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Capitol Hill • Seattle, WA
I'm Laura!
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Laura Recommends



All Seasons Cleaners
Friendly dry cleaners with a great turnaround time.
Azuma Gallery
Art Gallery
They have an incredible collection of traditional and contemporary Japanese art. Their staff and owners and extremely helpful but also hands off, letting your browse and explore but readily available for questions and consultations.
Capitol Hill Tool Library
Hardware Store
Don't have a tool, come on over. Check out their digital tool library to see what they have and its availability before popping on over. The volunteers are also great if you need someone to run through how best to tackle a project.
Daniel Smith Fine Art Materials
In addition to being the most well-stocked art store around, you can get beautifully-done custom picture framing at Daniel Smith. Fantastic customer support too!
Fountainhead Gallery
Art Gallery
An eclectic blend of art, big and small. They'll let you take a piece home (with a refundable deposit, of course) to see if you like how it fits.
Frank Lumber the Door Store
I love that I can take my old doors to these guys so they can measure them up (no mistakes!) and then dispose of them. It make replacing your doors that much easier.
Hardwick and Sons Hardware
Hardware Store
If you're looking for that ever-so-unique finish (e.g. special door knob) you have got to check these guys out.
Kendall Press
Phenomenal customer service! I had a huge business-related printing run and didn't know what the heck I was doing. Their rep sat down with me, made sure to jot down everything I needed, and then confirmed that the product was up to par (the product by the way exceeded expectations!)
Molbak's Home + Garden
They have an INCREDIBLE assortment of plants and other items to make your home and garden beautiful. They might just have the best outdoor planter options around.
Oxford Laundry
Really convenient hours and they don't make you buy those pre-loaded cards to use the machines.
Perkins Glass & Mirror Co
Don't let this small, nondescript storefront fool you. In addition to doing major commercial orders these guys can do one-off special orders. There's even a small little parking area right upfront so you don't have to worry about Capital Hill parking.
Quality Windows & Screens
I had a great experience working with Gordon. When I just bought my condo there were some "extra special" mirrors all around the place. He was able to assess the situation and very delicately remove the mirrors while not destroying the flimsy particle wood behind them. He even tidied up afterwards!
Rain Shadow Meats
Great, experienced butcher sources from fantastic local farms. Be warned, parking is painful.
Love that they have a published price list. You know the price of everything upfront before doing any work.
Seattle Design Solutions
Window Treatments
The SDS team did a great job! I have 12-foot ceilings in my living room, which means REALLY big windows. There was a fantastic array of shade fabrics to choose from, and the installation team did stellar work of getting them up there and working smoothly.
Seattle's Doorhouse
I had a challenging door replacement situation that other door stores in the area couldn't figure out. I walked into Seattle's Doorhouse, chatted through what I was hoping to do, and they had a fabulous solution! Just a few days later I was happily bringing my new doors home.
Seriously Happy Homes
Interior Designer
We needed some expert opinions about how to properly lay out our living room to make it both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The 1.5-hour Quick Action Session was perfect! The tips we got were spot-on and give us the roadmap we need to find just the right pieces.
Swansons Nursery
Fantastic professionals. I've come here with sad little plant leaves trying to diagnose what the heck is going on with my plants. The team is super helpful at figuring out the problem and giving me reasonable solutions. Don't forget their #askswanson Twitter hashtag so you can ask questions via Twitter.
Internet Provider
I miss the days of having Wave Broadband. They were the best service provider I've had in Seattle with the best customer service.
Wire Craft Electric
They guys have now done a full re-lighting job of my kitchen (that included installing can lights in a 12+ ft ceiling), re-wired appliances after the contractor involved before I bought the place did some less than-stellar work, and re-did some bathroom lighting. This is all in a 1960's condo building with some really "special" set up. Not only was the work done perfectly but all of the rooms were left spotlessly clean. I don't know how they did that...but they did! Oh, and they come on time and exactly when they say they will.
Wirecraft Electrician Services
An electrician that does smaller (and larger) residential jobs, shows up on time, and does pristine work. In evaluating other jobs the team does a great job of walking you through different ways to tackle it and the pros and cons of each solution.


Phenomenal group and personal boxing training. Jess LOVES teaching and will get your butt kicked into boxing shape in no time.
Dreamclinic Massage- Queen Anne
Massage Therapist
Great range of massage therapists. One word of caution is parking. You'll likely have to drive around a bit, or end up in one of the nearby supermarket parking lots.
Evolv Fitness
Don't miss Ori's kickboxing classes. Really fun and he'll take the time to really improve your technique.
Gracie Barra - Seattle
Jiu Jitsu
Really love training at GB Seattle! The professors are fantastic. You won't find this many bjj black belts anywhere else. And, its a great crew to train with. The gym has morning, noon and night classes all week long so you can always fit a class around your busy schedule.
Gracie Barra Bothell
Martial Arts
Professor Melvin is exceptional. Super technical and patient, he's great to train with.
Gracie Barra Kirkland
Jiu Jitsu
Don't forget to check out their Sunday women-only class. Incredible cardio coupled with awesome drills and sparring with a tough group of gals.
Gracie Barra Scottsdale
Jiu Jitsu
What a fantastic place to roll! Incredible instruction with a really welcoming crew of professors and students.
Gracie Barra Snoqualmie
Jiu Jitsu
Prof Casey and Coach Lindsay are A-MA-ZING. They absolutely love the sport and can't wait to share it with others.
Pilates ProWorks
Great dedicated Pilates Reformer location. Instructors are solid and give lots of ways to modify moves.
Rival Fitness
Great location and really well outfitted facility. The classes force you to work hard and move your little tush.
The Massage Sanctuary
Massage Therapist
Nothing gets the kinks out of my beat up back like these guys.
TRIBE Fitness
Love their Power Reformer class for muscle toning, and their HiiT & Strong & Lean classes for great cardio.


Charles Bellia
Physical Therapist
Charlie has a really analytic approach to helping you not just diagnose the underlying issue but also helping to explain it.
Dr. Atul Gupta MD (Virginia Mason)
Dr. Gupta is a great Physical Medicine doc. He's extremely thorough about examining problems and is really thoughtful about talking through treatment options with his patients. I especially love that he doesn't jump to surgery or other invasive options first.
Dr. Leah Geyer MD (Virginia Mason)
Love Dr. Geyer. She's always on top of current research and data, and gives me an evidenced-based opinion on the best course of actions.
Dr. Maria Del Pilar Almy Simon (Virginia Mason)
Really appreciate Dr. Pilar's delightful personality. She proactively scheduled me for X-rays after a persistent problem and we found the underlying issue quickly. I love that she didn't waste time and didn't make me keep coming back.
Dr. Minori Yoshioka (Virginia Mason)
I really appreciate Dr. Minori's thoughtful, careful approach. Great primary care doc!
Dr. Norifumi Kamo
Great doc if you're in the U Village area.
Dr. Twiggy Lee
Love Dr. Lee. She's knowledgeable and gets right to the point.
Foundation Chiropractic
Josh is a fantastic chiropractor. As a sports enthusiast, he knows how to take care of athletes to get them "back on the horse" in no time.
LeCuyer & Amato Dentistry of Seattle
Conveniently located office and lovely dental hygienists. I appreciate that they've gone fully digital which makes it easy to schedule/reschedule appointments.
ProFormance Rehab
Physical Therapist
As a jiu jitsu gal, I'm always injuring something. Rob gets me in tip-top-shape so I can get back to the mats asap.
Queen Anne Chiropractic Center
Love going to Graeme. He's a sports enthusiast and truly enjoys working with patients to get them back to the sports they love.



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