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Cassie Walker Johnson


People always ask what kind of real estate we specialize in, and we simply like to answer with: "The people kind!" As managing brokers at Windermere Wedgwood, our specialty, and home, is Northeast Seattle. Serving both buyers and seller, our mission is to make the process both educational and fun!
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Landlord/tenant attorney in Seattle

Hello, can someone please recommend a lawyer specializing in landlord/tenant issues, in Seattle? Thanks

Looking for an estate planning attorney

Afternoon! Looking for a estate planning attorney. Need to do some wills. 🦋

Headshot photographer

Looking for a headshot photographer for kids (for professional headshots for acting stuff) Thanks

Custom decorated cakes

Hi, FC friends - what's your favorite bakery for custom decorated cakes? I've used Madison Park Bakery in the past...they do a nice job on the desi...

Need to replace old single pane windows in Capitol Hill

Hi-We need to replace some old single pane windows with some new, likely wood clad, upgrades for our home in Capitol Hill. Some might be repairable...

Can anyone recommend a real estate attorney in Seattle?

Can anyone recommend a real estate attorney in Seattle? We need one to review some sale documents for a condo ASAP!