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Andrew Bohrer

West Seattle • Seattle, WA
I'm a writer who makes a living in the booze and hospitality industry.
Joined over 2 years ago

Andrew Recommends


A. Darbo Syrup
I use D’arbo syrups in a wide variety of nonalcoholic drinks as well as cocktails that just don’t need more alcohol. They make a cassis ($16), lingonberry ($12), and elderflower syrup ($12) which are just as good in champagne as they poured on waffles.
BG Reynolds Syrups
UNLOCK THE SECRETS TO EXOTIC COCKTAILS! Look, there are only two secrets to making better drinks, so buckle up, I’m going to blow your mind. Secret number one: practice the thousands of tiny techniques that will subtly improve your cocktails over years of practice. Secret number two: only mix quality bottles that already tasted good on their own. So, BG Reynolds syrups are pretty good at room temp with a bottle of OK rum. But, add a little ice, add a little fresh lime, oh look out, shaking that drink, all of a sudden you just went semi-pro with your Mai Tai game.
Bull in China Mixing Glass
I have the Bull in China mixing glass and expect I will for the rest of my life. The designers there are making gear that will last but has an elegant aesthetic. There isn’t much to say about durable, ideal tools that last forever, they just show up and work for you. In the case of Bull in China, the gear looks good while it’s working.
Frog Hollow Farm
Gift Baskets
Look, you can throw a brick through a window and get a Prada bag, or spend money, whatever. But the perfect pear is only good for two minutes— that is the true luxury. I sent a case of plums to a friend and his family in Alaska to share, as they quarantine separately, during a 14 day covid isolation. I think about it because being able to share something so perfect, so far from its home, is what was a gift for kings.
Harney & Sons Tea Blenders
Tea and Beverages
I drink tea everyday. It’s non-alcoholic amaro. Did you know it also has quite a storied history (winky emoji)? Anyway, tea is simple. Boil water to 220° F/ 100° C, buy fresh, and keep fresh. Maybe Harney & Sons is better, but if nothing else it’s fresh. Until you can get into your local tea shop again, try exploring here. But back to sincerity, tea is something in which paying 50% more gets you something many orders of magnitude better. Harney covers that spread well in cute little tins.
Small Hands Food Grenadine
Handmade grenadine made fresh from in-season pomegranates is literal ambrosia; 12 bottle case ($180). Once you’ve had it, you’ll think there are two months in the calendar: pomegranate and lack of pomegranate.
Toschi Italian Amarena Black Cherries in Syrup
Quality cocktail cherries don’t glow in the dark. Grow up.

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Ace Spirits
Speciality Food and Wine
I know the folks at Ace Spirits. They were nice to me. That means something. And unlike most of the garbage, big-brand online retailers of spirits, Ace is small, local, cares about you and your order, and actually ships nationwide, too.
Wireless Carrier
I use ATT&T because they are SOOO adequate. Customer service is fine, the family plan price is better than average, the coverage in Seattle is good, but is lacking in PDX and SF. So, if you are mostly in Seattle, it's much better than T-Mobile and completely serviceable.
Boon Boona Coffee
Coffee Shop
I happened to visit on their first anniversary. There was a small coffee class happening, a DJ spinning, the standard folk pretending to study and write novels, the neighborhood and their kids. It was a perfect coffee shop. The roasts are mostly on the light and fruity side— they exclusively roast African coffee. I think of the joy they bring others each time I sip their coffee. Grab a bag of Dur Feres from Ethiopa or Turihamwe from Burundi, both under $20. Or splurge on a subscription series for your single-origin-obsessed loved one.
Dave Page
I've used Dave a couple times for boots, Frye boots specifically. Seems odd to gush about a cobbler, he is fast, he has a competitive price, and he gets it done. Dave does good work 'nuff said.
Stor-More West Seattle
I've been 100% travel for over a year now and these guys have all my stuff. They are actually great. The price is quite competitive, the grounds are clean and well kept, it's very secure and easy to load in and out of. It's crazy to say, "I get good service from my storage space" but, I do.
The Meadow
Speciality Food and Wine
The Meadow has been buying all of the fancy bitters and salts since day one. You can try them in the shop before you buy, well, maybe not now, but it’s good to buy your bitters from the people that support bitters. In particular for gifts or for yourself, you should get popcorn salt, fleur del sel, maybe some Luxardo cherries, a Mystery Happy Hour Box. No one’s gonna dislike these.

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