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Victoria Grinde

I work. Work. Work. Work. Work .... I bet you sang that in your head hahaha! I am also a mom to two human babies and two fur babies, a wife, and a wrangler of chaos, really all the things.
Joined 4 months ago
Revlon Volumizing Hair Brush
Freedom Moses Sandals
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Victoria Recommends


3d Intelligent Electric Neck Massager
Massage Tools
Ordered this for those times where I have to be at my desk for a long period of time. It is small and sleek but super effective. I definitely recommend this item! Oh.... I also love that there is a heat option!
4ever® Extend2fit® 4-In-1 Car Seat
Car Seat
We love this car set! It may be a little pricey BUT it's the only car seat you will ever need (once you are out of the newborn car seat). This seat literally grows/adjusts with you kiddo. We have used it for both of my kids!
Adidas Don't Rest Alphaskin Bra
Sports Bra
I am a huge fan of the sports bras from Adidas. I go to the outlets a few times a year and get them. They are comfy. Fit well. Don't cost an arm and a leg. I literally live in them.
Air Mattress
I recommend the AeroBed. We have a couple and they are super easy to inflate and very comfortable.
Gardening Accessories
I love growing herbs with our Aerogarden! I am trying hard not to buy more to grow more herbs and tomatoes. It's nice to have access to fresh herbs year-round. It is a great addition to you other indoor gardening projects!
Aha Sparkling Water
Sparkling Water
Came across these based on a FC recommendation. Glad I did cause I have finally tried them and they are delicious. I haven't found a flavor that I don't like yet.
Ale Horn Tankard
Ordered my husband one of these super cool Ale Horn Tankards! He thought it was the coolest thing! Now he wants to order the horn cup for whiskey! Really cool unique gift for sure!
Amazon Echo (3rd Gen)
Smart Speaker
We use our Amazon Alexa for an alarm. It works great and you can choose the alarm sound.
Amazon Echo Dot
Smart Speaker
We have an Echo Dot in pretty much every room! My kids love to ask all sorts of questions to it and play music! I use them to be able to update To-Do and Shopping Lists from wherever in the house.
Amazon Fire HD 8 (10th Generation)
We bought two of these for us to use when we are out and about. We like it better than the iPad I feel like.
Apple Airpods
I have always had issues with wearing earbuds and/or headphones. My ears must be weirdly shaped lol But despite having ears that seem to hate all earbuds/headphones, the Apple Airpods have been amazing. They stay in my ears, they aren't irritating, and they don't hurt while I am wearing them. I love these things. I am so glad that I have them. It's nice being able to listen to my music/podcasts while I am working out or waiting in lines. I highly recommend that everyone (who has an iPhone of course) check them out. They are worth the money for sure.
Apple TV 4K
Streaming Media Player
We have four of these bad bears! We aren't the 100% apple family but we love our Apple TVs! Highly recommend having at least one. Easy to use. Doesn't take a lot of space.
Apple Watch Series 6
Smart Watch
I love my new apple watch!!!! Love being able to go runs/walks and not have to worry about bringing my phone!!!
Aquaphor Lip Protectant + Sunscreen
Lip Balm
I have such sensitive lips. This is the only thing that I use. Aquaphor is straight magic for you lips!
Arkel Commuter Urban Pannier
Bike Bag
I am kind of a bag fanatic. I probably have as many bags as I do Nalgene water bottles lol. BUT I do really like this bag. My laptop fits in it nicely which is a huge thing for me since I usually always have it with me.
ArtAK Garden Gloves Women’s Work Gloves
Garden Gloves
I really like my ArtAK Garden Gloves!
Asics Women's Gel-Contend 3 Running Shoe
Running Shoes
These running shoes have been my normal go-to. While I like to switch up what I am wearing occasional for my outdoor runs, these always hold up and I never get sore les or shin splints!
Ask Me What's for Dinner One More Time
This book was written by Meredith Masony, who is one funny lady. Every mom needs to read this book! She literally tells it "like it is" and leaves nothing out when it comes to talking about being a mom and parenting in general. Awesome read!!!!
Baby Balance Bike With Detachable Pedals
Kids Bike
This balance bike is awesome for you little walkers! We had one for our first and she pretty much went straight passed needing training wheels when she started on a big bike. Our son love this balance bike. He is always wants to be cruising around the main floor of our house.
Babybjorn Bouncer
Baby Bouncer
I second this recommendation! This baby bouncer is the best! I used it for both my kiddos when they were babies. It was great to use when you were doing stuff in the kitchen, office, outside, dinner time, etc. It is worth the money!!!
Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Lite Sweater
Highly recommend this cardigan! I have it four of the five colors! So comfy and keeps you warm. I wear it when I am loungin around the house as well as when I am out and about.
Pet Toy
I love this subscription box! My dogs love it and I love how they get to try out new treats every box. So much better than me going to the store and grabbing the same stuff each time. The toys are also super durable and last way longer than the other store bought toys. With my bully pups, toys don't last long all but the Bark Box toys seem to be holding up!
BEA Sparkling Energy Drink
Energy Drink
Just placed my second order for more BEA Sparkling Energy Drink! BĒA is a sparkling, clean energy drink with naturally sourced caffeine from green tea plus botanical ingredients like adaptogens. My new favorite sparkling water!!
Beachbody Shakeology
Protein & Smoothie Powders
This is one of my top 3 favorite protein powders! Easy to drink. Mixes well. Doesn't taste like your swallowing cardboard.
Beer Feelings Kits
Gift Box
I came across Beer Feelings when visiting a brewery in Littleton a little while back and they had a table with the Beer Feelings Relaxation Kits for sale. I thought they were so cool that I bought two! I love the pint glasses! The lip balm awesome! I want more of the mask! These kits are definitely worth tracking down! Great for yourself or any beer lover in you life!
Bentgo Meal Prep Containers
Lunch Box
We have this bentgo meal container for my daughter and we love it! Love how the inside part can come out. If your kiddo doesn't like their food touching, this container is great! If you want to separate items (i.e. crackers and meat) so things don't get soggy, this is great!
Black & Decker Matrix Cordless Drill
I bought this for my husband for a Christmas gift last year and he loves it. It has replaced the two other drills. He loves using it!
Black+Decker Electric Lawn Mower
Lawn Mower
Super easy to assemble and use. Had it out of the box, assembled and cutting the lawn within 10 minutes. Did it alone but having someone help would be better. It was a little tricky to get the handle balanced so I could get the screw in. It took too long for me to realize I should lay on its side for that part :)
Blackstone Grill
We got our Blackstone Grill from Sam's Club and let me tell you, we love it. We like to do our own Hibachi dinners, onion volcano and all. We also have done breakfast on it. It is easy to clean and I like how you can only turn on one side if you might not be cooking a massive feast.
Bluehorn Portable 40 Inch Selfie Stick Phone Tripod
This Tripod/Selfie Stick/Phone holder Rocks! Two motivations for me: 1) I decided it would be fun to learn how to take a great headshot for my professional profile and 2) My iPhone 11 is awkward and risky to hold while taking photos or videos - even in a case and I don't want to see my $700 skittering down the concrete.
Blurams Indoor Security Cameras
Home Security
We purchased three of the blurams Indoor Security Cameras, one for each of the kids' room (one is our baby cam) and then one for the basement where the kids play. We love them! They work great and we have never had any issues. Highly recommend this camera.
Bodum Chambord French Press
Coffee Maker
Everything about this coffee maker met or exceeded my expectations. Unlike other French Presses, I don't get coffee grounds in my coffee when I make it using this.
Bottle Bottle 64 Oz Water Bottle
Water Bottle
So I will have to say that I am usually a Nalgene girl but I was gifted this water bottle and I will have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by it. Even though it is pretty big, it's not annoying to carry around or life to drink. I really like it.
Breville Barista Pro
Espresso Machine
OMG - I have cut my ties with Startbucks for good as far as expresso shots go!! My husband ordered this a a few weeks ago and we have been using it everyday!!! Well worth the investment.
Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle
Water Bottle
Everyone in my house has one of these water bottles! We love that we can take this out and about and know that we can have access to "clean" water even if we have to get it from a questionable source :)
Brooklinen Sheets
Just ordered a few more pairs of the amazing sheets! They are so comfy and extremely well made. Worth every single penny!!!!
Brother DCP-L2550DW
We have had our Brother Printer for almost 2 years and it is still going strong! Print quality is great!
Brother HL - 5470DW Series
We have the Brother HL - 5470DW series. We use is a ton and it has been going strong for almost 2 years. HOWEVER, it does not print in color. Great printer.
BruMate Mermaid Wine Set
Wine Glasses
Hs BruMate Wine Set s probably one of my favorite things ever!!! It is great for outdoor adventures and activities. It super cute and stylish and would make a sweet gift. They also have beer, whiskey, champagne,etc. on the site so there is something for everyone!
BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag
Bike Bag
We have this bike bag on all of our bikes. It holds all the essentials that you need when you are out on a ride. It is secure. Water proof. It's perfect.
CanineIQ - Interactive Brain Game for Dogs
Pet Toy
This keeps one of our pups entertained for a while! He is very food motivated so it's great!!
Ceramic Egg Cooker
Egg Cooker
I love this ceramic vessel. We were using a ramekin that was not working as good as we were hoping and when I saw this I had to try it. I'm glad I did. The eggs turned out great and there is room for creativity. Mushroom, olives, cheese you name it.
Chaco Z/1 Classic Sandal
I recommend Chacos!!! I love mine so much!
Chalkboard Contact Paper
So I have been wanting to create a space for a chalkboard for my daughter but I didn't want to paint the wall with the chalkboard paint, I wanted something that could be removed if we wanted too. After searching and searching I found this Chalkboard Contact Paper. I love it. You can cut it to fit any space. It's worth purchasing for sure!
Chantal Tea Kettle
Tea Kettle
Saw this here on Fresh Chalk, then added it to my wish list ... Then bought it. I love it.
Char-Broil Portable Gas Grill
We take this camping with use. It doesn't take up too much space, easy to pack, and works great! Better than some of the other portable grills we have had in the past.
Cheese Board and Cutlery Set
Have really gotten into making charcuterie boards and my husband got me this board! I love that it comes with its own cutlery set and that it is stored with the board! Good quality and perfect size!
Chef'n Twist'n Sprout Brussels Sprout Prep Tool,
Corer and Pitter
Didn't even know this was a thing until a friend of mine showed it to me! We eat Brussels Sprouts pretty much daily and this has been a game changer lolol
Vacuum Cleaner
We really like our CHERYLON Car Vacuum!
Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair
Folding Chair
Those of you with little ones still in a highchair ... YOU NEED THIS! We don't go anywhere with out our ciao! baby Portable High Chair! It's like a camping chair but for babies.
Cigera Educational Wall Clock for Kids
Saw this clock on Amazon and had to buy it for my 6yr old. I love the colors and how it teaches kid how to tell time. It makes a great addition to her learning space.
Nutrition Bars
This is the only CLIF Bar that I like! It tastes so good.
Clue Junior
This game is so fun and we love to play it with our 6yr old. She love mysteries and love trying to figure things out. It's a great family game!
Coleman Triton Propane 2-Burner Stove
Camp Stove
We have been using the Cole Triton for FOREVER!!!! While we do have other camping stoves, we for some reason cannot give up on our Coleman! Very well made. Durable. Lasts forever!
Color Street Nails
Color street is the best!
Colorado Cocoa Pod
I had never heard of this company until I we were at a brewery this past weekend and they had a table set up. There chocolate is AMAZING! It's almost too pretty to eat. The owner was there selling her chocolate and she was sooo nice. I love supporting local businesses especially when it has to do with chocolate.
Colorado Hop Passport
Activity Pass
This is a great way to get out and about, see different parts of the city/state and try some great local beer! We have purchased the Colorado Hop Passport for three years in a row now and love it. We have been able to try so many new breweries that we probably would have never thought to venture out and try. You take the book and the brewery with stamp their page and then it's buy-one-get-one on their beer.
Convey™ 25l Rolltop Daypack
Hiking Backpacks
I love the color, style and design of this very much. I have not used it on a daily basis as yet, however the workmanship is sturdy and I think it will be perfect to carry my laptop and other electronic items! Happy I bought it!
