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Sun Ninja Pop Up Beach Tent

Sun Ninja Pop Up Beach Tent

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over 2 years ago
We got one of these for a beach trip where we needed to travel light because we would be riding our bikes to the beach each day from our rental. After a lot of research we chose this one because it was the lightest and most compact (while considering budget & reviews). It was easy enough to get set up, provided great coverage for our family, and we happened to use it on a super windy day and it fared well. It DID need to be adjusted due to the wind, and we had some struggles, but it was crazy windy, and it wasn't like nearby folks with umbrellas and tents were doing much better (except maybe people with much more heavy-duty tents, which wouldn't have fit our cycling needs).
J V Thank you for this recommendation.
  • about 2 years ago