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ZGear Solar Bank: Battery/Charger

ZGear Solar Bank: Battery/Charger

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almost 3 years ago
I recently went backpacking in Wyoming's Wind River mountains. I knew that I would be out for a while in rugged conditions. I needed a way to charge my phone so that I could take pictures and map my trail for the three days that I would be away. I bought this because it was cheap (on sale for $14) and, therefore, low risk.

I topped off the power before I left home. I plugged in my phone and watch on night one and charged both to 100%. I hung the ZGear Solar Bank on my pack the next morning and let it passively charge while it dangled and I climbed. That same day I drained my watch to nearly zero, and used my phone to around 50%, so on night two, I charged both phone and watch again to 100%.

This solar bank is durable. I was hiking and climbing in rough conditions. It swung from my pack while I hopped boulders and crawled through trees. It charged fully while I basically ignored it. It held enough power to charge my devices so that I could keep taking photos and running GPS.
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