Crepini Cage Free Egg Wraps
So these at Costco and they turned out to be very light and really yummy! Made my self a veggie wrap for lunch with one of these today! #costcofinds
Dash Mini Waffle Maker
Waffle Maker
We love this waffle maker! We also have made eggs in it. Wasn't messy and it was a perfect fit for a bagel. If you youtube it, you can find other ways to get creative with this waffle maker.
Dr. Teals Pure Epsom Salt
Bath Bombs & Salts
This stuff is a life saver on those days where you are sore from a good workout. I always make sure I have this stuff in stock!!
Alcohol Delivery
I didn't know about Drizzly until the pandemic hit us. How have I never heard of this service. We are frequent users of Drizzly!
Dry Dock Apricot Blonde
This beer is what comes to mind when you mention Dry Dock! It is one of my favorite beers!!!
Duro-Tuff Window Well Covers
Window Treatments
We ordered three window well covering Duro Tuff. Because we have two little ones running around outback so we needed something to make sure no one got hurt. They are perfect fitted to the window well and super strong!
Dutch Bros Coffee Ground
I love Dutch Bros Coffee!!! I love that I don't live too far from one haha. They have some great options and I love that I can make them at home.
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer
I got the hair dryer from Dyson. A little pricy but totally worth it.
Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum
Vacuum Cleaner
WE LOVE THIS VACUUM! Between two dogs, two kids, and a husband, this handheld vac has been the only one that seems to be able to keep up with the chaos. It isn't heavy! picks up pretty much everything. The dog hair is my biggest issue and this vac does great picking it up off the floor, stairs, couches, etc. Worth the investment.
Eggmazing Easter Egg Decorator Kit
I am so excited to get our new EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator Kit! We first saw this at a friend's house and the kids were decorating wooden eggs with it. I cannot wait to help my kiddo decorate Easter eggs this year!
Ego Power Cordless Snow Blower
Snow Blower
My husband finally broke down and bought a snow blower and man we are both glad he did! We were just hit with a TON of snow and this saved both of our backs and bodies in general. This snow blower has already payed for itself!!!
Ele's Sooo Good Green Chiles
Got to try their green chili the other day and let me tell you, it is by far the best green chili I have tried in long time. I highly recommend getting yourself some!
Ella's Flats
Ember Coffee Mug
Coffee Mug
This is mother's dream! For a while there, I just got used to drinking reheated coffee or adding ice to coffee I had forgotten about, making my own version of iced coffee. With this magical mug, my coffee/tea stays at a nice temp for hours! IT'S AMAZING!
EPROSMIN Patio Heater Electric Heater
Outdoor Heater
We love our Eprosmin patio heater! It definitely will keep you warm when it's not so warm outside!
Erin Condren LifePlanner
I would fancy myself as a Planner Snob. It is so hard to find a planner that I love and that works for my chaotic schedule and family. The Erin Condren LifePlanner is by far the best planner that I have come across! Worth every penny! The layout is amazing and really works for my schedule and all of the crazy people I call my family.
Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair
High Chair
After finding this spacesaver high chair, I have never owned a "normal" high chair again. We love this high chair. We can put on our high bar chairs, put it on our regular dining chairs. It's easy to clean. It can go on any chair. The seat has anchor straps that adjust to fit any chair. They can loosen and tighten. One strap anchors it to the back of the chair and 1 strap anchors the seat under the chair. This allows it to fit on any type of dining room chair.
Freedom Moses Sandals
Came across this from someone else's FC recommendation. Ordered a couple pairs and let me tell you they are replacing my Birkenstocks! Thanks how nice and comfy they are.
Freshfx™ Fabric & Carpet Refresher
Carpet Cleaner
This seems to be the only product that I can find that actually works. Between kids, dogs, husband ..... I need something to help with all the smells!
Fujifilm Instax Mini 11
We got this for my 6yr old daughter and she loves it! She takes pictures of everything!
Garage Hooks and Hangers
Ordered these for organizing stuff in the garage! Very strong/sturdy. Will be ordering more!
Garden Lites - Spinach Egg White Frittata
Holy moly these are delicious. Im usually scared about reheating egg whites, especially if they've been frozen. BUT .... these are pretty dang good. Will get them again.
Garden Tools Set Organizer
Gardening Accessories
Get yourself this set! It is the best thing ever!!
GCI Zero Gravity Chair
Folding Chair
We have two of these chairs and love them. SOOOOO comfy. Worth every penny!
Gentle Leader Head Collar
Dog Collar
Our dog trainer is the one who recommended this collar. It's nice knowing that you are able to have calmer walks and not feel like you are strangling your dog.
Gerber Sippy Cups
Sippy Cups
These sippy cups are the best. I wanted something that was easy to hold but was a good transition from the bottle to an "big kid" cup and these are great. They also aren't super expensive so if they are left behind or messed up in the dishwasher, you aren't gonna freak out. My kiddo went from the bottle to these right when he turned 1 and hasn't had any issues using them.
Gimars Cushion Car Seat Protector Mat
Seat Covers
My Gimars XL Thickest EPE Cushion Car Seat Protector Mats are my new favorite car accessories! We bought a new vehicle and these mats are definitely paying for themselves. I feel like my kids are capable to spilling and dropping everything and these mats are keeping my backseat clean!
Gnc Total Lean Lean Shake
Protein & Smoothie Powders
I like to change up the shakes I drink and the GNC Total Lean Lean Shake is one of my favorite go-to's. The chocolate version is my favorite.
Golde Turmeric Superfood Latte Blend
Protein & Smoothie Powders
I will alternate this powder in between my regular powders. Great tasting! I love anything with Turmeric in it, so I grabbed this powder up!
Good Night Yoga, by Mariam Gates
Picture Book
This book has been a great addition to our "getting ready" for bed routine. My kiddo really enjoys doing it and it helps calm her down!
Goodr Sunglasses
These are perfect! Light weight, comfortable, they don't slide and my eyes were protected from the big wind gusts and off and on sunlight on an overcast day. They maybe fogged up a hair, but other than that no complaints. I'm super happy with these and will recommend them! I think they are reasonably cute also!
I like going to Goodreads for book recommendations. I have also worked with an author and getting their books listed was super easy!
GoPro Hero 9 Black
I love to wear mine on runs and hiking. My husband love to use his on the motorcycle or biking. We have owned a few GoPros and this one is great!
Greenworks 40v 14 Inch Cordless Lawn Mower
Lawn Mower
So I keep coming back to this lawn mower only because we have the snow blower from the same brand and the batteries are interchangeable. Our neighbor has it so we have been able to test it out and it’s pretty awesome!
Grove Collaborative
Cleaning Supplies
I subscribe to GROVE!!! They have so many "safe" cleaning products.
Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine
We went from and omega juicer to Hamilton Beach!!!! I feel like Hamilton Beach is way easier to use and clean after!
Hanote Spiral Notebooks
Ordered these notebooks/journals based off a recommendation on Fresh Chalk! LOVE THEM!!! They are amazing. I love the pocket! The quality is great.
Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine
Sound Machine
We have two of these, one for each kids' room! I love that they can change colors and that it has different sounds to choose from. It is nice that you can make changes and volume adjustments from the app on your phone.
Heavenly Hunks
I saw these for the first time at Costco and decided to buy them for the kids to try. Both kiddos love them. I am always on the hunt for healthier snacks and these have been a hit!
Helinox Chair One Camp Chair
Camping Chair
We have a few of these chairs and they come pretty much everywhere with us! We take them to concerts, sporting events, camping, etc. They are super comfortable, well made! Worth the investment!
Hello Fresh
Meal Service
WE LOVE Hello Fresh! It takes the constant "what's for dinner" debate off the table. Great recipes that are easy to cook. Haven't had a bad meal yet!
Hempworks CBD Gummies
Cbd Products
So I have found that the CBD Infused products from HempWorks have been great! I order the gummies for sleeping and the Relief cream! I also know of a local lady that has been sharing some info on her stuff that she makes. I will look for that info and share it!
Hempz Herbal Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer
I don't know about you, but my hands are wrecked from the constant hand-washing, dish-washing, etc. Hand sanitizer was making it worse. A friend gave me this and the fact that it says Triple Moisture underplays how awesome this moisturizing santizer it! Hempz Triple Moisture Herbal Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, 8.5 oz. - Scented Antibacterial Gel for Hands - Pump Bottle, Kills 99% of Germs, Grapefruit Fragranced Antiseptic with Skin Hydration
High Achiever
I love Tiffany Jenkins and when I found out she had a book I couldn't wait to read it. She goes through her life as an addict. It was very honest and she definitely didn't anything out. She's working on another book and I can't wait to read what she writes next!
Hoka Running Shoes
Running Shoes
I ordered these after a recommendation on Fresh Chalk. I have only ran in them a couple times, each time indoors. Haven't tested them outside yet but so far they are proven to be worth the purchase. They will stay in my shoe toolbox for sure.
Hydro Flask 22-Ounce Tumbler
Keeps my hot tea hot and my iced water cold!!! I am a water bottle fanatic and this is in my top couple that are used most frequently.
Instant Pot Duo 7-In-1 Electric Pressure Cooker
Pressure Cooker
If you don't own an Instapot you need to! I have gone through my fair share of pressure cookers and the Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker has been the best thing added to my kitchen lineup! I have been able to replace a few other items and create space because of this one item. It also pretty much cooks everything! We use it multiple times a week!
Instant Pot Miracle Vegetarian Cookbook
If you have an Instant Pot you should check this cookbook out. We have loved each recipe that we have tried.
INTEX 10ft X 30in Easy Set Pool
Inflatable Pool
This above ground pool is the best! We got ours at the beginning of the pandemic and used it so many times when the weather was warm!!! Cant wait to bust it out again this summer!!!
iPhone 12 Pro Max
My husband gifted me my 12 Pro Max .... I love the camera the most! It is amazing at the pictures it takes. The battery lasts longer as well.
iRobot Roomba
Vacuum Cleaner
We love our Roombas! Yes we have more than one ... one for upstairs and one for the main level. We have tried other robot vacuum brands, but the Roomba seems to work the best as far as helping clean with two kids and dogs.
JBL Speaker
My husband doesn't go anywhere without his JBL speaker! We take it golfing, on walks, camping, you name it. It is easy to pack and carry. Worth every penny!!
Jetboil Flash Cooking System
Backpacking Stove
Keter Pacific Cool Bar Hot Tub Side Table
Patio Furniture
This product is amazing! We love our side table. Great for entertaining when you are outside!
Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker,
Coffee Maker
We love our Keurig and use it literally everyday! I even convinced my boss to get one for my office. I love all the different kinds of coffee and tea options that is available.
Kick Mats - Car Seat Back Protectors
Seat Covers
Introducing the Freddie and Sebbie Kick Mats- Luxury Car Seat Back Protectors !!! LOVE my new car seat back protectors! I was/am tired of my kids rubbing their shoes all of the back of my seats! Thank goodness for finding these babies! Well worth the purchase.
Kirkland Signature Organic Coconut Water
Not all coconut water is created equal! The Kirkland Signature Organic Coconut Water is by far my favorite. Great taste.
Kirkland Sparkling Water
Sparkling Water
This is hands down my favorite sparkling water now. I love that Costco has their own brand! Each of the three flavors in the package are yummy! You can drink them by themselves or even use them as mixers ... Either way they are so yummy!
KitchenAid Mixer
We love our KithcenAid Mixer! We not only use it to mix doughs and stuff like that but we bought a bunch of the attachments so we can use it for other things. We love the pasta and ravioli maker. We use the meat grinder a lot. I love how versatile this machine its!
Kong Toys
Dog Toy
We love the Kong Toys!!! They are durable and well made! My dogs are usually able to destroy toys pretty quickly and these seem to be able to last. We load the smaller Kong with peanut butter.
Kroger Cauliflower Hash
I love using this cauliflower house for our nightly dinners! It is so yummy. The whole family enjoys it, even the one picky eater.
Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press
Garlic Press
I put garlic in literally everything that I can! I decided to invest in a "nicer" garlic press since i use pretty much daily and I broke my plastic one. Great quality and is one of my favorite kitchen tools! If you like garlic as much as I do, get yourself this garlic press!
Learning Dynamics
Kids Education
Learning Dynamics Readers has been awesome ! My kiddo went into kindergarten being able to read at a higher level!
Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal
Amazing!! I would have paid twice the price for this journal strictly based on its quality... Just beautiful!!! Super strong binding, lovely durable tough covers.. I am so in love with these Journals! Amazing Value!
