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almost 3 years ago
Knack shops puts together beautiful custom curated gifts with different themes (one of which is Seattle). Seattle-based, female-founded, elegant and fun!
almost 3 years ago
Knack is a local woman-owned business with great gifts.
about 3 years ago
I love Knack for gifting! All of the products they have available are so chic and quality. I got my mom a box for Mother's Day and she absolutely loved it.
almost 4 years ago
I used Knack Shops to order some gifts for far-away friends and family. It's an awesome gifting experience, with both flexibility to create your own gifts and lots of pre-made options to choose from. Easy checkout experience, too, which is so important. Great resource to have for the holidays and all year!
almost 4 years ago
Love Knack Shops for all my gift giving to friends and family out of state. Love that I create customized boxes with just the things I know they will love and Knack Shops sends it off for me in great packaging with my personalized note. I love that they have unique and beautiful options for the gift baskets that are from small businesses that I wouldn't have found on my own. Highly recommend Knack Shops!
about 4 years ago
Knack is the most amazing gifting site ever. Every Knack gift I've sent has blown away the receiver of the gift because of its beauty, the beautiful customized note card, the gorgeous packaging, the locally sourced high quality and totally unique product offerings. Knack is the only place from which I'll ever send a special business or personal gift! No other sites compare!
about 4 years ago
Knack is the easiest, fastest way to send thoughtful gifts. I've sent one to my brother, including a bag made out of bicycle tires for his birthday (he loved it!). I've sent one to a family who hosted us at their vacation house for the weekend (a collection of ice cream gifts perfect for their summertime fun). I've sent birthday gifts, get well trinkets, and this last year I used it for our corporate gifts. Knack makes it easy to give the perfect, high-quality gift, without any of the headache.
about 4 years ago is absolutely my go to place for any type of gift whether for employees, partners, customers or events. Their team recommends the perfect gift to meet my theme or goals and for every person that has received a gift they have gushed over how amazing the unboxing experience is just as much as the gift. Jump on this for holiday everyone!!!
recommended by Cassandra Gholston

About Knack Shops

How it Works

  • Customize any gift to create your own meaningful gift or choose from gift sets that are already created.

  • Select products from merchants who are local to Washington.

  • Add your logo, photo or a message template to your name tag and gift message card to make it more personal.

  • Knack will beautifully package the box making the unboxing an exciting experience.

See website for gift sets or individual items to create your personalized gift.