Zebra Tattoo & Body Piercing

Zebra Tattoo & Body Piercing

About Zebra


Tattoo hours: 11am-7pm

Piercing hours: 10:45am-8pm*

*Piercing CUT OFF times vary depending on the wait time. Try to be in the shop by 6pm.

Piercing Information

Piercing is walk-in only. Wait times can vary.

Numbing cream is available for $6/piercing.

There are no guarantees Zebra will be able to use jewelry for a piercing if it was not purchased from them. Bring in your own jewelry so they can inspect it; it must be the correct gauge, length, style and material.

They only pierce with hypoallergenic metals: 14k solid gold, implant grade titanium, and surgical steel.

Minors must have a valid ID, proof of birthday, and a legal guardian present. See site for details.

For infant piercing, Zebra recommends 4-6 months of age as a minimum.

Tattoo Information

Tattoo appointments required a minimum $80 deposit; larger tattoos may require a larger deposit.

The shop minimum for tattoos is $100, but the final price of the tattoo will depend on size and detail. The hourly rate of $180 only pertains to work that requires multiple sessions. The only person who can give you a more exact estimate would be the artist you would work with.

For larger or more detailed pieces, they usually recommend a consultation appointment. A consultation is a free 30-minute service where you meet with the artist of your choice to discuss your tattoo.

It is California State Law that an individual must be 18 years or older to receive a tattoo, even with parental consent. You must bring a valid state ID or passport.

Zebra also offers microblading, microshading, and ombre powder brows.

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