LIFE Probiotics
Probiotic Water
I literally saw this recommendation and decided to give Life Probiotics. I placed an order a couple hours ago and 5 bottles were literally just delivered to my door step! I opened the grapefruit flavor and its so good!
Local Hive Honey
This honey is so yummy!!! We use it on toast, in tea, and we add it to all sorts of recipes! It may seem like a lot but we seem to go through a lot of honey.
Local Lion Outdoor Sports Cycling Backpack
Bike Bag
This bike bag is awesome!!! It's big enough to hold everything you need but small enough that it doesn't feel like you are carrying a massive haul. It's light weight, even when you have all your essentials packed.
LOFTEK Floating Pool Lights
Pool Toy
Ordered these Floating Pool Lights for kiddo bath time and the LOVE them. my 1.5 year old goes nuts over them. Very fun for the younger kiddos!
Luxe Bidet Neo 120
We got one of these for all four of our toilets! It's great!
Magna Tiles
These tiles are the greatest things ever! They keep my 6yr busy for so long. I even will play with them from time to time. It's fun to watch my kiddo build all sorts of different things. Great educational tool.
Mama O's Kimchi Kit
If you're into kimchi you should definitely check this kit out! I first received my kimchi kit as a gift and feel in love with it (I really like kimchi). I have ordered more kits to give as gifts!!
Metamorphic Gear
Just received my MARBLE DELUXE TOTE!!! To say that I am in love would be an understatement! I love it
Mongolian Garlic Sauce
OMG this sauce is amazing!!! I have eating it with everything. It's great as a dipping sauce or cooking.
Moonster Leather Journal
This Leather Journal features a warm, antique look as well as a closure and tie that keeps its contents under wraps. Makes you feel a bit sophisticated haha. Makes a great gift.
Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup
Sippy Cups
I think this my favorite sippy cup for my little one! Easy to clean! They are able to figure it out quickly! It has literally replaced all of the bottles and other sippy cups!
Munchkin Snack Catcher
Food Containers
These things are the best! We always have one on with us. My 15mn old carries his blue around with him everywhere. We put all sort of treats that are easy for him to get out.
My Bucketlist Journal
One of the coolest things I have come across in a long time. We bought the Colorado State Parks journal. Makes for some fun weekend adventures!
Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager
Massage Tools
This Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager is heaven. It was a spontaneous buy but so worth it! I use it daily. Super affordable and works wonders on those sore muscles.
Water Bottle
I am a nalgene fanatic! I probably own more nalgenes than shoes lol. My kids even have their own nalgenes! I also love how these water bottles fit in my cup holder in my car!! I always have a nalgene with me!!!
Nasoya Organic Vegan Tofu Vegetable Dumplings
If you like dumplings you will really like these! Even though they are vegan they taste just like the dumplings you would order at a restaurant. They are so yummy. Found them at Target.
Nasoya Vegan Thai Basil Vegetable Dumplings
My husband and I are doing only vegetarian meals for the month of March and I have been trying to find more options for us to try out instead of salads everyday. Found these Organic Vegan Thai Basil Vegetable Dumplings at Target. THEY ARE SO YUMMY!
National Geographic Break Open 10 Geodes
I was such a rock nerd when I was a kiddo and it makes me so happy that my daughter has been getting into rock collecting too. When we got these, she was so excited and loved the process of breaking them open and learning about how they are created.
Nerdy Nuts Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter
The gal who owns Nerdy Nuts has created some of the BEST boutique style peanut butter that I have ever tried! She ships all of the country!! My favorite flavors are the Toffee and White Chocolate. Its so good!
Nestle Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother
Milk Frother
We love this frother! I'd tried handheld foamers for years. Nothing worked. Tried this at my sister-in-law's house and was hooked. It makes warm foam in seconds. I've since given it as a gift to friends and family. Highly recommend.
Net Pots
Planting Pots
Purchased these 3" Net Pots to start an indoor mason jar herb garden. They fit perfectly in the big mason jars!
Nintendo Switch
Gaming Console
We are big gamers but we Friday nights we like to play dance revolution on our Switch! It is so fun! We love our Nintendo Swithc.
North St. Bags Route Seven Pannier
Bike Bag
I love all of North St.'s products and this bag is proof that there products are amazing. You never know what life is going to throw at you, or what you might collect along the way. The Convertible’s padded shoulder strap feels plush, its waterproof liner seals out rain, and the matte fabric gives it a modern, sporty style that looks great whether you’re on a bike tour or stepping into a hip café.
North States Plastic Superyard Baby Gate
Safety Gate
I don't know what we would do without this gate! We have weird banister setups for going upstairs and downstairs. This massive gate cover up both stairways. We also use it outside. It works great for containing our crazy mobile baby!
Nu Skin AP24 Whitening Toothpaste
This toothpaste is a game changer! It will remove and prevent stains making them appear brighter but will not whiten beyond their original color. My four front teeth are fake and this apparently will be the only thing to remove stains and lighten my crowns.
NutriBullet Pro 900
We love using out Ninja Bullet for our meal replacement shakes or fruit smoothies for the kiddos. It doesn't take up a lot of space, can be easily stored. It is pretty versatile! It does a great job blending, you don't have to worry about chuncky drinks (unless that's what you are going for).
Nuun Hydration
Energy Drink
I buy these from Costco. Great way to change up you regular plain water!
O-Cedar Mop
The O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop, Bucket Floor Cleaning System is awesome! I love this mop and bucket! The bucket spins so it helps ring out the mop. You don't have to get your hand wet and gross trying to ring the mop out.
Off the Eaten Path Veggie Crisps
OMG - found these at Costco! These veggie crisps are super yummy. My kids even love them over their other snack crackers.
Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker
Ice Machine
Greatest thing ever! Absolutely love it. The ice is just as promised. Sonic ice. Haven’t regretted the purchase at all.
Orgain Clean Protein
Protein Shake
My husband and I have been on the search for a good protein/meal replacement drink and this one has proven to be one of our favorites. It doesn't taste or feel chalky which is a huge deal breaker for us!
OXO Good Grips POP Container Variety Set
Food Containers
I love LOVE love these containers! I made it a point this year to get more organized in my kitchen ... these help q ton! NEW OXO Good Grips 3-Piece POP Container Variety Set
Pampered Chef Large Square Cool & Serve
Ahhhh I love this thing! I love making deviled eggs and I'm always asked to bring them with me to get-togethers/parties. This tray has inserts that you can freeze so it will keep the eggs cold. It is also great for using as a party tray.
Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Pack 20L
Hiking Backpacks
I love all things Patagonia! This pack perfect price and very good quality. Holds just the right about of gear!
Petsafe Easy Walk Harness
Pet Harness
We love these harnesses! We have one for our 100lbs ridgeback and he doesn’t pull when we are walking. Easy to control. Worth every penny!
Petstages Tower of Tracks 3-Tier Cat Toy
Cat Toy
So both our cat and our 15mn old love this toy. It keeps the kitten entertained so it’s less couch scratching!
Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100
I can't remember a time when we haven't used a sonicare. I love how it makes my teeth feel! I also love that if you have any issues with the toothbrush, Philips will replace it. I love this brush!
Pineapple Corer and Slicer
Corer and Pitter
Never thought I needed one of these until I did lol. My mom bought me one a while ago and for whatever reason I stopped buying pineapples. Well I finally bought one the other day and got to use this bad boy! OMG it works great! Totally worth having!
Digital Picture Frame
We have one of these and love it! We also gifted one to my parents and in-laws!
Portable Beach Mat Lounge Folding Chair
Folding Chair
When COVID hit, I was on the hunt for something to use when our pool took away all the chairs. This portable chair isn't fancy but it was great for when we needed something to pack for the pool. It doesn't take up a lot of space and it was perfect for the kiddos.
Private Selection® Roasted Garlic Hummus
If you like Garlic and Hummus ... This is the best hummus ever! The garlic is not overly powering. This goes with everything! I buy it from King Soopers/Kroger.
R&F Reverse Cleanser
Facial Cleanser
I use the RF Reverse cleanser. I had super oily skin before and this seems to work and isn’t harsh.
Reusable Sandwich Bags Snack Bags
Silicone Reusable Bags
I love these reusable bags! We use them for my 6yr to take her snacks to school and for baby snacks that we pack into our diaper bags.
Rhythm Foods - Kale Crisps
Rhythm Organic Cauliflower Bites
I decided on a whim to grab these when I was at Costco the other day. I am so glad I did. OMG they are so yummy. I opened them in the car on the way home and I wish I hadn't I was half way through the bag before I got home. They are so yummy. You will either thank me because you will love them or you will hate me because know you are addicted! SO YUMMY!! P.S. I did find them on Amazon!!!!
Ring Doorbell
Home Security
We have a Ring and it works great! The Ring doorbell came with our house and then we purchased a few cameras for outside. Works great!
Ring Light With Stand & Phone Holder
Ring Light
I just purchased the Ring Light With Stand & Phone Holder to use for work projects and it has been so worth it! I had been holding off getting one of these lights for a long time, mainly because I didn't want to pay and arm/leg for one and there are tons of apps for editing. However, when this popped up as a suggested buy, I decided it was time and man oh man I am glad I did.
Rodan + Fields Moisturizer
So I really love my regime and lotions from Rodan and Fields! I also have started using a Vitamin C serum before moisturizing which has been a game changer as far as keeping my skin hydrated!
Rodan and Fields Foaming Sunless Tan
Self Tanning
I have been using the foaming tanner from Rodan and Fields. Does a great job and doesn't rub off on your clothing like some others might.
Roden + Fields - Lash Boost
I love my Lash Boost! I saw results in how my eye lashes looked in a few weeks. I use it every night!
Rosetta Stone
We recently purchased the Italian, French, and Spanish packages. We started the Spanish first and we are doing it as a family. It is presented in a format that is easy to use and understand! I can't wait to get further into and see what I learn/retain.
Royal Canin Health Nutrition Adult Dog Food
Dog Food
Royal Canine is great. We have been feeding it to all our dogs for years and the seem to love it.
I love our ruggable! With my kids, dogs and even husband, my rugs get destroyed and gross so fast! I got a 10’ ruggable for the main living room and love it. If one of the tiny humans or big humans make a mess or dogs create a mess with their raw hides, it’s an easy fix with washing! Up front cost may seem high but it will save you numerous rugs in the future!
Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs
Dog Nail Clippers
We use the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs. Works great and isn't overly expensive.
Sally Hansen Nail Polish
Schwinn Deluxe Child Carrier
Child Bike Seat
Ordered this to replace the wagon/cart. Makes bike riding so much easier haha. My kiddo loves it too.
Shiitake Mushroom Crisps
While these may look a bit strange they are super yummy! I don't really like them by themselves but I added them to my salads and they make a great addition.
Silicone Bags
Silicone Reusable Bags
I love this reusable bags! They are great for the snacks that I send to school with my daughter. It has been nice cutting back on the waste from throwing out zip lock bags. I like how they come in multiple sizes.
Silicone Ice Cube Trays
Ice Cube Trays
I love these things but not for making ice cube! I actually use them to make pre-made eggs for breakfast burritos! It's super easy! I make the egg mix that I want. Put them in the Instapot and cook. Once done, I make my burritos and freeze for the week!
Simple Houseware Pan and Pot Lid Organizer
This thing is the best! I have two! Its nice being able to find the pot/pan I need quickly rather than having to dig around, searching!
Sippin' Pretty - Odell Brewing Co
This is one of my favorite beers. The brewery is great and this beer makes visiting even better. Easy beer to drink! So yummy!
Skip Bo Card Game
My family loves this game. Been playing it for years! It is fun for literally all ages! Easy to learn and so fun to play. Definitely should be added to your games for game night list!
Small Sprouts Gardening Club
Gardening Accessories
Wanted to share this kid oriented garden club with everyone! I love gardening! I enrolled my 6yr old in it and can't wait to see what she gets to do and learns!
Smartish Iphone Xs Max Wallet Case
Phone Case
So I really dislike big, bulky phone cases. I also don't like having to carry a phone, wallet, purse, all the things. Since I am carrying a diaper bag a purse/wallet is the last thing I want to add to the mix. It took me a while trying to find the right case but I love this one and have been using it for almost a year. I didn't like the wallet cases that had flaps that opened. This one holds my license, 2 debit cards, and military dependent ID. I would highly recommend this phone case!!
SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy
Cat Toy
We like SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Concealed Motion Cat Toy. This has been a pretty big hit for us and other people we know.
