The best digital picture frames of 2023

Shannon Garbaccio - We gave both of our parents Nixplay as a gift and they are fantastic. And truly the bigger you can afford the better. We got one for ourselves too. My kids love the constantly changing photos starring THEM. They are super easy to add photos to from afar and they look really great on a table. Grea...
Jennifer Porter - Nixplay is the perfect gift. We have it for all of our parents scattered in Midwest/West and creates incredible connections. Kind of like when the parents text us and call to see if we got the text, the Nix play photos get LOTS of conversations going. Your kids can add photos whenever you like to...
Elissa Tompkins - I got this one for my MIL for Christmas and it is very easy to use and high quality.
Natasha Willis - My mom got this for me when I moved to Colorado so we could share our photos in each other's homes and feel a little more connected. It was super easy to set up and I love having my mom's photos scroll through so I can see them.
Victoria Grinde - We have one of these and love it! We also gifted one to my parents and in-laws!
Erin Lee - I really didn't think I'd love this digital picture frame but I do! Awesome that our family and friends from all over the world can send us pictures. Would make a thoughtful gift for just about anyone!
Piper Casey - Add pictures to an app on your phone from anywhere in the world and they immediately appear on the frame!
Jackie P - Our grandmother was given a Frameo digital picture frame for Christmas. This is awesome because all of us grand and great grandkids have the app linked to her frame. We can just upload them right from our phones or computer to her picture frame. She loves it!