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Ravenna • Seattle, WA

Ali White MacBeth

Ravenna • Seattle, WA
Into dogs because they care more. Kids are cool too.
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Valerie Madison 14K Gold Interlocking Trio Necklace
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10" Selfie Ring Light
Ring Light
I have to use a light for my calls and Instagram videos. I'm still learning my best lighting but this stand is awesome, it can scale up to be taller than me and also can be small enough to on the counter.
Alo Long Warrior Mat
Yoga Mat
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my chakra warrior mat from ALO YOGA. I bought it a year ago because I was going through mats like crazy, at least 3 a year. This one has lasted me and I love it. It's so wonderful because if you are using it for yoga, it has the markers to help you maintain consistency in your practice.
Blue Nile Diamond Earrings
I received these beautiful earrings this summer and I only take them out to clean them every few days. I absolutely love how they sparkle and they don't bother my ears. I always feel put together and don't have to think about it. They are some of my favorite jewelry pieces.
Chakra Warrior Mat
Yoga Mat
I love that it's a heavier weight so that it's nice and stable. It's a bit thicker so it's easier on my knees. The chakra lines have really helped my form and keep me from injury, so that I can move quicker.
F*Ck I'm Flawless Concealer
I have spent years looking for a concealer that not only was the right shade, it wasn't too heavy or too light. I know, impossible. I discovered this brand on a flight from the UK on social media. I realize that I am a total sucker, but hey this actually worked in my favor. This concealer is light, moisturizing, and doesn't settle in my fine lines either. It looks perfect on camera and covers any red spots, dark circles, or blemishes. It has a sponge tip applicator and window into the tube so you can actually see how much product is left. The price is perfect for this, and you can do subscription if you are like me and can't remember things.
Ilia Concealer
I discovered this organic beauty line in the last year and LOVE the concealer. It’s hydrating and covers well!
Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara
I just started wearing organic makeup as I wanted a gentler mascara. I really like Ilia. You can buy at Follain or Sephora, but I buy directly from Ilia and it came rather quickly!
Jenni Kayne Sweater
I have this sweater, and I have to say, its my absolute favorite. Its super soft, and always looks good on. I wear it often (almost every day...Covid!) and it keeps me so warm.
Maui Babe Browning Lotion
Tanning Oils
I love the look and feeling on my skin the color is perfect. and the smell is divine.
Morrocan Oil Dry Shampoo Light Tones
Dry shampoo often makes my head itch or it builds up and doesn't work. I run and work out every day and only wash my hair when I get a good hour to get ready (toddlers!) I LOVE this dry shampoo. It is light and will last a couple days each time. I love the scent too, its not cloying. They come in a dark and light tones and I use the light tones. It adds volume and makes it easier to style.
Munchkin Disposable Placemat
Kids Placemats
A woman gave me one at a restaurant and I immediately bought a pack. They have adhesive that sticks to the table and easily picks up and throws away. I love these placemats for when we used to dine out. When its Covid safe to eat out again, we'll have these in our bag.
Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup
Sippy Cups
This is a great cup for a transition from bottle to using a sippy cup. We can take these everywhere and they are extremely durable and don't leak. My son also will drink without the tops as well so its good for transitioning.
Munchkin Snack Catcher
Food Containers
This saved me as a mom. It keeps the snack inside while your toddler can get each piece individually. No spills and cracker crumbs everywhere, yay! This was gifted to me by a fellow running mom.
Munchkin Splash Bowls
Kids Dishes
These bowls have a rubber lining on the bottom that keep them from sliding. They are wide so my son can get the spoon in the bowl and to his mouth with minimum spillage.
Munchkin Splash Toddler Divided Plates
Kids Dishes
I have a couple of these and they are wonderful for lunch and dinner. They are easy to clean, durable, and have a rubber lining on the bottom to keep them from sliding on the tray.
Munchkin Toddler Fork
Kids Dishes
These are the perfect shape for our 18 month old to be able to hold and control.
Queen Mary Tea
I've been buying tea from this tea shop in my neighborhood for a few years. Its still open during Covid so I can pop in quickly and pick it up. She has a wide variety of black teas, several are flavored as well. The non caffeinated teas are lovely and my kids enjoy them. They come in tins and resealable bags which is convenient and lasts a while.
The Human Being Journal
I was given this as a gift and it has been so key for my sanity in Covid.
Tree Hut Tahitian Vanilla Bean Shea Sugar Scrub
Body Scrubs
I use this product and love it! I use the coconut scent.
Weleda Body Butter
As I have aged, I’ve noticed my skin becoming more and more dry. It looks dull and easily irritated. I’ve tried several body creams, I’ve tried from the expensive to the cheap! When I would travel to Germany for work I always bought this hand cream but hadn’t tried the body butter yet. It’s so lovely, I use it every day. I put it on after my shower and by the late evening my skin is STILL hydrated. I absolutely love it. I buy it on Amazon and it’s available through ‘subscribe and save’ which I do.
Weleda Roll on Deodorant
I don't like heavy deodorants that feel like there is a film on my armpit. And on a whim I purchased this from Whole Foods a couple weeks ago. I have to say, its my favorite. Its very light, has a unisex scent (yay!) and actually works (miracle). Since I work out every day and chase kids, I need something that works well. Its gentle as well.
Yeti 26oz Bottle
Water Bottle
I committed myself to drinking more water this summer and every time I drank from my other bottles I noticed my water just tasted stale. I finally broke down and purchased the Yeti and I love it. I truly love it, like I need it now. I drink 3 full bottles a day because I usually jog in the early morning and then take a couple walks with my kids during the day. So I need to replenish, and I love that I know exactly how much I’m drinking. My water always tastes fresh, and it’s so easy to clean because it’s dishwasher safe. It’s made for hot and cold and I’ve only used it for cold but it keeps my drinks nice and cool! I’m going to get the mug for coffee.
YETI Rambler Mug Stainless Steel
I got this in pink as a gift for Christmas and this and my Jennie Kayne sweater is my fave. I use it every day, and keeps my coffee hot! I was one of those moms that had cold coffee constantly and was always refilling. I get to enjoy my original cup now!

