork and chicken are top notch, although I think their grass fed beef selections are often a bit paltry (plenty of ground beef though). Plus, you'll find lamb, goat, turkey, and plenty of offal. Homemade bread? Check. Homemade pasta? Check. Great deli? Yep. Plus they bulk pack items like teas, spices, nuts, and dried legumes & grains (including SO many options for gluten free flours). They even have an impressive inexpensive assortment of flowers. The only thing you can't get here are your paper goods and household staples like soap, TP, garbage bags, etc. For everything else, it will spoil you.

Special Occasions

Ashley White
Ashley is a talented photographer (just look at her Instagram feed!) who is also super professional and easy to work with. She helped me with a project with short notice and delivered great shots with very little oversight.
Big Softie
Ice Cream
I'm a certified sweet tooth, and I love all ice cream. When I got some ice cream sandwiches from Big Softie for me and the family, I knew they would be good... is there such thing as a bad ice cream sandwich? But I wasn't expecting it to start a quasi-addiction. And the kicker? It was the vegan sandwich that sent me over the moon! Called simply the Crunchy Sammy, it's two sugar cookies filled with vegan oat vanilla soft serve dipped half into dark chocolate and then dipped into cornflake streusel. It's pure heaven. I found myself driving across town and buying 6 at a time. While you're over there, you may as well stop into its sister shop, Little Tart and get the best croissant in Atlanta.
Bright colors, bold patterns & beachy feels! Everything is handmade in a factory in Liberia that employs disadvantaged women, pays them a fair wage, and teaches them skills to raise them up in the world.
Eagle Eye Book Shop
Book Store
Eagle Eye is a great local book store, which supports emerging authors. They have a great selection and can usually order whatever they don't have. It's a great spot to support before you click "buy" on that Amazon order!
Glad and Young
High quality, handmade, and whimsical to boot! You can find them at Citizen's Supply at Ponce City Market, and they have lots of reasonably priced small goods too!
Honeycomb Studio
Honeycomb Studio ceramics might look familiar to you because they were sold nationwide at West Elm, but they're a small, local operation here in Atlanta. They opened their Clay Shop and had to close it pretty quickly because of the pandemic. Hopefully they will open again one day! Regardless, Honeycomb has such beautiful tableware, vases, platters, and all manner of ceramic giftables.
Kaleen Enke Photography
Kaleen did family photos for us a couple of years ago, and the experience could not have been more lovely. Not only are the photos beautiful, but we made memories taking them. She came to our house and photographed us doing artwork, cooking dinner, and playing in the backyard. The photos have a photojournalistic approach, but the color correction and editing made me feel like we belonged in a magazine. We ended up buying her services as a gift for another family member, and she too cherished the photos and experience of working with Kaleen. If you do the Instagram, you should check out her series of photos of her kids that she titles Portrait of Play. Her artful eye will have you appreciate the mess of your house and imperfection of your family a little bit more! No matching outfits required!
Kelley Raye
Kelley Raye has expanded her photography business into business coaching, and I can see why. As my photographer (for business head shots), she easily got me relaxed in front of the camera. Beyond that, she's worked with SO many great female business owners, and she's excelled at photographing them in a light that shows their power and creativity.
Little Shop of Stories
Book Store
This is just the type of small town children's book store you'd want in your neighborhood. Their selection is comprehensive, the staff is wonderful with children, and their events are the best! Whether it's story time, author signings, or the Root Beer Festival (to coincide with the next door Beer Festival), Little Shop knows how to keep kids engaged with reading and their imaginations. Beyond that, they usually have a great selection of adult books and can order almost anything you can't find in store.
Little Tart
Little Tart has one of the best croissants in the city. Maybe THE best, but I'd like to try a few more before I make that call... All her baked goods are incredible from the double chocolate chip cookie (with just the right amount of sea salt) to the Ham Puffs, basically a gougeres with ham (don't be dumb, get two). Her spaces are always charming, her staff is always kind.
Mama Bath & Body
Mama's makes a huge selection of soaps and skincare treatments. As I've tried to reduce the plastic in my life, I've found myself at Mama's more. Bar soap, bar shampoo, all natural loofahs, bulk soap refills... the fact that it's local removes the added eco-hassle of shipping.
Megan Huntz
Megan Huntz is Atlanta's finest slow fashion brand. Sustainably made and designed in Atlanta, these are forever pieces. Owner/designer Megan thoughtfully keeps styles in her collection from season to season and year to year, proving that these will stand the test of time. Her flagship store is dreamy, and right next to Youngblood and Highland Row Antiques, which makes for a great shopping trip. If you're lucky, you'll stop by when Megan is working and get to meet one of the warmest souls in town!
Personify Shop
There is very little that I don't want in this shop. It's C-U-T-E from top to bottom. Gifts, home goods, accessories... it's not like the store is that big, but they seem to have something for everything. Staff & ownership are the sweetest! Wish they were closer to town, but worth a visit nonetheless!
Pieces of Starr
Owner Starr Miller is wildly talented, and if you're looking for custom-designed jewelry (think: melting down grandma's ring for an updated custom) or you want high-quality and unique fine jewelry (we're talking ethically sourced gold & stones so it's not cheap), you can't do much better than Pieces of Starr.
Rising Son
The food is always delicious, the staff is super friendly, and there's always something healthy on the menu. Love this spot!
Rooster 14 Cookie Company
Best chocolate chip cookie in Atlanta? Maybe... that's a Sophie's Choice sort of decision for me, so I'm not ready to make that call just yet. The Rooster Cookie has a cultish following in Atlanta, and that's obvious if you've ever driven to multiple markets looking for them only to see the empty cookie jars at each stop. I used to know every spot in town that sold them, for just that purpose, but thankfully they've increased their points of sale and you can find them at multiple Savi Provisions and even an Ace Hardware now. The cookies are a mix of shortbread-meets-cookie-dough-vibes, so Tollhouse purists be warned. They're big and sweet and decadent. Despite being sealed in plastic, they're best eaten fresh (-ish, you're not gonna find these hot out of the oven), so don't buy it and save it for another day. If you love cookies, put this one on your list to try!
The Beehive
The Beehive is a conveniently located boutique that stocks all locally handmade gifts. Somehow I always find what I'm looking for when I stop in. I also love that so many great artists/makers have gotten a good start on their small businesses here.
Utility Objects
I just love her ceramics sooooo much! Organic lines and whimsical touches. So beautiful and timeless! You can find her online and all over the country at cute boutiques.
Young Blood
Need beautiful flowers that tell the recipient that they're more interesting than a grocery store bouquet? Call Young Blood! Need a handmade ceramic vase, a candle that will take you away, or jewelry that feels classic and interesting? Young Blood. It's the boutique I shop at for the best gifts, and perhaps even more importantly, it's where I send my husband for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas. And any time I have visitors that I want to understand the creativity and independent spirit of ATL, I send them to Young Blood.


