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The best milks of 2022

Mariella Tamayo - My go to Almond Milk that I use on my cereal! I dont use milk anymore and I use this to replace any milk needs!
Jade Hodo - This is one of my favorite almond milks. I love the taste. The shape of the bottle is perfect for my fridge. I love to catch it on sell at Wholefoods!
Karline Nogales - My favorite almond milk. I love the texture and how it tastes.
Mariella Tamayo - My second favorite almond milk that I use when i don't have my first to choose from! Great taste and great texture!
Mandi Pacer - Whether you're lactose intolerant or do not like the taste or consistency of milk, this is the perfect alternative for your cereal and coffee creamer replacement.
Brooke Piszczor - When my babies were infants & myself breastfeeding, they became dairy/soy intolerant- this definitely got me through when I needed "milk" & couldn't have it.
Madison Mutziger - like almond milk but made from macadamia nuts! the taste is better and the milk is creamier. great non-dairy alternative!
Karline Nogales - My favorite coconut milk. Creamy, unsweetened, and tasteful. I usually order it from Walmart.
Andre Palacios - I never thought they could be difference between milk. Once you try it you will never go back to the regular one.
Kei Castillo - I never thought I would just drink milk, but this is the tastiest leche I've ever had. If you hate milk, at least try this before you swear it away forever :D
Zoe Gregorace - Big fan of this oat milk- super creamy and nice vanilla flavor! Love adding it to my morning cold brew
Meena Caputo - I love this almond milk! Though it is on the sweeter side, it has a beautiful, marzipan-esque flavor that is so luxurious! I don't use it all the time but when I do, it definitely makes my day better!
Meena Caputo - The protein milks by Silk, both the 10g version which is a blend of cashew and almond, and the 25g variety which is only almond base, are great! The 10g comes in unsweet which I prefer but both are delish. Though the 25g only comes sweetened, it is still great for oatmeal bakes, microwaved oats, ...
Carol Mullins - I use this on cereal and in my morning smoothie. I like the low sugar and fresh taste. I won't and don't do dairy and this is a must.
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