Smartypants Kids Complete Vitamin Gummies
My daughter loves the these vitamins. We got them from our Chiropractor and they have been the only vitamins that my daughter seems to like and not fight to take them.
Smrtft Sports Mask
Face Mask
Learned about this mask from a Fresh Chalk recommendation ... Ordered a couple and man this mask is awesome. Great for working out. Best mask for running that's for sure.
Solo Stove Lite
Camp Stove
We love our solo stoves! We have a larger one that we use on our patio at home but the Solo Lite is great to take when we hit up the mountains for camping!
Spike Ball
Outdoor Game
We love this game! We always set it out when have people over! Or we will bring out when we are out front so if neighbors are out they can play a round to so with us.
Sprayway Glass Cleaner
Cleaning Supplies
This glass cleaner is the best!!! Clean well and doesn’t leave any weird film behind
Starmark Everlasting Treat Bento Ball
Dog Toy
We love this dog toy!! Great size, and easily cleaned and safe My dog spent the first 45 minutes totally absorbed in chewing and enjoying, the spent some time tossing it around.
Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike
Kids Bike
Had one for my daughter when she was younger and now we have one for my 16mn old! Great for teaching balance! My daughter didn't even need training wheels when she got her big girl bike because she learned how to balance so well on her strider!
Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log
I really like the app - Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log. I use it to track my workouts at home and in the gym.
Suncast Slide Trak 150 Ft. Hose Reel
Hose Reel Cart
We have a Suncast Slide Trak in both the front and backyard. Works great!
Sweat Deck App
Sweat Deck is a deck of cards exercise app for iPhone & iPad that will help you mix up your fitness routine with an endless combination of simple & effective workouts! It’s simple: Assign an exercise to each suit & perform them as cards are drawn from the deck – the card’s value represents how many reps of the exercise to do. Do you have what it takes to make it through an entire deck of cards? Sweat Deck is also a quick & casual way to add a bit more exercise into your day. Whip out the app and go through a small handful of cards when you have a few minutes during breaks in your day – it all adds up to a better you.
Taco vs. Burrito
This game has become one of our favorites for game nights!!!! Super entertaining and hilarious..
Take & Toss Toddler Bowls With Lids
Kids Dishes
We love this take and toss bowls. They are great for use around the house and if you are out-and-about. If you do ever find yourself needing to toss one in the trash, it's all good! They are cheap/affordable but if you need to toss you won't have to feel bad.
Take and Toss Cups
Sippy Cups
We love these cups!!! I like that they are reusable but you can also throw them away if needed. They are are dishwasher safe! There is a straw for every cup so you don't have to worry about having to keep track of one. My kids love using them!
Tapatio Mixed Nuts
These mixed nuts are the best!!! Found the originally at Costco. My whole family loves them, even my 17 month old. Great flavor and not very spicy at all.
Target Circle App
This must sound a bit harsh but who doesn't have this app! I love that you can connect your Target card and scan it at the store. Awesome when you forget the card and want that 5% discount. I love that you can scan items to see if there is a discount that you can apply when you check out. I think I am on it daily hahaha
The Five Minute Journal
I love this journal. I have had an extremely hard time just “dealing” with everything life was throwing my way. I was becoming a bitter, angry and jealous person. I took a break from social media and ordered this journal. It has made the biggest difference for me. I am so much more aware of what wonderful things my life holds. I love that it is a morning and afternoon thing because I like to start the day with expectations and affirmations and then at the end of the day see they came full circle. It has honestly been the best thing (other than praying) that I have done for my mental health. I would recommend this to everyone. I actually wish I could hand them out at work!
The Grate Plate Garlic Grater
Garlic Press
If you are a garlic lover like myself, you NEED to get yourself one of these garlic grater sets! Easy to use and minces garlic awesome.
The Most Powerful Handheld Car Vacuum
Vacuum Cleaner
Welp I finally did it and invested in this little amazing machine. I have purchased a number of other hand-held vacuums throughout the years and let me tell you, this one wins!!!! It is a bit on the expensive side but worth every single penny!
The Original Coop Home Goods Pillow
I ordered a couple of the Original Coop pillows because of recommendation on here and I love them!!
Thule Coaster XT Bicycle Trailer
Bike Trailers
This is hands down the best bike accessory I have ever purchased! I love how it can be used both with our bikes or for a walk/run! We did buy an additional attachment adapter so my husband can hook it up to his fat bike. Both my 6yr old and my 16mn old can fit in it. I've even loaded up a pup once. It has some storage space in the rear part which is nice!! We love it!
Toyota 4Runner Venture
So if you are in the market for a new SUV you NEED to look into getting the Toyota 4Runner, more specifically the TRD/Venture! We had a 4Runner before so we aren't new to this type of vehicle but this version is so fun!!! I also love how the back window rolls all the way down (so great for the pups) and the cup holders hold a Nalegene bottle!!!!
Trader Joe's Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies
My kids love to snack on these! I won't lie ... so do I. They are yummy and I don't feel bad for letting them have a handful or two hahaha
Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning
I use this on EVERYTHING!!! In my eggs, on my avocado toast, chicken, all the things. We go through a couple jars a month. It is so good and like it says in the name the Everything Bagel Seasoning can pretty much go with everything.
Traeger Grill
We use our Traeger ALL THE TIME. We use ours easily 3-4 times a week. We use it to not only cook our meats but we smoke veggies on it as well. I used to hate using our "normal" grill before we got the Traeger. Now I think I am starting it/using it more than my husband does ;)
Trek Fx Sport Carbon 4
Love that I went with a hybrid bike! I’m not a big mountain biker but I will do some trails. The hybrid bike rides so smoothly. Worth every penny.
Trekassy 440lbs Swing Set
Outdoor Playset
Bought this for my daughter when everything shut down last year. It has held up well in the crazy CO weather. Worth the investment. We also bought a few other swings to switch it out.
Truffs Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce
So I am usually a Green Tabasco or Sriracha girl BUT I somehow found this stuff randomly when I was at Whole Food and man I am glad fate made me buy it! Everything about this sauce is great! The flavor is amazing! I love that it has a little kick but that kick doesn't overpower the flavor at all.
Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit
Tie Dye Kit
In order to keep my kiddo and the neighbors kiddo during time off school and COVID, I purchased this tie-dye kit. They had a blast. comes with everything minus the clothing.
Uplift Desk
We have two of these in our home office! I love that you can program the desk to move up to certain levels for different users! It's a nice addition to any home office especially if you have a smart watch that tells you need to stand while you are trying to get some work done!
Vegan for Everybody
We did a month of only vegetarian/vegan meals and this cookbook was a game changer when it came to making meals that the whole family would eat!
Vitamix 5200
We probably use our Vitamix everyday, if not close to it. We use it to make smoothies most of the time. But I do use it to make soups as well. I also use the smaller container to make hummus and peanut butters. It can blend pretty much just about anything.
Vitamix Foodcycler
Compost Bin
I am so happy with my Vitamix 068051 FoodCycler! If you are considering composting for your garden but are a bit intimidated by it, this is the product for you! I am not ready to build out a fancy outdoor system so my husband gave this to me for Christmas. There are only a few things that you "shouldn't" put in it but for the most part everything is fair game. I literally put in an entire rotisserie chicken carcass in it and it was turned in to compost! I love this thing. It also makes you more aware of how much food you may be wasting.
Vmini 1 Gallon Water Bottle
Water Bottle
I bought a big gallon one off amazon and I love it!! It has helped me up my water intake drastically!
Vmini Water Bottle
Water Bottle
It's a massive water bottle but its great if your working on trying to drink more and track how much your drinking. Super cute with the times of day listed on it with fun sayings. Love my new water bottle!
Weekly Desk Calendar Planner by Recollections
I use this planner for work! It definitely helps me stay focused and organized! I also helps me prioritize my tasks and get everything done that needs to get done.
Weiman Glass Cook Top Heavy Duty Cleaner & Polis
Cleaning Supplies
I like Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner! It has been the only thing that has worked and worked well for us!
Yaska Paddle Board
Paddle Board
Omg my daughter's paddle board is in!!! Bring on the warmer weather🏄‍♀️ It took a few months of researching but we finally decided on this one for her! Affordable, great quality, and comes with everything you need!
Yeti 18oz Rambler
We love all of our Yeti products. The Rambler is the perfect size. Worth the $29 dollars. They last for forever!
Zyia Activewear
Clothing Brands
I am literally addicted to the Zyia leggings! They are the best as far as how they fit and their quality. They don't roll down or bunch when working out!

Special Occasions

105 West Brewing Company
Great place to stop by a try out! My favorite beer to order is the Full Metal Jacket IIPA. It's an American Double/Imperial IPA. Sooooo YUMMY!
17 Mile House Farm Park
This is a state protected area right off Parker Rd. We love this spot. We have done maternity and family pictures here. So pretty and people seem to do their part to keep it clean!
20 Mile Tap House - Parker
Awesome neighborhood spot! Great food and really good beer selection. I love their patio!!!
2penguins Tap and Grill
This place has a massive selection of great craft beer. They also have a good cocktail selection as well. Their food menu is great! I really like their salads!
Abracadabra Bookshop
Book Store
Americo Watch Repair Shop
I have gone to get several watches repaired and batteries changed. Won't give my business to anyone else!
Babes N Bread
The rosemary sourdough and cheddar sourdough are AMAZING!!!! Definitely need to be tried by everyone!!!
Amazing service. Amazing food. Quick service and lots of attention to refills on drinks. Delicious food and sushi. Along with a friendly free birthday desert
Barnett & Son Brewing Co.
This place was huge inside! Great beer! They usually seem to always have a really good food truck line up that we saw. It's close to my kiddo's gymnastics so we will be back to test out what they add to their tap list.
Bent Barley
Great brewery in Southlands. Dog friendly! Great beer! You can bring in outside food or order from a local joint. Family friendly!
Biscuits & Berries Catering
I have used Biscuits and Berries catering for a few of my personal/professional events and have also attended events where they were the caterer. Everything they supply for events has been and is still amazing. Beside cooking up and serving delicious food, they are amazing to work with. They are super professional and help you plan out your menu if you have any questions, concerns or special needs. Great company!
Bisket Baskets and More
They have so many things to choose from! Their candy bouquets are outstanding! Every time I send one of their bouquets or baskets out, I always get told how wonderful and yummy they are!
Book Niche
Book Store
The Book Niche is a super cute book store. I had no idea it existed until I was driving around wasting time. I have now been a handful of time and love visiting with the staff!
Breckenridge Brewery & Farm House Restaurant
I love this place. I loved them before they relocated but there new location is AMAZING. Their dinning room is awesome, they have an amazing menu, and their tap selection is superb! The best part of this place .... The outside sitting area. Kid friendly. Dog friendly. Tables everywhere so plenty of seating and the view of tons of open space. I love going their to "work" from time to time.
This place is one of my favorite places to visit! Tiffany, the owner, is one of the kindest people I have every met. They have awesome beer and super yummy pizza. The brewery is kid and dog friendly! One of the most amazing things about this brewery and what Tiffany is doing is that she is creating job opportunities for people of all abilities. "Where disabilities become abilities" is one of my favorite sayings that has come from being a huge supporter of this wonderful place.
Brick House Tavern + Tap
We love going to the Brick House for date nights! They have a great menu and wonderful beverage list. I LOVE THIER DEVILED EGGS! Pretty much everything we have tried there has been great. Because of COVID you have to make reservations before going but it is worth it.
This place is located in the Bonny Brae neighborhood area and his worth visiting. We have never had an issue with parking. Before covid, it was one of our favorite brunch spots. They have an outstanding food and beverage menu. My current favorite is the Shrimp & Clam Linguini! If you are in the area and they are open, try and snag a table!! 730 South University Blvd Denver, CO 80209 (720) 541-7696 Sunday - Wednesday: Closed Thursday - Saturday: 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Burly Brewing Company
My husband loves this place. They usually have a good Belgian on tap which is my husband's go-to. I really like their Blood Orange IPA
Carboy Winery
One of my favorite spots in Littleton. The wine that they make is AMAZING. I joined their wine club for the discounts since I am there quite a bit. Worth the drive if you don't live close. Great area to hangout and enjoy some great wine.
Casa Mariachi
I love their margaritas and guac and my husband loves their salsa! Smaller little restaurant close to Murdock's. I have enjoyed everything that I have ordered but I really love their smothered bean burrito.
