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Ali White MacBeth

Into dogs because they care more. Kids are cool too.
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Ali Recommends


Dentistry of Lynnwood
Dr. Khan is extremely professional, gentle, and smart. She definitely knows her industry and keeps up with the every changing technology and health advancements in Dentistry. She caught some gum issues I had but was gentle in helping me make a decision. I highly recommend her.
Dr. Alejandro Calendario
My family loves Dr. Calendario. He is a brilliant and gentle Dr. who takes time to listen to you. He never rushes us.
Dr. Allison Hughes (Mercer Island Dermatology)
Botox Botox Botox! Dr. Hughes is the best!
Dr. Ana Torvie
I have to say Dr. Torvie was recommended to me when I got pregnant. She is my favorite doctor ever. She’s extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, and smart. She always made me feel heard, confident, and supportive. I recommend her.
Dr. Angela Thyer (Seattle Reproductive Medicine)
Fertility Treatment
Dr. Thyer is so knowledgable and caring. My husband and I felt very informed by her and cared for. We started out with basic fertility and over the years moved to IVF. The whole while Dr. Thyer was very supportive and educated us so we felt confident. We now have a beautiful baby boy.
Full Circle Acupuncture
IVF is what brought me to FCA to see Casey, and I have stayed through the birth of my child. She is extremely knowledgable and professional. I try to go every week. She also takes insurance which is so helpful.
Northwest Women's Health Care
I saw Dr. Torvie through my pregnancy with my son and she is very professional, understanding, kind, and great sense of humor. She has high emotional intelligence so was able to navigate my concerns. I trust her completely.
NW Birth Matters
These two doulas are so in tune with birthing and I trust them immensely.
Seattle Fertility Acupuncture
Seattle Fertility Doula
The Christian Closet
Even if you aren't a gay Christian Candice can help you. I see her for entreprenurial coaching, relationship advice, parental advice, etc. Seeing her has deepened my relationships and community.

Special Occasions

This restaurant has been in Seattle for over 11 years but I never tire of dining there. My favorite drink is the French 75 and I love the lamb burger as my indulgence. However, all the food is delicious.
Cameron Catering
I have used Cameron Catering a few times and each time the food is beautiful and delicious. I like that I can pick up the dishes and return them the next day when I have a party and don’t want to cook. I highly recommend them!
The food here is authentic, fresh, and they change their menu so it’s not repetitive. Staff is informative and friendly. Harder for older folks or people hard of hearing.
Food X Becky
Becky is so creative and her food is really good. She always goes above and beyond for a party making sure everything is perfect. I will work with her again!
The owner/chef moved to Mexico just to learn the regions cooking. He buys local and works with amazing people. The food is so delicious, fresh tortillas, etc but the fish tacos are really the indulgence. We love them!
Matt Sumi
Matt is a professional and talented photographer. I highly recommend Matt for weddings, fashion, and corporate jobs.
Mioposto Pizzeria
The Bryant neighborhood Mioposto is our favorite. The staff are always polite and have a sense of urgency which is helpful on a Wednesday night with two kids! We’ve always loved their happy hour and pizza. It’s all delicious and fresh ingredients. Perfect family place but you do need to hit it early.
T Anthony Jewelers
Located downtown with a view of the islands, Tyler sits you down with a Scotch or Whiskey to talk about your dream ring! I absolutely LOVE my engagement ring my husband designed.






Real Estate


Ali's Conversations

Andrea Kaempf
14 days ago • Seattle
Have you ever seen one of these? It’s the size of a basket ball and really scary. I looked online and the DIY is to go late at night, plug the hole...
Ali White MacBeth
10 months ago • Ravenna
We need our deck expanded and a polycarbonate roof over it. Looking for a Seattle local, reliable contractor that is knowledgeable about different ...
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