The best pet beds of 2023

Test Out - My dog loves her bed so much I had to buy two! One for the bed room and the other for the living room.
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Carol Mullins - Because a dog's got to have a good bed. We bought this at one of the big box stores for our pup after knee surgery. They love the fitted back, soft cushion, and orthopedic foam.
Allison H - These are so cozy for the cats - and aesthetically pleasing for your home.
Ryan Pawsling The Cat - Pawfect for your furry sleeping mewty.
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Sara Marie - Wow! I have ordered XLARGE dog beds before but all were no match for my Anatolian Shepard Dog (she’s basically a pony). This case in the mail and I was worried when I saw the box size but when it came out it was more than enough room for her. It’s like a big giant pillow. She’s actually sleeping ...
Brooklyn Benjestorf - My lil pup feels so secure with this bed. They designed this thing with a bit of magic—it's made to resemble the sensation of cozying up to Mama dog, so it's soothing for wound up pups and I'm here to tell you, it works. We popped it into our puppy's crate and now he curls up and goes to sleep ri...
Molly Pearcy - I love my dog but I hate stinky dog beds! That's is why I love the Kirkland Round Dog Bed. It has an easily removable cover that makes washing it easy and convenient. The inner bed is also machine washable as long as you have a large capacity washing machine. It is the perfect size for our chocol...

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