Cayton's Sweets
Super awesome local bakery! I would highly recommend Cayton's Sweets!! When I need someone to cater the sweets, I'm calling Cayton's!!! They look absolutely beautiful and taste amazing 🥰🍰🧁
Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory
I know that with Covid, it is hard to go anywhere, much less take a tour. BUT if you get the chance to visit the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory you need to DO IT! It's amazing!
Champagne & Charcuterie
Everything on their page LOOKS AMAZING!!!!! I have picked up a couple lunch boxes from them and they are beyond yummy!!!!!!
Cheluna Brewing Company
This place is awesome! It's located in the Stanley Market Place. The beer is great! The location is awesome. The staff are super nice! I highly recommend checking this place out!
Cherry Creek State Park- Off Leash Dog Area
Recreational Activities
This is the best and open year around. You do have to have a separate pass from the actual park but I promise you dog(s) will love it. I take both of my pups pretty frequently and let them run! They love running into the stream and splashing around. It is great!
They have the best shirts!!! I love everything that I've received from them! Their kids stuff is super cute too!
Comrade Brewing Company
We love this place. We love that we can bring our dogs!! Their beer is always amazing. I love that they always have multiple IPAs! One of our favorite places to go for some great beer!
Copper Kettle Brewing Company
This place will never disappoint you! They have some amazing beer choices! They are constantly putting out some amazing stuff. Definitely a place you need to visit (maybe more than once).
We LOVE LOVE LOVE Dion's!!! Their pizza is great! Their sandwiches are great! They have a drive up window in case you don't want to dine-in. Ugh .... it's just so yummy! We have lunch there pretty frequently 🍕
Doug's Day Diner
This place is one of my favorite breakfast places! Everything I have tried has been delicious. Portions are huge so make sure you are hungry!
Downhill Brewing
The owner and staff are some of the best! This is my go-to spot every Wednesday evening. They also offer a beer/pizza special on Tuesdays! Love this place.
Dry Dock Brewing Co.
This place has been around for as long as I can remember! Aurora's first brewery. They have one of my favorite double IPAs on tap. This is one of our favorite places to visit when we are out and about and want to grab a great craft beer. They have a great selection.
Eat Food & Drink
Really place, our server was a really awesome! Food was good but the service is what made the experience!
Emma and Grace Bridal Shop
I actually purchased my dress here!!! OMG talk about a dream dress, dream experience, and dream staff to work with!!! It was a wonderful fitting experience! The ladies I works with through the experience … AMAZING!
Fuzzywig's Candy Factory
My daughter loves this place!!! If we are in the Southlands area, we probably are making a stop. Cute candy shop and they have so many items to choose from .
Golden Flame
Golden Flame is one of our favorite wing spots! They have multiple locations, we frequent the Parker and Aurora locations. Good size wings and really yummy fries!
Great Divide Brewery & Roadhouse
Great beer and wonderful food selection! There is usually always a wait when we go but it's never very long. They also have multiple spaces for events and private parties, and garage doors that open up to our spacious patio with amazing Colorado views.
Heritage Cafe
This place is incredible!! I love their shrimp and grits.
Hermitage Antiquarian Bookshop
Book Store
We stop by every time we are in Denver. We always find several books that we haven't seen (not even here, so they must do a good job of estate buying, etc.) and walk out with more purchases than we should. Western history section is very good, as is military and American history. Rarer books are up front across from their checkout counter. Prices while not cheap are not outrageous either, e.g., found a copy of one of local historian Nolie Mumey's books here that we'd see in poorer condition for twice the price at one of their competitor's. Staff/owners are friendly and knowledgeable.
Hero's Pizzeria
If you are looking for a small neighborhood/hole-in-the-wall kinda of place, this is it. The staff is super friendly. If you sit at the bar be ready to talk to a stranger! I found that the prices for a drink are phenomenal! This place is cute and a fun place to stop in quick for a drink. They also have a food menu, I have done a sandwich which was yummy!
Hickory House Ribs
My parents and husband love this place!!! Their ribs are probably some of our most favorite in the area. I really love their coleslaw!! Great family atmosphere. Staff is wonderful! We try and get here a few times a month if we can!
Hilltop Tap House
We are always looking for new places to visit and hangout with friends. We came across this place and thought that they had a great beer selection! We really liked their green Chili :)
Hurts Donut Co
Donut Shop
One of our favorite places to get donuts! They have everything from your basic glazed to one with all sorts of cereal and candy on them. They even have Kolaces!!!
Hyatt Regency
We love going to the bar/restaurant that is located in the Hyatt! Great for date night! The view is amazing!
Ifly Indoor Skydiving
OMGGGG - this place was sooo fun!! You make reservations and then you get to go in and fly in the chamber a couple times. So fun! I have a bad shoulder so if you can relate, proceed with caution cause you'll be sore the next day or so but still a fun family outing. I bought my husband and daughter 10 flies.
Indochine Cuisine
Didn't know this place existed until moving into the Parker area. Let me tell you what, one of my top favorite places to eat! The fire cracker shrimp ... you're welcome! So yummy!!!
I have ordered shirts from them for a charity event a while back! They did a wonderful job!! Shirts came out awesome, great quality and done when they were said to be done!
Iron Mule Brewery
This is our favorite place to visit! They have some of the best beer in Castle Rock! They have popcorn for snacking but they usually have a food truck that parks right outside their patio. Every IPA that I have had, has been amazing!
Jabeneros Mexican Grill
Everything I have had here has been awesome!!! Great tacos and awesome breakfast burritos!!! 5584 S Parker Rd Aurora, CO 80015 (303) 400-0235 www.
Jammin' Djs
Disc Jockey
Jammin's DJs is literally a one-stop for everything you might need for an event. They DJ'd at our wedding and were also oh photographers! The music was amazing and all of our pictures came out incredible! They also offer all sorts of other services. Whenever we are in need of music services, we will be calling them!
Jelly Cafe - 13th Ave
Love their coffee and love their food menu. I haven't had a breakfast or lunch there that hasn't been delicious.
Jet's Pizza
This place is beyond yummy ... or at least the pizza we ordered was YUMMY!!! We had an impromptu get-together and decided last minute that we were all hungry. We called the "normal" pizza places and waits were crazy. Then we found this place. At this point we didn't care about what the wait was, we just wanted food at some point. So we placed an order with them and it ended up being delivered sooner than they said and the pizzas were awesome!
Juancho's Spicy Candy
BEST DULCES ENCHILADOS & CHAMOY ENCABRONADO. They also have delivery/shipping options available. Thursday-Sunday you are able visit them.
This place gets a 5 STAR review hands down! This place is amazing. Not once have we ever gotten anything bad from this place. I go their for gifts and pretty much always leave with something for myself. Their chocolates and apples are delicious, but their ice cream is even better! Always very friendly and great customer service.
Lady Justice Brewing Company
This place is beyond amazing. They are women owned and man do they brew some amazing beer! They are also super involved in the community. We found this place randomly when we were out and about and I am glad we did. We will be back again and again and again!
Launch Pad Brewery
Hands down probably the BEST brewery in Aurora! The owners Dave and Henry are always there and willing to chat and have a beer with anyone and everyone who comes through the door! If you want to nerd out on anything military or space related this is the place to go! The brewer Paul is amazing and the stuff he comes up with will blow your mind!
Littleton Cafe
This place is great! My mother-in-law lives right by the Littleton Cafe so we always like to go and meet her for a Saturday morning breakfast whenever we have the chace! Great food!! We have never had any issues with food or service here!
Los Dos Potrillos - Parker
It is sooo hard finding really "good" Mexican food in certain parts of the Denver Metro Area! However, after moving to the southeast Aurora/Parker area, WE FOUND ONE! Los Dos is almost our weekly go-to for yummy Mexican food and even better Margaritas!!! The also make their own tortillas!! Best place around!
Mallory Sollie Photography
Mallory is AMAZING at what she does especially when she is taking photos of your kids! She is literally a "kid whisperer!"
Mamamade: Eco-Friendly Goods for Home & Family
Laura owns MamaMade and she makes some of the coolest/cutest reusable items. Everything from reusable paper towels, sandwiches/snack bags, facial rounds ... so many things! I ordered some face masks from her when COVID started and we love them!
Mici Handcrafted Italian
We had never heard of this place until my daughter's school did a "spirit night" with them. Let me tell you, with it being COVID Land, I have discovered a lot of places who may have great food when you dine-in but their takeout/delivery is not the same, not even close. However, even being skeptical, we ordered takeout and I ordered the Alfredo (which usually always is never very good if not eaten in the restaurant, fresh) and to my surprise IT WAS AWESOME. Everything we ordered was great. Mici has become our go-to for Italian takeout.
Momma Bee's Cakes
Local momma starting an amazing bakery in Aurora!! She makes some super cute and creative cakes! You need to contact her for your next event!
I LOVE THEIR NAAN!! If you like Indian food you need to stop by this place. Everything on their menu is so good. They have a great bar selection. We usually order a bunch of apps and stuff then take our food to the brewery across the street from it.
Mr. Ramen
If you like or love ramen, you need to check this place out! Me. Ramen has some of the best ramen in/around Parker. I easily eat here a few times a month! The Gyu Niku Ramen and the Vegetable Ramen are my favorites!
Mt. Fuji Sushi and Hibachi
Our family loves to go to a good hibachi dinner and this place is one of our favorites. I also do a sushi "girls night" every so often. Everything I have had there has been great. Drinks are great. Atmosphere awesome! Definitely a place to check out for sure.
Ned Kelly's Irish Pub
Thou hath found your dive! If you’re looking for the finest downtown views and the latest mescal cocktail, why then you’ve come too far. However while you’re waiting for your ride to drive you back to bougie downtown Denver, I recommend having a pint and watching epic disaster unfold before your eyes. A fantastic late night pizza will tittilate your gustatory senses as you attempt to decipher the slurred words from your friendly but not highly functional barstool neighbor. Staff are quirky and friendly as the Jameson flows like South Platter River through old downtown Littleton CO
Parker Garage
One of our favorite places to do happy hour on mainstreet in Parker. They have amazing appetizers and great social atmosphere! Staff is great!
Parker Panache
When I think of Parker Panache, I think style, class, influential and professional. They really have it all. Personalized service and quality.
Peak to Peal Tap & Brew
One of Aurora's best breweries! The owners and staff are super nice! They have an awesome selection of beer! The food menu is great! It's one of my favorite spots to go and get some "work" done!
Pearl of Siam
Best Pad Thai in Aurora! Enough said 😬😆
Pho 888
I am a huge lover of Pho and not all Pho is created equal and there are just a few places that I would say I frequently go to. I love their Brisket and Rare Beef Pho. Some of the best I have ever had.
Pho 90
Hidden little spot. Super yummy! Huge fan of their eggrolls and their Pho! If I am in the area, I try and convince the fam to stop for lunch/dinner.
Pho Vy Parker & Vy Sushi Bar
Good pho is soooo hard to find! So on my search for good pho in Parker, I was consistently disappointed! But a neighbor recommended this place and I tell you what, I was not disappointed!! There pho is awesome! I highly recommend trying them out if you're in the area! 9964 Twenty Mile Rd Parker, CO 80134 +1 (303) 840-7900
Poor Richard's Book Shoppe
Book Store
I keep finding old books my dad read back in the 60's and 70's that he swears I should read. I also always find stuff my kiddos. Great neighborhood book store that we frequent quite a bit!
Portofino Pizza & Pasta
Super cute and yummy Italian restaurant right off Parker and Mainstreet. My family really enjoys their pizza and I love their garlic knots and fettuccine alfredo with mushrooms!
Purgatory Cellars Winery
Some amazing wines can be found here and you can bring your own food! I know that they used to have classes for making your own wine (prior to the COVID) but I will definitely be looking into them!
Real De Minas Iii
Located off Parker and Arapahoe. They have amazing breakfast burritos! My husband is a salsa snob and he is a big fan of their hot salsa!
Repicci's Italian Ice & Gelato of Denver
OMG if you like gelato and/or Italian ice, you need the visit Repicci's food truck! You have to look on their interactive map to find out where they are parked but it is sooo worth looking for them. I love their Italian Ice!
Rita's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard
Ice Cream Shop
Delicious! the girls working were so kind and on top of it and the place was spotless and my 6 year old loved it!
