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The best perfumes of 2022

Mariella Tamayo - If you are looking for a strong but subtle musk smell but smells great I definitely recommend this!
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Mariella Tamayo - My go to night time perfume especially on date night!
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Karline Nogales - My favorite perfume. It has a floral fragrance, and it is not sweet.
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Mariella Tamayo - Sweet smelling perfume that i wear mainly during the day or the summer time.
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Mariella Tamayo - My favorite perfume! Not too sweet with a little musk and stays on all day long!
Jade Hodo - The bottle is a glass heel which is what actually made me interested! The smell sold me. This is my most complimented fragrance! It lasts so long, when I'm doing laundry I can still smell it on my clothes. If you are a perfume person you have to try this!
Mariella Tamayo - I love smell good things and this is a refreshing scent that i always get complimented on when I wear!
Mandi Pacer - What is meant to be a seasonal summer scent is in my perfume rotation year round! I receive countless compliments on this wild and juicy aroma. I love the longevity of the scent throughout the day, too!
Mandi Pacer - Sweet and subtle and perfect to spritz on after taking a shower!
Patricia Burnett - This is honestly my signature scent, it is not too strong, and a little bit goes a long way!
Patricia Burnett - This fragrance from victoria's secret is the definition of vacation on a tropical island!
Jade Hodo - Kilian can have all my money honestly! I love most of there perfumes but this one is the top 2. The scent is the perfect amount of warmth. I wear this and always get compliments!
Sandra Jacquemin - I bought a bottle once at Anthropologie and i've been obsessed, it is a sweet but musky lavender smell... i love it! And reasonably priced.... strong, with just enough sweet- like me!! (i don't like sweet floral stuff)
Jade Hodo - This is a great dupe for the one of the perfumes in Maison Francias Baccarat Rouge Collection. The price is great! I feel like it is a pretty unisex fragrance. I highly suggest this!
Mandi Pacer - Light Blue comes in both perfume and cologne and it's to die for. I like to wear it in the summer as it's light and has a pleasant citrus scent that works well with everyone's body chemistry. I need to purchase the cologne for my boyfriend since I am a big fan of it in the perfume form.
Susie Cohen - There is nothing like having a scent you love. Smelling delicious will start your day right, and this is one of my favorite scents. Maria also has candles that are the absolute best, and is a custom jeweler—her pieces are incredible. You can visit her at 2814 East Madison Street in Seattle.

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I need an "all season" suitable perfum recommendation, please :D
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