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Victoria Grinde - These tiles are the greatest things ever! They keep my 6yr busy for so long. I even will play with them from time to time. It's fun to watch my kiddo build all sorts of different things. Great educational tool.
Elissa Tompkins - My boys love building with these as much as Duplo blocks. We like to make little garages for our toy cars to park in.
Molly Pearcy - Magna Tiles have stood the test of time in our playroom. After five years these tiles are still the got to building blocks my kids use for their projects. We started with one set and have since bought two more. Durable, colorful and limitless building possibilities!
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Victoria Grinde - I was such a rock nerd when I was a kiddo and it makes me so happy that my daughter has been getting into rock collecting too. When we got these, she was so excited and loved the process of breaking them open and learning about how they are created.
Molly Pearcy - National Geographic Break Open Geodes has helped my kids explore geodes from around the world. The kit comes with ten different geodes with an instructions and learning guide. A fun way to learn about minerals and geology.
Cindy Sersig - We used these geodes for our geology lesson. Some were easy to open, some were a bit more difficult, but the kids had a blast hammering away to open these. What was most exciting was to see what your inside would look like because of the variety included.
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Amy Bates - Depending on your age, this is either a super fun flashback to your youth or a wonderful way to get the kids in your house to scratch their head and wonder what the heck their parents used to do for fun - "whhhaaaa - arcades? full size? quarters?????"
Chris Pirillo - No need to locate a token machine at your local arcade (if it still exists). There are countless "mini" arcades which are instantly-playable from darn near anywhere. Produced by a series of different companies in slightly-different scales, many popular titles from the golden age of video games ar...
Carol Mullins - Hot wheels are on "the best toys list of all time" for a reason. Cool cars, lots of imagination and fun tracks to race on with your friends. I had four brothers and we set up tracks and raced and played with these for hours.
Erin Lee - My boys love hotwheels and the different tracks. All the tracks are compatible and my kids are proof you can never have enough cars in your collection :)
Elexa Martinez - We got this for the kids 4 years ago for Christmas. It has been a wonderful investment for them and we have really loved having this for them in our yard.
Molly Pearcy - Both my kids love to build! The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit is the perfect addition to my kids video game play. They love to putting together the different sets. They built a piano, a fishing rod and several other fun activities. The kits hold up incredibly well. This set has provided hours of fun ...
Molly Pearcy - Hoot Owl Hoot! is a family favorite for game night! The object of the game is to work together to get all the baby owls home before the sun comes up. Great game that encourages team work and cooperation.
Molly Pearcy - The Creative Kids Dry Clay Crafts Kit is hours of fun! A perfect rainy day activity the soft and easy to use clay can be made into anything. The kit comes with sculpting tools, googly eyes, keychain rings and sealable baggies for storage for when art time is over.
Molly Pearcy - A fun STEM activity that my kids spend hours playing with.
Liz Stella - I'm a big fan of this brand and this board will last for many years to come due the height-adjusters. Paper, chalk and dry erase; good for so many things!
Molly Pearcy - The Jimu Robot Series is a build your own robot kit that allows you to build and program your own robot. Jimu provides easy step by step instructions through their phone app to construct your creation. Once the robot is completed you can then program the robot to follow simple instructions. My ni...
Molly Pearcy - Magical Scratch paper is a perfect busy bag addition. No need for crayons or markers kids use a stylus to scratch out pictures and designs. I always had a few sheets of scratch paper in my diaper bag for a distraction at restaurants or car trips.
Liz Stella - We've been looking for a safe, age-appropriate trampoline for our daughter and this one is great! It's a trampoline and ball pit too so gets way more use. AND it folds away compactly, so helpful!
Michael Lafears - If you and your kids enjoy playing with water balloons but don't enjoy filling each one by one then I highly recommend Bunch O Balloons. They quick to fill up. You can fill several balloons at the same time. They are fun and easy. A great summer activity during a hot day.
Cindy Sersig - We ordered a cup of butterflies, along with a butterfly habitat kit from Insect Lore. The caterpillars arrived on Wednesday. By Monday they all were formed into their own chrysalis. We are so excited to watch them transform into butterflies. I don't know who's more excited, my boys or me!
Molly Pearcy - Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course is a wonderful obstacle course especially if your kids are climbers. Easy to install with several of different obstacles you can add and rearrange. Great addition to our backyard.
Lindsey S - Kind of like silly putty but with a little more creativity. Fun and stretchy and snappy and doesn't stain or stick to furniture, clothes, or skin.
Elissa Tompkins - I purchased this for my 3.5 year old and I love it! You can connect it to your phone to play stories and music that way, or the kids can switch the cards to switch between music and stories. It’s easy for them to use and only has three buttons and a magnetic charger.
Molly Pearcy - The Q-Ba-Maze is a great toy for any kid that likes to build, take it apart and rebuild. The pieces snuggly fit together to make towers and tunnels to run the marbles through. My kids like to each build their own race track and race their marbles.
Molly Pearcy - Crazy Forts is a fun and easy set that helps your child develop their own unique blanket fort. You are able to build several different structures from igloos, rocket ships or castles. My kids have spent many rainy and snowy days building their own little kingdoms with this set.

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