Rockin' Rollin' Mama
Handmade fashion at you fingertips. Super cute and unique accessories and apparel! So many cute and creative things to choose from. Worth checking out and getting something for yourself and maybe some super cute gifts for you besties!
Rockyard Brewing Company
Wings are great. Beer is awesome! The food was fresh and very delicious and the beer is super tasty.
Rory's Diner
My daughter and I love coming here for mommy-daughter brunch but they have some super yummy family meals that we have done as well. Super cute atmosphere. They have a wonderful menu!
Rosies Diner
We love stopping by Rosie's for lunch! Food is always great and the services has never been less that amazing!
Sam's No. 3
You need to be hungry when you go here! Portion sized are HUGE. They have a massive menu and everything I have tried I like. My husband's favorite is the Mexican Burger. I really like their chili and pretty much every sandwich they have. We go here for lunch A LOT.
Savory Spice Shop
The Ranchers Steak Rub is amazing!!!!!!!!!! We use multiple times a week. They have a wonderful selection and a number of gift sets that are super cute!
New Mexican restaurant located in The Southlands Mall area! Locally owned with some pretty amazing stuff! I love their Elote!
Senior Ric's
We love this place! Great food! Great margaritas! We enjoy going there for random happy hours!!
Sky Zone
We love this place. My husband becomes a way younger version of himself the minute his feet touch the trampoline! They kids love it. It's just a lot of fun for everyone. Great for bday parties.
Sunrise Asian Cuisine
Found this place while waiting for my daughter to get done with dance class. I really liked their seaweed salad and veggie sushi roll. My husband likes their Kung Pao chicken!!
Sushi Katsu
When you hear 'All You Can Eat Sushi' you usually turn the other direction. But let me tell you what, when they open at 11am, they have people already waiting to get in. They usually/always have a wait. Their sushi quality is amazing. I haven't had anything that I don't like. The All You Can Eat here is beyond worth it. We literally start off with 20 pc. of white tuna as the beginning of our order lol They have three locations now.
Sushi Kazu Japanese Restaurant
This was the very first place that I had tried sushi. Small restaurant with lots of amazing sushi! They have soybean paper if you aren't into seaweed (like myself). Staff is amazing, service is quick, and the place is very clean. I haven't tried something that I haven't liked.
Tague Farms
Tague Farm is a local urban farm specializing in microgreens. They grow 5 varieties of microgreens every week so we have an ongoing harvest. The Medley is my favorite product. It combines all varieties (Sunflower, Pea, Microgreens Mix, Radish and Broccoli). You get a discount if you or bi-weekly or weekly subscriptions.
Tattered Cover Book Store
Book Store
I have been going to the Tattered Cover since I was a kid. I love this book store! It has managed to remain a cozy local bookstore that has something for everyone!
Ted's Montana Grill
I love their Salmon and the Delmonico!! Literally both of these melt in you mouth! The snacking pickles that they give you at the beginning are the best thing ever! Can be a little pricey but you need to try them out.
Tender Loving Carats
You want state-of-the-art jewelry, customizable/unique jewelry, or the latest and greatest trendy jewelry? This is the best place! Kelly knows what she’s doing and has some amazing items! I love shopping with Tender Loving Carats!!!
The Brew Hut
This is our GO-TO place for all of our beer brewing supplies! We have also started getting wine making kits and cheese making kits. They offer some other boutique style items (i.e. soaps and pickles from local vendors). They are right next to Dry Dock which is a bonus in case you are also looking for a beverage before or after shopping!
The Copper Pot Saddle Rock
If you are looking for some great comfort food, this is the place to go! We normally do take-out and everything we have tried has been nothing short of amazing.
The Egg & U
Probably one of my top 5 favorite breakfast places to go to. I really like this place. My favorite items to order for breakfast would be the Huevos Rancheros Tostadas. It's usually a seasonal item but it is so yummy. If that's not available I usually get the Power Wrap. I am getting hungry just sharing this.
The French Press
This place has some of the best breakfast and lunch items in Aurora. I love the vegetable omelet and a pistachio pancake. Everything is always tasty and filling. Super nice atmosphere and fun-loving and easy-going staff. I could eat here everyday of the week.
The Library Co. Bar & Kitchen
We went lunch at the Library and was totally blown away by the friendly service and fantastic food. We ordered bbq wings for an appetizer. The wings took longer than expected and were served at the same time as our burger and fish. The server apologized and the kitchen added a few extra wings to the order. They had great flavor, were served hot and with lots of shipping sauce! Perfect! My son loved his burger and my fish and chips were delish!
The Lost Cajun
I love their shrimp alfredo! I love their crawfish etouffee! Everything that we have tried their has been so good! If you are a jambalaya connoisseur, you need to try this place out!
The Madras Cafe
My husband and I are going meatless for the month of March so I have been trying to find more vegetarian restaurants. Well I found Madras Cafe, an Indian-Vegetarian restaurant and let me tell you what, if you like Indian food you need to try this place!!! Even if you're not a vegetarian but you like Indian food, I promise you will love this place!
The Paint Cellar
Paint & Sip
First heard of this place while doing a painting event at a local brewery. It was so fun! We paid for our spot before hand, that included a beer and all the materials to create a masterpiece. I have done a lot of other beer-painting with them. I recommend it for a fun night out.
The Rock Restaurant and Bar
We love this place. It is great for a family lunch/dinner or a happy hour with friends. They have a massive menu so there really is something for everyone. I really like their wings and the red chili. I also really like their chicken salad sandwich!!
The South Restaurant
The quesorito is the best thing on the menu! Great locally owned restaurant. Huge menu!
The Wine Barrel
This little gem is probably hands down one of my top favorite wineries! They are family owned and FAMILY FRIENDLY!!! They have some small snacks to can order or bring in your own food. We are apart of the VIP club! I absolutely love what they have to offer. The Tempernillo is my FAVORITE!!!
Three Little Griddles
Oh man ... this place!! They have some of has to be the best French toast that I have ever tasted. It is usually always on a wait during the weekends, but it is worth it!
Trapper's Chop House
This place is located inside of a hotel, which might throw you off but let it. It was so good. They cooked our steaks perfectly. The atmosphere was wonderful and the staff was really great.
Two22 Brew
Our family loves this place. Great neighborhood brewery! They have probably one of the best patios in the area to hangout on and enjoy one of their amazing brews! They also always have an amazing food truck line up!
Ursula Brewing
This place is great! They have some pretty creative beers on tap! We love swinging by here to grab a couple beers. We love their patio and their staff it the greatest!
Water 2 Wine
This place has a wine for everyone (even if you aren't a wine connoisseur). They have been open for over 10 years apparently but we just found it. We will be going back for sure.
West Main Tap Room & Grill
This is definitely one of my favorite places to go to in Parker for lunch, dinner, happy hour, all the times. They had an outstanding beer menu. Their food is delicious. They have an amazing patio and they also have the outdoor tents/igloos for people to sit in. Worth visiting especially on a date night.
Wild Blue Yonder Brewing
Just this week alone, we have gotten burgers from here twice. They're thick and juicy and come with a good portion of fries, and they're also doing beers to go! If you like sours, look no further! Wild Blue and definitely one of the places that I hope pulls through this quarantine. Please take at least one day a week and support a local brewery and / or restaurant!
Wine Experience Café
They have an amazing selection and some great eats! When COVID hit they started to do pre-order holiday meals and it was THE BEST! They also have some other great beverages to choose from and an amazing patio.
Wing Hut
We love this place so much that we buy pints of their sauces to use on things we cook at home. They also have a really yummy jambalaya and great beverage selection. Definitely a MUST TRY for anyone in the Aurora area!
Wood Paddle Pizza & Tap
Best pizza in Aurora! The owners are the best! The fresh mozzarella is one of my favorite things to order! I love that they also have take-home, do-it-yourself pizza kits because my daughter loves to make her own pizza!
Woody's Wings
This place is one of our top favorites as far as wings and beer go! While they don't have a massive tap selection, they have the beers and beverages that you want to with your delicious wings. We have actually been going to Woody's for well over twenty years. Family owned and worth checking out. They have some amazing wing flavors.


7Twenty Carpet Care
Carpet Cleaner
They cleaned the carpets in our old house before our first kiddo was born. HOLY MOLEY they did an outstanding job!!!!
All American Sprinkler & Landscaping, Inc.
They did our sprinkler install and grass in our new house! They were amazing, affordable, and were great to work with!
All Budget Landscaping
We have used All Budget for a few projects. Easy to work with and very competitive with pricing.
American Star Ranch
They are a handyman service that can help with literally anything. Used them for a garden project and kid's swing set!
Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric
With it being COVID land, I was worried about having people in and out of the house! But they are super clean and quick but the do a great job! Will use them again!
Aspen Art Co
You can get lost looking at the pictures she does! They are incredible. I really like her vintage stickers and posters!
Bravo Initiative, LLC
After multiple jobs... Above and beyond service, honest pricing, quality work and quick response - could not ask for a better plumbing service!
Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Electric
We used Brother's Plumbing to do a mainline inspection on our new home when we were getting to the end of the 1yr warranty period. Justin was great and very helpful! He knew that we were having some kickback from our builder and said he would help us with anything that he could. Great company.
Colorado Hardwood Floors
These guys were easy to use and great. The floor is absolutely beautiful and turned out much better than we had expected it too. We will for unsure use them again to do the rest of our floors and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to stain their hardwood floors.
Creative Colours LLC
Small but growing, Honest Painting/Repair company. The High Quality work they do includes but not limited to Walls, Trim, Ceilings, Drywall repair, Deck/Fence Staining and Cabinets. Mike and his team painted the interior of our old home which was no small feat. The house looks so much brighter. They did a great job and pay attention to detail. Thanks Mike!
Dean's Handy Man Service's
Denver Carpet and Hardwood
We used them for floor replacing in out old house. They were so easy to work with and very affordable. When we need new flooring in our new house (which will be soon .. gotta love dogs and kids) we will be calling and setting something up with them.
Elevated Garage Flooring
This company has 10+ years if experience when it comes to concrete coatings (epoxy, stain&polish) for your garage space. Call Kevin and 240-938-0579! They do great work!
Erbert Lawns
With my husband being gone a lot and with my hate for anything lawn related, I am glad I found this company. I can't wait to get them scheduled to come out this year!!!
Evoo Marketplace-Olive Oils & Aged Balsamic Vinegars-Denver
Ohhh these are great and so yummy! My sister actually gifted some of their oils to us for a Christmas gift one year and we continue to restock on our favorites. I love their garlic infused one the most!
Five Star Painting of Southeast Denver
Very pleased with the work that they have done at two previous properties. Great work and quickly BUT professionally done. Will use them again.
Gardner Roofing
Dustin is amazing to work with! He did our roof at our old house and has done the inspections on our new one! Wouldn't use anyone else!
General Store 45
We love visiting this place when we are in the area. Lots of cute random nicknacks and toy, candy, etc. Cute store on Main St. in Littleton.
Hoffman Drywall, Paint & Popcorn Ceiling Removal
We had those wonderful popcorn ceilings in our old house. HATED IT! Hoffman came in and removed all the popcorn ceiling. They were professional and quick. They were clean and did a great job!
Leeper Construction LLC
Aaron is the owner and does amazing work! Our back patio has a pretty big drop off to the left side but apparently it isn't big enough to mandate a railing. Well because I have kids I wanted something there. Aaron was recommended to us by his wife. He came out quoted us and then was out a few days later. I love how the banister turned out! I highly recommend Aaron and Leeper Construction LLC.
Lifetime Windows and Siding
We loved working with Lifetime Window and Siding when we did all our windows in our old house! Staff is friendly and great to work with.
Living: Enabled
Home Organizer
Katrina is a really good friend of mine and she just started this business! I have seen what she has done as far as pantry organization and let me tell you, she is pretty AMAZING! Definitely reach out to her if you are in need of some help with home organization!
Lm Rustic
We bought the cutest/coolest custom made wine rack from Lance! He's so talented and sows really amazing work!
Meritage Homes - Aurora
Home Building
We bought a Meritage home in the Inspiration neighborhood. We love it!!! We bought the Apex model and its perfect for our family of four. Meritage was great to work with!
Mighty Plumbing & Heating
Had a leak in my kitchen sink, they came out and fixed it quickly! They were quick and courteous and didn't cost my first born to come out!