Courtesy Cleaners
We've had a great experience with our dry cleaning here. They even have drop off & pick up. They'll text you when they're in the area and you can just hang the bag on your door and poof! next week your clean, pressed clothes arrive. They've gotten almost all the stains out of any problem items, and they're always very kind and responsive. They use green technology/solvents (I'm admittedly a rube on this topic) AND they'll take your hangers back and re-use them! We don't have a ton of dry cleaning in our home due to our jobs/lifestyles, but I feel like they have made a convenience out of being somewhat infrequent user of their service, which is nice.
Hawkins & Clover
Hair Salon
Erika is just a dream. I feel like she's unafraid of giving me an honest opinion and pushing for what's best in terms of my face shape, hair texture & habits. I love talking to her during my appointments about travel, restaurants, and our pups, and I always leave feeling confident! Her recent expansion into retail feels like such a natural extension of her expertise.
Only You Tattoo
Loved my piece by Jake Wilkes. He was patient and detail-focused. And I swear I've stopped a thousand strangers to compliment them on their tattoo and they've told me that Danielle from Only You was the artist. She always has a long waiting list, but one day I'll put my name on it!
Porkchops Social Club
I had a handful of girlfriends with the cutest short haircuts and they had them maintained at PRKCHPS. Their prices are reasonable for the quality & service, and I love that they do ladies hair for the same price (short cuts only).
SparrowHawk Studio
I got a tattoo from Dusty Cramer a few years ago, and I highly recommend his work. He did a great job of realizing the vision I had while adding his own artistic stamp. He was super easy to work with, and he took my permanent art as seriously as it warrants. Sparrow Hawk is a beautiful and peaceful studio to get work done, and I'd gladly return to see one of their other artists.
Viet Traditional Nails
I go here for my brows (waxing), and they always do a great job. They balance leaving your natural brows in tact and cleaning them up. And I swear there is not a place that can do it more quickly. You can walk in without an appointment and be out the door with your new brows in less than ten minutes. Plus the ladies that work here are always super sweet!


