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over 2 years ago
Love, love, love them!!
If you’re looking to hire a personal assistant but don’t want someone in your home and in your face - then you need pursuit.
Sondra and Caitlin are amazing! And with their help, I’ve knocked out about a thousand things off my to-do list. Everyone we’ve hired through them (handyman, painters, movers, house sitters, personal chefs) have been top notch and fair priced. They’ve helped us book date nights, vacation planning, Drs visits, and covid testing, too.
In addition to all this they also offer various perks and area discounts - and every month they offer a free service (November it was dropping off your ballot, and January it was helping book a zoom game night with friends).
Liz Pearce This is so cool! I love the rotating free service idea.
  • over 2 years ago
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