Dave Page
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almost 5 years ago
One of the best in the country for resoling and repairing climbing shoes and mountaineering boots.
almost 5 years ago
Dave Page is an old-skool cobbler in Fremont center. They were kind enough to fix the straps on my heavy bag after they wore away enough to tear in half.
almost 5 years ago
I've used Dave a couple times for boots, Frye boots specifically. Seems odd to gush about a cobbler, he is fast, he has a competitive price, and he gets it done. Dave does good work 'nuff said.
almost 5 years ago
This is where the Nordstrom shoe salespeople go for their shoe repair needs.

About Dave Page


Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm


Hiking/Mountaineering Boots - Specializing in resoling and restoring all types of alpine footwear, from modern molded/cemented boots to the classics. Dave stocks replacement soles for most boots sold (or ever sold) in North America. Most modern hiking boots are completely rebottomed. Resoling prices vary depending on the boot construction method, and the type of sole.

Miscellaneous Repairs - Dave Page can repair most damage to any footwear. If you have a specific need, please email.

Rock Climbing Shoes - Rock shoe sole material is kept in stock. See website for details.

Telemark Boot Repairs

  • Resole plastic telemark boots
  • Resole leather telemark boots
  • Resole + midsoles, leather telemark boots
  • Leather telemark boots, rebuild toe leather

Birkenstock authorized repair center

  • Resole
  • Recraft: your straps + buckles put on new footbeds + soles
  • Recraft with soft footbeds
  • Resoling and recrafting can be done with Vibram soles instead of Birkenstock soles

Check website for price lists