Special Occasions

This restaurant has been in Seattle for over 11 years but I never tire of dining there. My favorite drink is the French 75 and I love the lamb burger as my indulgence. However, all the food is delicious.
Biscuit and Bean
I have been a couple times and i like getting the biscuits when we're over in Ballard
Blazing Bagels
Their bagels are always fresh, but I like to indulge in their sandwiches sometimes. They use fresh ingredients and I like the many varieties of bagels that they have. And of course you can order ahead and pick up.
Cameron Catering
I have used Cameron Catering a few times and each time the food is beautiful and delicious. I like that I can pick up the dishes and return them the next day when I have a party and don’t want to cook. I highly recommend them!
The food here is authentic, fresh, and they change their menu so it’s not repetitive. Staff is informative and friendly. Harder for older folks or people hard of hearing.
Food X Becky
Becky is so creative and her food is really good. She always goes above and beyond for a party making sure everything is perfect. I will work with her again!
Franks Oyster House and Champagne Parlor
We love this place! We've been ordering once a week since Covid began as we usually popped in for Happy Hour or dinner once a week. The food is always good, always consistent, and they rotate the menu seasonally. They also just hired a new chef and the changes are delicious! The bar is really dark and intimate and I will be excited when we can again.
The owner/chef moved to Mexico just to learn the regions cooking. He buys local and works with amazing people. The food is so delicious, fresh tortillas, etc but the fish tacos are really the indulgence. We love them!
Hello Robin
I love the cookies. We pop down about once a week for a treat, and the Birthday Cookie is my favorite. I love that the cookies aren't too big, but still satisfying.
Jenni Kayne
Matt Sumi
Matt is a professional and talented photographer. I highly recommend Matt for weddings, fashion, and corporate jobs.
Mioposto Pizzeria
The Bryant neighborhood Mioposto is our favorite. The staff are always polite and have a sense of urgency which is helpful on a Wednesday night with two kids! We’ve always loved their happy hour and pizza. It’s all delicious and fresh ingredients. Perfect family place but you do need to hit it early.
Queen Mary Tea Room
The tea room is small and intimate. Its always booked and the cozy eclectic decorations make it feel special. They serve full tea and also brunch. We usually come around Christmas and special celebrations but its great for catching up with a friend.
Ravenna Brewery
Hours: MONDAY 2-10 |TUESDAY 2-10 | WEDNESDAY 2-10 | THURSDAY 2-10 | FRIDAY 12-10 | SATURDAY 12-10 | SUNDAY 12-10 Dogs and kids welcome!
Salare is great, every month he does a different theme and it’s so good! Take away.
Sod House
I love this bakery. There is a kids playground behind the building at the Ravenna Community Center and so our family will often walk to the bakery and grab a delicious, warmed scone, and go to the playground. The scones are so flakey, and have raspberry jam in the middle, and they are very indulgent. We absolutely love eating them!
T Anthony Jewelers
Located downtown with a view of the islands, Tyler sits you down with a Scotch or Whiskey to talk about your dream ring! I absolutely LOVE my engagement ring my husband designed.


Dentistry of Lynnwood
Dr. Khan is extremely professional, gentle, and smart. She definitely knows her industry and keeps up with the every changing technology and health advancements in Dentistry. She caught some gum issues I had but was gentle in helping me make a decision. I highly recommend her.
Dr. Alejandro Calendario
My family loves Dr. Calendario. He is a brilliant and gentle Dr. who takes time to listen to you. He never rushes us.
Dr. Allison Hughes (Mercer Island Dermatology)
Botox Botox Botox! Dr. Hughes is the best!
Dr. Ana Torvie
I have to say Dr. Torvie was recommended to me when I got pregnant. She is my favorite doctor ever. She’s extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, and smart. She always made me feel heard, confident, and supportive. I recommend her.
Dr. Angela Thyer (Seattle Reproductive Medicine)
Dr. Thyer is so knowledgable and caring. My husband and I felt very informed by her and cared for. We started out with basic fertility and over the years moved to IVF. The whole while Dr. Thyer was very supportive and educated us so we felt confident. We now have a beautiful baby boy.
Full Circle Acupuncture
IVF is what brought me to FCA to see Casey, and I have stayed through the birth of my child. She is extremely knowledgable and professional. I try to go every week. She also takes insurance which is so helpful.
Northwest Women's Health Care
I saw Dr. Torvie through my pregnancy with my son and she is very professional, understanding, kind, and great sense of humor. She has high emotional intelligence so was able to navigate my concerns. I trust her completely.
NW Birth Matters
These two doulas are so in tune with birthing and I trust them immensely.
Seattle Fertility Acupuncture
Seattle Fertility Doula
The Christian Closet
Even if you aren't a gay Christian Candice can help you. I see her for entreprenurial coaching, relationship advice, parental advice, etc. Seeing her has deepened my relationships and community.
UW Sports Medicine Husky Stadium
Sports Medicine
I got awesome care from UW sports medicine. They are great!







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