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about 4 years ago
Jude is creating amazing art and their studio just gushes with incredible line work. Inclusive. Every body - literally - feels welcome.
about 4 years ago
Jude's art is stunning
over 4 years ago
Jude is incredible. They are a very talented artist and easy to work with. If you are wondering if your tattoo will hurt: it will. But Jude will make you laugh and then you won't feel so bad about how much your skin effing hurts.
recommended by Vishak G

Cautionary Tales

Obscured Butterfly - about 2 years ago
I walked into Lilith Tattoo and was treated so poorly that I had to leave. I was recommended to go here and it was very negative. They did not even acknowledge my existence. I felt so bad and like they judged me. The person who recommended me to them said he would stop recommending them. I think they are unfriendly
Nameless Bear - about 2 years ago
Imagine walking into a business and being shunned by the entire staff just for existing. Imagine trying to ask a question and being completely ignored. Imagine being snubbed and treated like garbage. This is Lilith Tattoo. I’ve lived in Seattle for over 20 years. This was by far my worst experience at any business ever.
Obscured Owl - about 2 years ago
My friend told me this place was alright but when I went there it was the worst experience I’ve had at any tattoo shop. I even heard the staff making racist comments. There was a bad energy in the air and my tattoo sucks. I would stay away from this place, there are so many better artists and shops out there.
Reticent Penguin - over 2 years ago
What can I say about Lilith Tattoo? I had the worst tattoo experience of my life there. I felt so uncomfortable and the tattoo itself wasn’t that great.
Obscured Snake - over 2 years ago
This was a terrible experience for me. My tattoo turned out horrible and nobody cared! I have a much better artist. Feel free to contact me and I’ll loop you in with someone who is more talented and has better bedside manner. Worst tattoo on my body, I have to get it covered up.

About Lilith Tattoo


Email the shop with your contact info, a description of the concept, your budget, and attach any ideas you may have. Lilith Tattoo will be in touch with you within a week to schedule a consultation. Wait times can range from a couple weeks to half a year, depending on the artists' schedule.


At the consultation an artist will walk through your ideas, quote a price, look at any other references, answer any questions you may have, and schedule any future appointments.

Deposits depend on the artist and are non-refundable and non-transferable.


The cost of a tattoo project depends on the concept, size, amount of detail, and style. Each artist has a different hourly rate and can vary with each project. Please email the artists directly to inquire their hourly rate.

Since tattooing is a service based exchange it is common etiquette to tip your artist.

Tattoo Appointment

  • For the tattoo appointment, please arrive on time. Call if you are going to be late.
  • When you arrive there is a consent form to sign.
  • A stencil is then made so that it can be tattooed.