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almost 2 years ago
really sustainable and easy to keep clean!
about 2 years ago
Have had one for many years. I use a piece of stainless steel chainmail to clean it after every use. It takes getting used to how hot it gets (and managing the temperature of the burner to compensate) but I prefer pan frying all my meats in this, as well as vegetables that I want a slight char on.
about 2 years ago
For most of our day to day, we use Lodge Cast Iron (we have a 5" & 12" skillets). Reasonably priced, and you'll have it FOREVER! You can use them stovetop, throw them in the oven, or even use directly on a campfire grill.
Carol Mullins Agreed. The best iron skillets around.
  • about 2 years ago
about 2 years ago
Everyone needs one of these in their kitchen.
over 2 years ago
Sustainable material and will last 10x longer than any non-stick skillet!
Allison H So true! We use ours almost everyday.
  • about 2 years ago
Kira Carney Cast Iron Pans are the best! We have way too many in our kitchen, my dad is obsessed.
  • about 2 years ago
over 2 years ago
Is there anything is pan can't do? If so, I haven't found it. Frittatas? Check. Perfectly roasted chicken? Check. Pillowy cornbread? Check.
recommended by Liloo Manhoff, Katie Taylor


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