Miracle Custom HandyMan Solutions
These people are phenomenal! There is nothing they can’t do. And they do everything perfectly. I could not be happier with my remodel! Thanks!
Natural Grocers
I visit the Aurora, CO location weekly! They have a section with a bunch of ready-to-eat items and the Crunchy Veggie Wrap is the best!!! Also love their vegetarian spring roles!
Nick's Garden Center & Farm Market
Literally my "go-to" each year for my garden needs. I think I could honestly say I get all of my garden plants from Nick's and have for over 10 years, since I have owned my own home. They also have a little café that has some pretty yummy food, my daughter loves the lemonade. Their seasonal chili festival probably is the best local chili roasting event!
Omaha Steaks
WE LOVE getting their meet boxes. If we are going to have a big get together we usually go here. They also usually have a 50% off sale which is the best. Here is what what we usually order: Butcher's Cut Assortment 4 (5 oz.) Butcher's Cut Filet Mignons 4 (5 oz.) Butcher's Cut Top Sirloins 4 (6 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops 4 (5 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers 4 (5.5 oz.) Stuffed Baked Potatoes 4 (4 oz.) Caramel Apple Tartlets 1 (1 oz. jar) Signature Seasoning
Pacific Ocean Marketplace
This place is the best!!! It has everything and anything you would need to make any of your favorite Asian inspired dishes! I love going and just walking around, checking out all the different kinds of food and products that they have and that you wouldn't find anywhere else.
Parker Home Services
We had them come and service our Parker properties and will definitely be using them in our new house. The staff is clean and professional and they use high quality products so you don't have to worry about something going wrong and have to pay more for additional repairs.
Petit Solutions LLC
House Cleaner
I highly recommend Susana Tabares Valencia with Petit Solutions. They are insured. Check them out on Google as Petit Solutions LLC
Pure Dry Cleaners
Dry Cleaner
It was hard to find a good Cleaners when we moved to a different part of town. Im so glad i stumbled onto this place! They are environmentally safe and do such a great job!!!
Quality Landscape & Soil Products
We had a few loads of rock and by a few loads I mean over 15 tons of rock delivered! Easy process from beginning to delivery! Staff was great and helpful and provided us with multiple recommendation!
Reuben Fencing
Reuben has done fencing all over our neighborhood and does it for a way more reasonable price compared to other that have been done in the area. He did all the fencing minus the back. Then he cam back and did a custom garden parameter for us with a gate. He does a wonderful job. Him and his guys are great, clean up after themselves, and are quick at what they do. Highly recommend giving him a call or shoot him a text.
River Rock Resurfacing
Very professional and they do amazing work! Highly recommend!
Ryel Williams with Williams Enterprises Cleaning
House Cleaner
Ryel's rates start at $85/cleaning. She currently services all areas in Colorado. She specialize in airbnb and short term rentals. If anyone is in need of services you can contact at (719)-645-3450. Thank you! 🧤🧼🧹
Spa Brokers
Pool and Hot Tub
Our neighbors just got their hot tub from Spa Brokers. We have gone in few times just to window shop and I think we are finally ready to bite the bullet and stop bugging our neighbors :)
Tagawa Gardens
I love this place. One of my favorite nurseries to purchase plants and seeds for my garden. They also carry some really cute garden accessories! I probably go to Tagawas a couple times a month!
Ted's Sheds Colorado
They built our shed at our old house and it was amazing. I can't wait to get the shed done at our new house with Ted's!!!
The Local at Parker
This is such a great place to find CO local items. You will ONLY find products and foods from local Colorado merchants, artisans, farmer market items, etc. I always find unique gifts for all occasions for everyone I buy gifts for!
The Parker Shoppes
The atmosphere is incredible, everyone that works their is so nice, there's tons of unique items at a great price - I always find things I love here
The Stanley Marketplace
This place is fun! They have a brewery. They have a great selection of places to eat. They have so many other boutique shops that are worth checking out everything from clothing, toys, etc.
Top Shelf Electric, Heating, & Plumbing
Unfinished Furniture Colorado
Super affordable pieces can be found here! Loved that they offered a wide range of furniture, unfinished to finished and even offered the option to have something custom done. (303) 443-8229
Valiant Air
We moved into a new home a couple years ago and our thermostat another controls like to yell at us to remind us about updates and what not. Valiant Air has been amazing!


20 Mile Athletic Center
Love this place! My daughter is in their rec program and really enjoys it! After looking at three different programs, this is the place we chose. They offer a lot as far as class availability and different kinds of classes. They are super clean and are amazing with the other younger kids. It is also really fun watching the older competitive teams practice. My daughter really likes to see what they can do!
24 Hour Fitness - N. Aurora Chambers Rd
I both worked and became a member at this location. Best times to go, midday during the week and early morning on the weekend. Super clean. Love the pool! Basketball court is really well kept.
Achieve Gymnastics
If we lived closer we would have kept my daughter here! She started going to Achieve at 6mn for their open gym sessions and then as soon as she was old enough to join the classes, we enrolled her! She went there for close to 5 years! Great place. Wonderful staff!
Adventure Cycling
Bike Shop
My husband got his Fat Bike here. Staff was amazing and helped us pick the bike that was the best for him! They fit him to the bike and made sure that we are 100% happy before we left the store.
Bicycle Village - Aurora
Bike Shop
We love this bike store. They literally have everything you need when it comes to biking. We have purchased each of my kids' bikes from here, starting from their Stryders to our daughter's big-girl bike.
Big Booty Yoga
The yoga works out your body while Kady's amazing words nurtures your soul. It is fun, welcoming, and most of all the best way to get your workout in. I never liked yoga until I completed the Drake yoga class and now I can't stop!
Blue Sky Lounge and Spa
Went in to Blue Sky for the first time yesterday. Very clean. Staff is very friendly and professional. Will visit again!
Club Pilates
LOVE this place! I hate waking up early!! But for some reason getting up an hour earlier than my normal time to go do pilates twice a week has been pretty easy. The facility and the equipment is well-maintained and clean. The instructors are awesome! If you haven't tried pilates on a machine, you need to. They are able to challenge you no matter what class or level you are at.
David's Bodywork & Massage
Massage Therapist
Wonderful deep tissue massage!!! Also never knew what "body correction" was until visiting David. Highly recommended.
Elements Massage - Tower
Massage Therapist
Jared is your go-to for the best deep tissue massage. I go to him once a month or so for two hours and come out feeling amazing. I have a bad shoulder and he works wonders!
Elevation Cycles
Bike Shop
We purchased two of our trex bikes here. Amazing service. Everyone helping us knew so much about what bike fits best for what we wanted.
Farm to Fork
Food Delivery
Colorado Springs, CO
We have done a few delivery box from them and everything has been really great. We have done the Regular Fruit/Veggie box and have never had any issues, all the product is wonderful.
Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa
I got one of the best massages here!!! So relaxing and so worth it!!!
Life Time Fitness
My husband and I loved going to Life Time and so did my daughter. I almost think she liked going more than we did haha. The facility was beyond clean and I never had any issues getting on a machine because someone was talking or playing on their phone. Their pool was awesome and I loved using the sauna after working out. The café was my favorite stop after my work out!
Mpact Dance Academy
Dance Classes
I cannot tell you how much we love this place! My daughter has been going to dance classes here for over three years. I love how well the staff and the older girls work with the little ones. They offer a lot of class options which is great for busy families. I definitely look forward to their recitals each year .... super cute!
Orangetheory Fitness Southlands
The workouts are very high quality and everyone brings their best energy. Best place to keep your motivation up!
Pedego Electric Bikes Southlands
Bike Shop
A friend of mine and his family own this shop. You're able to buy or rent an electric bike! They are so much fun! They are great with helping you choose the best bike for you! We have rented a few times. SO MUCH FUN!
Penzeys Spices
Herb Store
We love this place so much. The flavors of the spices we buy for our spice collection taste better than anything you will buy that is mass produced. We love their steak and fish seasonings. The Italian seasoning is my favorite.
Rei (Denver)
Outdoor Sports Store
Huge store! Great selection of items you didn’t even know you needed! Tons of sale/clearance items. Outdoor space with bike test track and chill areas very well thought out.
Spider Monkey Extreme Air Sports
My 6yr old loves this place. We have gone to a couple bday parties and they are so well ran and maintained. Our next bday party will be here!
VASA Fitness - Aurora
I love this gym! I also love that it doesn't cost a mortgage payment to be a member. The gym is super clean. I love that you are able to get a good workout in without having to wait for someone to get off of a machine because they are playing on the phone. They have some really awesome classes available that are definitely worth checking out.
Wilderness Exchange
Outdoor Sports Store
We love going to the Wilderness Exchange! We all should know at this point that Wilderness Exchange has phenomenal deals on high end outdoor gear used and new.


Bonaroo Tattoo
I have gotten a few tattoos and piercing from this Banaroo location. I LOVE coming here. Dylan, the piercer is my new favorite! I needed some replacement jewelry one time and he was great with recommending the right jewelry for the different piercings. I will keep on going back.
Bonaroo Tattoo
J at the Parker location is amazing! Here is his instagram link:
Castle Rock Tattoo and Laser Removal Company
Ryan Clement is amazing! Worth checking out if you are in the market for a tattoo!
Deeds of the Flesh
European Wax Center
Hair Removal
Very professional beauty techs! My mom goes here for all of her facial waxing. I got her a gift card a few years back and she has been going every since.
Floyd's 99 Barbershop
My husbands goes here everyday before he leaves for drill or AT. Loves how well they are able to cut/style his hair. He really loves the hot towel hahaha
Havana Street Tattoo
I have gotten three tattoo from this shop! The owner is awesome and worth getting in to see!
James Morgan Tattooing
My husband and I went to James to get tattoos done for both of our kids after they were born. He does an amazing job! If I were going to have anymore kids or get anymore tattoos, I would visit him again. Phone: (720) 339-0176 Address: 10283 east iliff Ave, Denver, CO 80247 Facebook:
Love Hair Color & Design
Hair Salon
I was looking for a stylist very last minute cause I wasn't able to get into see my normal gal and called the staff for me in quickly!
Paisley Salon and Spa
Hair Salon
I am beyond picky about who is allowed to trim my hair. I have never dyed it or done anything crazy and finding a place with stylists that listen has been huge since only family has every done my hair.
Peachy Queen Waxing & Beauty Suite
Hair Removal
Lyn, the owner, is a close friend of mine and hands down the best waxer I have ever met! I have been going to her for well over 10 years and couldn’t see myself going anywhere else. She also does facials! She’s amazing!
Polish on Pearl
Nail Salon
I love this place! All the ladies are warm and welcoming and do a great job!
Ql Nails
Nail Salon
My 6yr old daughter and I go here for our "date days." Very clean and all the ladies and gents are so nice!
Salon Melmarie
Hair Salon
Melissa works out of her house. Very clean! She is maybe the third person ever to touch my hair. I love her!
Salon Orea
Hair Salon
Suowr cute salon with some amazing stylists!!! Love how welcomed you feel when you walk in!! Amanda is amazing!!!
Sincerely Tattoo
The Tattoo Shop
Stevie at the tattoo shop. He’s datstevie on Instagram.
I have been going to see Lyn for over 10 years! She's amazing! She just opened up her own waxing boutique in Aurora! GO SEE HER!
Zane Tattoo
This is my cousin's fiancé, so that's how we found him! He is amazing! Highly recommend getting on his schedule for your next piece.


Avid4 Adventure - DENVER LOWRY
We just enrolled my 6yr old into this camp. We are so excited. The instructors we spoke with really know what they are talking about!
Beyond the Blackboard
Toy Store
I love Beyond the Blackboard in Southlands! So many great educational toy options! I have even purchased so many homeschool tools for my daughter!
Challenge to Excellence Charter School
Primary School
This is my daughter's first year at Challenge to Excellence and we absolutely love it. Every staff member is amazing! They groups based on their skill/ability levels. I have seen my kiddo grow so much being at C2E! Its worth the 15 minute drive to parker!!
Champions At Challenge to Excellence
Child Care
My daughter goes the Champions program 3x a week after school and then full days when she has breaks from school. She loves it. She would go everyday if she could. They are great about having the kids work on their homework. They have snacks for them. They really go out of their way to create activities that are entertaining and educational.