Jeju Sauna & Spa Home of Wellbeing
Jeju is like being transported to another world. Don't plan for a couple of hours, spend the day here. The price is super reasonable for the experience ($30 for the day + additional fees for services). Sweat it out in the crystal/mineral sauna rooms, take a dip in the whirlpools and hyrdrotherapy pools, enjoy some fried rice (an admittedly odd juxtaposition to all the wellness stuff, but also tasty!). Getting an additional service is worthwhile! Be brave and get a full body scrub, and you'll feel cleaner than the day you emerged from the womb! You'll leave so calm you'll find the outside world jarring! Bring a friend, but note that some areas are separated by gender.
Jiao Reflexology
Massage Therapist
Jiao is a massage spa that specializes in reflexology foot massage. I've only been once, but it was lovely. After a hard work week on my feet, it was heaven! I recommend you get the one where they do your head and shoulders too. You'll leave feeling like putty... in the best way! Prices are reasonable!
Kinetix Cycling
Bike Shop
Owner Allen Heaton comes highly recommended among cyclists in Atlanta for good reason. He services and repairs our bikes, he's advised us on triathlon training, and he's rented us equipment. He's always quick to turn things around for us, and he goes the extra mile for anything we need or might need. Can't recommend him enough!
Neon Cardigan
Life Coach
Sarah describes herself as a "consciousness coach," which falls somewhere between business/life/spiritual guide. She is an ear for how to grow your career, how to launch your business, how to create a cohesive brand, and how to be a more authentic version of yourself. She's someone you want in your life and in your corner!
Tough Love Yoga Atlanta
All the teachers here are lovely, and they have a great schedule that meets my non-traditional hours. Their rates are good, and the class mix has lots of variety.
Tsunami Mixed Martial Arts
Jiu Jitsu
Coach Paul does such a great job instilling a sense of honor and community in the kid's classes. Even via online classes, he keeps the kids engaged and laughing!






Real Estate


3 Parks Wine Shop
Speciality Food and Wine
I love that you can just walk into Three Parks and know that no matter what you spend, you'll be leaving with something stellar. Budget or baller, they always deliver!
Chrome Yellow Trading
Coffee Shop
Chrome Yellow feels like a coffee shop from another city that was dropped into the ATL like a little urban/artsy oasis. Their beans are always great- whether you go for espresso, drip or cold brew.
Handful of Stars
Psychic Reader
Helene wrote the book on palm readings. Literally! And that alone makes a fun gift or activity among friends. But regardless of whether you want to buy the book, you should consider getting a palm reading (she's doing them remotely during the pandemic). No matter where you fall on the "woo" spectrum, Helene will walk you through the process and you'll learn and enjoy the journey at the same time. A unique and fun way to a little bit of self-discovery... and you'll probably want to buy the book when you're done (I did!).
Plaza Shoe Shop
I've used these guys for quite a few pairs of shoes. Price is decent and work was fast. I've only done pretty simple jobs (repairing a heel, replacing insoles, fixing a broken sandal strap), but I would use again.
Smithworks Iron & Design
Jason & his team worked with us to create a custom metal & glass hanging cabinet. He took the idea in my head and made it into a beautiful feature in our home. His work is beautiful and built to last. If you need a new stair rail, a custom hood vent, or any type of metal work, I can't recommend Smithworks enough!
Spiller Park
Coffee Shop
Spiller Park is the type of coffee shop that you'll be fully caffeinated and squeeze in just one more bump of espresso because it's just so good! Staff is always lovely and expertly trained. Owner Dale is a conscious leader in the community that gives back and takes care of his people.
Coffee Shop
Taproom used to be a quick walk from my house, but despite the fact that it's not anymore, it's still one of my top go-tos in town. Owner Jonathan and his whole staff work hard to give great service and really great coffee. It's exactly what a neighborhood coffee spot should be. Just as good as the pretentious places (which I love) with casual vibes!

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