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Kristy Royce

Sailor, skier, solar business owner, eco-momma and climate educator in West Seattle. Happiest when anchored off a small island with my sweetie or flying down a mountain slope with my daughters.
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Joined 10 months ago

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Michael Mattmiller
4 months ago • West Seattle
My house has a fair bit of wood paneling, which needs to be restained every few years. Does anyone have a good house painter who would be up to the...
Steven A. Chayer
6 months ago • Greenwood
Hello Fresh Chalk Community, I am looking for an electrician to quote the installation of power and lights into an old commercial building in Magno...
Lawrence Lerner
7 months ago • Queen Anne
Not exactly a professional but... Where are you buying holiday wreaths this year? What's fresh and ethically sourced?
Kristy Royce
8 months ago • West Seattle
Looking for a place not too far from West Seattle to donate 4 older chairs. They are well loved and have served us well, but they need a new home. ...
Kristy Royce
10 months ago • West Seattle
Looking for a non toxic carpet cleaner.