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over 2 years ago
Depending on your age, this is either a super fun flashback to your youth or a wonderful way to get the kids in your house to scratch their head and wonder what the heck their parents used to do for fun - "whhhaaaa - arcades? full size? quarters?????"
almost 3 years ago
No need to locate a token machine at your local arcade (if it still exists). There are countless "mini" arcades which are instantly-playable from darn near anywhere. Produced by a series of different companies in slightly-different scales, many popular titles from the golden age of video games are available in these teeny-tiny cabinets. You can effectively build your own arcade at home. Since I'm a sucker for Tetris, I won't hesitate to recommend it to anybody and everybody in any format on any platform. BONUS: these miniatures make perfect props if you ever want to get into action figure toy photography (try it some time).

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