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Minda Lane

Madison Park • Seattle, WA
Full of opinions and willing to share.
Joined about 2 years ago

Minda Recommends


4-Slice Stainless Toaster by Cusibox
I'd never heard of this company either, but the reviews were stellar so I gave them a chance. So glad I did! This toaster is fast and accurate. That is, it toasts to the degree of doneness you want, according to the setting. You know, like the way toasters are supposed to work. I have a Cuisinart toaster that requires multiple toastings or it burns the toast, every time. But the Cusibox? Just perfect. Every. Single. Slice.
If you're looking for organic linens that are as planet-friendly as they are you-friendly, try Coyuchi. I've been so pleased with every purchase (towels, bed linens, a nightshirt)—they arrived quickly, exceeded my expectations in terms of softness and durability, and their customer service is responsive and thorough. Great company I'm glad to recommend.
Skin Care
I recently started using Maelove's The Glow Maker antioxidant serum after hearing about it on the Everything is Fine podcast. All that talk about topical vitamin C had me thinking I'd skipped right past some fountain of youth. Still, I didn't expect it was actually going to, you know, do anything. And honestly, I can't even really tell you what it does. But I can say with certainty that whenever I use this product I will, almost inevitably, catch my skin in the mirror the next day and think "my you look lovely today!" So whatever it's doing, I think it's good.
Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light
Alarm Clock
I love this one. You can adjust basically all of the settings (brightness of the display and the wake up light, volume) and it’s easy to use. And the little wake up songs it plays are lovely and sweet.
Ritual Zero Proof Tequila
Tequila -Non -Alcohol
I guess their motto, "By drinkers, for drinkers" is meant to convince you of just how legit their fake booze really is, but I think its probably way more compelling to nondrinkers who are sick of sugary options and La Croix. There a couple things I miss about booze, like the short cut to feeling relaxed, and the ritual of mixing a cocktail. Though I have so far not found anything else that delivers the warm fuzzy feeling that a full proof drink used to, Ritual definitely scratches the itch for pomp and circumstance. The flavor is spicy and complex, and while it lacks some of the depth and richness of tequila, it's formulated so well I think the two are easily interchangeable in cocktails you know and love for their stand-out tequila star (margaritas, Palomas). Think of Ritual as the up-and-coming understudy...that threatens to steal the show.
Superfeet Insoles
Another users question about comfort while running made me think about these, which I've used in my tennis shoes for years. Athletic shoe inserts have a little padding but no actual support—it's all in the sole and footbed. By using these arch support my feet feel much kore stable and comfortable whether I'm walking or running. They also have a hard plastic option for heels. They make such a difference!
The Ordinary
Skin Care
I use several products by The Ordinary and love them all...squalene cleanser, hyaluronic acid + B5 serum, moisturing factors + hyaluronic acid hydrator, and the cold pressed rose hip seed oil. My skin looks better than it has in my adult life and breakouts have remained minimal. Oh, and they're all so reasonably priced. I've never been loyal to a skincare line, until now!
Touche Éclat All-Over Brightening Concealer Pen
Touche éclat is a long time fave for me!


Dr. Cristina Lang
Cristina's treatments include acupuncture, massage, and cupping. She's very thorough and listens carefully to provide the best treatment possible. And she takes (some?) insurance. Highly recommended!
Dr. Felice Barnow
Felice was with us through two pregnancies, one with a very sad outcome. She was stellar in every circumstance and we collaborated really well together throughout both pregnancies. I love her so much it almost makes me want to have another baby just to see her again! Just kidding. But she's great, and highly recommended.
Dr. Thomas Bridgman
Dr. Bridgman is kind, thorough, and explains things comprehensively. I HATE going to the dentist but actually look forward to seeing him. He's very compassionate and gentle and never makes me feels bad for not flossing. Sometimes. Only sometimes I don't floss.
Joann Lovascio
I am not in a mental institution and never have been. Probably never will be. Also, I like my family and they like me. Joann might have something to do with this.
Natural Medicine of Seattle
No doctor is more knowledgable or compassionate. I have referred several friends to Dr. McLogan with absolute confidence, and now I shall do the same for you. Whatever's ailing you, Dr. McLogan will fix you right up.
Synergy Healing Arts
Cristina Lang at Synergy Healing Arts uses several modalities in her treatments, including cupping (also acupuncture and massage). She’s wonderful, and has helped me so much with various aches and pains. She’s in West Seattle—could either be very convenient or very inconvenient depending where you live. But her treatments are worth the trip!
Vida Integrated Health - Seattle
Dr. Dueck and Dr. Sasaki are both great. The traction table is awesome (also free—perk!). I think getting your neck cracked is all kinds of wrong, but if you are in pain there's a good chance they can help.





Special Occasions


Real Estate

Kelly Malloy
Since I found Kelly via FRESH CHALK (!) I have been excited to recommend her to anyone seeking an agent, especially if you are in South/West Seattle, which has been her focus for over nine years. Our experience with Kelly was excellent. She helped us identify what we could do to get the price we wanted, project managed getting the work done, and the service people she referred—from painting to carpeting to odd jobs—were all top notch. She was knowledgeable and communicative throughout the entire process, which was particularly challenging sale because of Covid. Just two days before we planned to list we got word of the lockdown: there could be no open houses or walk throughs for the indefinite future. Half an hour later they announced the West Seattle bridge had been closed. Selling our West Seattle home felt nearly impossible. Kelly managed our anxiety through all of this with professionalism and a positive attitude. She was realistic and grounded but steadfast in her determination to get our house sold. As soon as the restrictions around home tours eased, Kelly advised us to list. And our house sold, for more than asking, in TWO DAYS! When the first-time buyers had cold feet just six days before closing, Kelly showed up for that, too—a true embodiment of grace under fire. By working with the buyer’s agent she was able to get things back on track, and we ended up closing five days earlier than initially planned. Kelly is absolutely the person you want next to you as you wade into the real estate market. Thank you FRESH CHALK for helping us make this connection!

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