Code Ninjas Aurora
This place is owned by the same people who own the Parker location!!! I love the class and camps that they offer!!! My daughter loves being a student here!!! 7450 S Gartrell Rd Unit A-1 Aurora, CO 80016
Code Ninjas Parker
My daughter started going to this location over two years ago! She loves it and has been learning so much. You can tell that it has also helped her in some of her daily tasks at school. Highly recommended for an extracurricular activity!
Color Me Mine
This place is great for everyone in the family. I like to do mommy-daughter date days here. You get to create your own design(s) on a piece of pottery that you get to choose.
Healthy Kids Running Series
So my 6yr old loves Healthy Kids Running Series! She started when she was 4yrs old and just loves it. They have locations all over and they include kids of all ages!
Meadowood Recreation Center - Preschool
My daughter started going to the Meadowood Preschool program as soon as I was able to get her into it. She started when she was a little 2.5yrs old. She really enjoyed it and we loved it! They also off camps during school breaks. Once my son is old enough, he will be headed there!
Performance Play Music School
Music Instruction
This place is great for all ages! They have individual and group classes! I even was able to bring my cello here for re-stringing and tuning! Classes are very affordable!
Plains Conservation Center
We like to go and take walks here. They also do events where you can come out and bird watch, look at the stars, etc. It's kinda of fun getting yo see this small patch of what the plains used to look like and taking a walk around where you get to see some wildlife. There is a small info center about what you can see, and some examples of historic buildings.
Reinke Brothers
Costume Shop
WE LOVE THIS PLACE during Halloween season! Located in Downtown Littleton. They have the best costume selection and during Halloween, they have one of the funniest haunted houses to visit.
Spider Monkey
This place is amazing!!! Their littler kid area is closed off so you don't really need to worry about your kid wondering off since you have to push a button to get in and out. They keep it super clean. There is also a bigger kid/adult area with trampolines and obstacle courses. It is really a fun place. They do have a concession stand as well. I usually bring my laptop and let my older kiddo play for a couple hours. There is also a military discount.
The Goddard School
Child Care
A friend of our is sending their 5yr old here during the summer. We looked into it and can't wait to enroll both of my 6yr old and almost 2yr old.


Advanced Orthodontics
My husband had his first consultation with Dr. Nielson last Friday. He loved his visit. The doctor was great and explained in detail what was needed to be done. They didn't try to upsell at all which is hard to find sometimes.
Associates In Family Dentistry
I have been going to this office for over 20 years! Dr. T is amazing and great with patients that may be a bit nervous. My husband and both my kids visit here as well. They are great with the littles.
Aurora Vision Center
Eye Doctor
I had never been to an "real" eye doctor until I took a lacrosse ball to the eye. This place was wonderful. They did a very thorough exam, made me feel very comfortable, and explained everything that they were doing/looking for very well. I actually want to take my kids in for an eye exam now.
Centennial Pediatrics
I went to Centennial Pediatrics as a kid and now both my kids go. We love Dr. Standford and Dr. Headley. Every time we have gone into see them, reg. appt or emergency, they always make you feel welcomed. You never feel like you can't ask questions or feel rushed. They make you feel like you are their only patient. I wouldn't take them anywhere else.
Centura Health Center for Therapy - Parker Adventist
Physical Therapist
If you are in need of some PT check out Centura Health Center for Therapy. My therapist, Cindy, was amazing! I got to try out dry needling and cupping. AMAZING!
Dr. Roxanne Marie Headley (Centennial Pediatrics)
I went her as a kid/teen and not both my kids visit this office. If they would accept adults, I would go back in a heartbeat! Everyone is so nice and don't make you feel rushed when you're there!
Foundation Chiropactor, Dr. Morgan Sheridan
Dr. Morgan IS THE BEST!!! Both my husband and I go and see her as well as both my kids! My parents even go and see her regularly. She isn't like any other chiropractor you have ever been to.
Midtown Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dr. May is the absolute best ever!!!! She makes you feel like she really cares and doesn't make you feel rushed. She definitely takes her time with you and addresses all of your concerns. Saw her for both of my pregnancies and would 1000% recommend seeing her.
Original Path Counseling, LLC
Lot's of great resources available here. Great place especially if you are searching for resources/assistance with younger kids.
Saddle Rock Pediatric Dentistry
This place is amazing with little ones! One of our kiddos is a bit weird when it comes to the dentist so we searched for one that was specific to kids. This place is amazing.
Southland Smiles
We have heard nothing but great things about this place. We are excited to see how our daughter's first appt goes here in a few days! The staff has been nothing but pleasant when we have had to work with them and sort insurance info.
UCHealth (Dr. Lam)
I was in need of a new "adult doctor" and was given this recommendation from my parents. Dr. Lam is so nice and very detailed.


Behavior Vets
Dog Trainer
Eric is the best!! We have had our fair share of strong willed/stubborn bully breeds. Eric has done wonders with them. I don't know if he works some voodoo magic, but his ability to help you and your dogs work through your training hurdles. He is so good about giving you the tools to take home and continue the education and training process with your pup(s).
City Bark Parker
Pet Sitter
We love this place! We have been taking our dog there for over a year. I love that you can watch the pups on camera! My dog gets so excited when he realizes where we are taking him.
Curbside Clippers
Pet Groomer
Having the option for a mobile groomer is the best! They are amazing and gentle with the pups and you animals come back looking like a "million" buck. It's not over priced and they do an amazing job!
Denver Wag Walkers
Dog Walker
Highly recommend Denver Wag Walkers!!!! Extremely reliable and trustworthy!!!
Homeward Bound Animal Hospital
Animal Hospital
We live over an hour away from Homeward Bound but the drive is worth it. Dr. G is literally the best! He is amazing with out pups and literally becomes a part of your family. If you need a vet, GO HERE!
Lewis & Bark
Pet Stores
This place has been in Downtown for YEARS!!! Great food and snack selection and lots of fun toys for all you pet children. All the staff is nice and if you have any question about what to give you animals, they can help! This is where we get our pups' specialty food.
Maw and Paw Pet Market
Pet Stores
Local small business, family owned! The owners are so nice and helpful. They have everything that you will need for you animal babies!
Mobile Pet Shine
Pet Groomer
We live in Aurora and love Mobile Pet Shine!
Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital
Animal Hospital
We have been taking all of our animals to Seven Hills for YEARS!!! We have been going here before they build their new location. They truly care for you animals like they are their own!
The Waggly Dog
Dog Walker
Mike and Daisy are great dog people! If you need training, walks, dog sitting/boarding, or daycare, they've got you covered!
Your Best Friend's Friend
Dog Walker
I was so happy to finally find a reliable and trustworthy pet sitting company! I went out of town on a quick trip and YBFF was able to get me scheduled last minute. I came home to detailed notes on my dogs and how they were when I was gone and my house was as I left it. I will definitely use them again! 5 stars!


Air Care Colorado Emissions Testing Center
If you are looking for an emissions place that you don't have to plan on staying the whole day, this is the place. The staff is also great and the waiting area is clean.
ATS Diesel Performance
Auto Mechanic
We take our truck and 4Runner there for maintenance, tires, etc. They are amazing to work with and don't take advantage of the consumer!
Brakes Plus
Auto Mechanic
We take both our cars here for routine maintenance! They aren't there to push more services on you and they don't make you feel pressured. Super professional staff and inside is super clean.
Caliber Collision - Parker
I was in a car accident and this is wear my insurance towed my car. Well I will have to say, normally I would be annoyed with a company calling me daily to tell me stuff. HOWEVER, they would call everyday if needed to give me the "important" updates. They were very kind and understanding while working through the estimate of damages. When my car came out as totaled I almost felt like they wanted to hug me and say what can we do to help. They were wonderful and answered all the questions that I had.
Discount Tire - Southlands
Bought a new car and after a few month the tire sensor came on and wouldn't go off even if we filled it with air. I couldn't get in to see the dealership for an appointment for a few weeks. So I said forget it, I will just go to Discount. Well I am glad I did. They fixed the problem and didn't even charge me. They were fast and extremely helpful. I did by the tire insurance for any future just-in-case moments.
Family Tire Pros Auto Service
Auto Mechanic
My 4Runner was literally 2 months old and the tire sensor came on. I called the dealership and they couldn't get me in for a couple weeks. These guys got me in quick and were great!
Mister Car Wash
Car Wash
I probably go get my car washed 3-4 times a week. I love the unlimited wash pass!! I also love that they have the auto floor mat washer. I love taking my car here
Neighborhood Automotive
Auto Mechanic
With it being the time of COVID and money is a bit tighter, this company offer financing for some of the big repairs that the vehicles needed. 303.972.6776
Rocky Mountain Automotive
Auto Mechanic
My mom found this place YEARS AGO when she had a Volkswagen and this was the only place in the area that would work on her car. Well then we all started taking our cars there for all the maintenance needed. It is family owned. They don't try and take advantage of you. They are honest and will never try and upsell you.
Stevinson Toyota East
Auto Mechanic
It's been over 6 years since we had to buy a car last and when our 4Runner was totaled, it took us over a month of searching and visiting dealerships, before we decided the Stevenson Toyota was the place we would buy from. Our buying experience was hassle free. The gentleman that we ended up working with told us it was going to be his first sale. Didn't have to deal with the typical "car-salesman" pressure. Everyone we dealt with from the salesman to the finance guy were beyond nice. We will buy from them again!


Real Estate


Beantree Coffee
Great service, great coffee... and the boba tea was good too. If you like Chai tea, order the Bhakti Chai and you will not regret it.
Berry Blendz -Parker
Juice Bar
While I grew up with Jamba Berry Blendz is my jam!!!! Love what they have, every smoothy I have tried has been more than yummy and satisfying.
Bevy's Liqour World
Liquor Store
Centennial Gun Club
Firing Range
My husband is teaching me how to use our firearms so he brought me to Centennial Gun Club. The staff is friendly and open to helping and answering all your questions.
Coffee Cabin
Coffee Shop
Wes, the owner is awesome! His coffee is yummy too! This place is right on the corner of Parker and Ponderosa. I love swinging by his coffee stand, grabbing my latte, and chatting for a few! Worth visiting for sure!
Endless Grind Coffee
Coffee Shop
Another one of Aurora's locally owned coffee shops that everyone should visit if you are in the area! Ownership is very nice! I'm a big fan of all of their lattes! Great little place to meet a friend and enjoy some yummy coffee!!!
Epic Mountain Gear
Ski Shop
One of our favorite places to get ski gear for my daughter!!! They have a great selection for all stages of people wanting to hit the slopes. Staff is great and very knowledgeable. Definitely go and check them out for all your ski gear needs!
Fika Coffee House
Coffee Shop
We love to stop and grab some coffee and a snack here when we are walking down Mainstreet. Cute little café and staff is so nice.
Helga's German Restaurant & Deli
This place is great! THEY WILL SERVE BEER IN A BOOT! All German beers on tap and a menu full of amazing German cuisine! Our favorite thing to order is the massive pretzel, Traditional Schnitzel, and the goulash! The servers are awesome. They are doing a live German band weekends.
Hey, Sarah! Social Media Coaching
Digital Marketing Services
I have known Sarah for years and she is an amazing person to work with! She is beyond knowledgeable and super professional! She knows what she’s doing for sure. She’s an author herself so truly has the experience to help you be successful! Even if you’re not an author, she’s amazing with social media as well! “The agency with the creative strategy and expertise that you need to sell more books and grow your author platform.”
Legends Coffee
Coffee Shop
Looking for a local coffee shop? Look no further! This place is the best! It's family-owned and their coffee is great! Haven't tried anything that I didn't like.
Longmont Dairy
Consumer Product
We have been using the Longmont Dairy delivery service for over a year now and WE LOVE IT. The overall taste is way better than anything that you can buy at the store. We have tried other delivery services and we hands-down will be sticking with Longmont Dairy for the long haul.
Mailbox Express Inc.
Postal Services
This place is a one stop shop! They have been an amazing resource for small business owners. No long, never moving lines. The owner, Lorraine, literally calls you by name!
Movie Tavern
So we love this place. We love that you can order a beverage and a meal to drink and eat while you enjoy a movie. I actually took my 6yr old there last Tuesday and despite COVID, service was great, the facilities were clean and the staff was great. It is nice being able to go back to the movies and this place is our favorite.
Safe Splash Swim School
Swimming Lessons
We loved Safe Splash! My daughter started there at 6 months and went for 4 years before we moved! Would totally send her back if we lived closer!
Torpedo Coffee

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