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Wendy Quast

Certified Postpartum Doula on a mission to help new mothers - one day at a time!
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Wendy Recommends


Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced
Baby Formula Dispenser
This automated formula mixer operates with the push of a button. Just fill it with water and your formula of choice and it's set to make up to 20 8-ounce bottles. You can control the ounces as well as the temperature of the bottle (room temp, body temp, or warmer). This machine works with all bottle sizes and the water tank holds 50 ounces. It is BPA free and dishwasher safe.
Babybjorn Bouncer
Baby Bouncer
Do you need a safe space to place your baby when you need to get a few things done? The Babybjorn bouncer is a safe, ergonomic seat that moves in response to your baby’s movements. The seat molds to the frame of your baby to support the head and neck. You can remove the fabric for cleaning and if you need to store it, it folds flat. When your baby outgrows it, it can be reversed to become a chair.
Haakaa Breast Pump
Breast Pumps
As a doula, I recommend this silicone breast pump to many clients. It is tubeless and does not require an outlet or batteries. This pump is used by attaching it to the breast by hand, creating a suction by squeezing just a wee bit to begin the natural let down process. It's also a great tool for clogged ducts by filling with warm water and a few tablespoons of epsom salts and attaching to the breast.
Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-To-Rise
Sound Machine
As someone who works with infants and as an adult who needs white noise to sleep, I can't recommend the Hatch sound machine enough. I ALWAYS recommend white noise to my clients for the baby's room and this is why I recommend the Hatch machine. It can be programmed and adjusted through your phone so you don't disrupt baby, it grows with your child so you can adjust according to your child's needs as they grow, it has a toddler lock, stays cool through the night, and it has different color combinations and sounds that are recommended by sleep experts. This truly is an all in one machine.
Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changing Pad
Diaper Changing Pad
This changing pad is non-slip, waterproof, and completely wipeable. Fluids that may leak onto the pad cannot penetrate, making it easy to wipe clean. Best changing pad I've used, as there's no need to change/wash any cover. It is also latex, PVC, BPA, phthalate, and formamide free.
Love to Dream Swaddle
If your baby enjoys self soothing with their hands, but you still want them swaddled, this is the right product for you. This zip up swaddle allows your baby to sleep with their arms up, but still be able to self soothe (and not scratch themselves in the process). There is a two way zipper that allows for easy diaper changes without having to remove the whole swaddle. There is extra room around the hip area as well to allow for baby to move their legs freely while still being in a swaddle of sorts.
Mika Micky
Bedside Cribs
The Mika Micky sleeper is my go to when expecting parents ask about a sleeper for their newborn. It's portable, can attach to your bed if desired, mesh sides for breathability, side panel that opens easily, and a super cozy, yet firm mattress for safe sleeping. With so many bassinets on the market, this is easily my favorite.
Puj Tub
Baby Tubs
This is an amazing foldable "tub" for your new baby. This no slip tub hangs flat, it does not absorb water, folds easily, and fits most sinks. It provides a more comfortable bath experience for baby. It is mold and mildew resistant and BPA, Phthalate, latex, and lead free.
Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller With Bassinet
This stroller grows with your child! It comes with a bassinet for your newborn and is a full size reversible reclining seat for when baby transitions out of bassinet. The storage underneath is spacious and the handlebar adjusts to accommodate height. You can buy a rumble seat and ride along attachments for older children, bringing the total to three children this stroller can accommodate at one time. Also compatible with the MESA Infant Car Seat with no need for adapters.


Brandi Crockett
Lactation Services
Brandi is a wonderful lactation consultant who is a go-to for me for my clients. Lactation consultants are my biggest referrals and Brandi is right up there!
Dr. Anthony Meyer (Beatrice Keller Clinic)
Dr. Meyer is the best dermatologist I've had. He listened when I described my eczema, he asked questions, and made me feel like I wasn't just another patient. I've suffered eczema my whole life and he is the first one who has truly helped.
Dr. Jodie Wohl
Dr. Wohl is, by far, my favorite of any doctor I've seen. I had to seek her out this last time, as she switched to a different location. She remembered me when I went to her new location, she remembered very specific details, and ALWAYS makes me feel so comfortable. During procedures that may be uncomfortable, with her, they're done before I know it.
Dr. Renee Beebe
As a postpartum doula, I need to have professionals to refer my clients, and Renee is one of them for lactation services. Renee is amazing at what she does and my clients have been successful in breastfeeding after visiting her.
Dr. Sara Cassidy (Green Lake Orthodontics)
Dr. Cassidy has been my orthodontist for two rounds of Invisalign and I couldn't say enough about her and her staff. They always have me checked in before I arrive and I never have a wait. They're very prompt, efficient, professional and kind. Dr. Cassidy is great with children and I would highly recommend sending anyone of any age to her for any orthodontic work.
Joy Mactavish
Lactation Services
As a postpartum doula, I am always needing to refer clients out and lactation is one of the most popular. Joy is amazing at what she does and comes highly recommended.
Lise Martin
As a Postpartum Doula, Lise is my go to for anything lactation related. As a Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), she has proven time and time again that she is the best. She has the best upbeat and outgoing personality while being so gentle and kind for women during this very vulnerable time.
Positive Chiropractic And Wellness
Dr. Pace and staff are top notch. Dr. Pace is the most detailed chiropractor I’ve had and I always leave feeling incredibly relaxed.
She Births Bravely
Birthing Pools
Suzzie is not only a wonderful labor and delivery doula, but she is one of the best in the area for birthing pool delivery. She brings everything you need to birth at home, a birthing center, or the hospital and sets it up. Once your little one has arrived, she comes and takes care of the breakdown. Since she is also both a mother and a birth doula, she has the most loving, calm nature during a time that is so vulnerable and beautiful.


Dana Stork
Massage Therapist
Dana is amazing at listening to what you want and delivering. My job has required me to carry children for 20+ years and she listened when I spoke about the areas of concern and she addressed them.
Le Leche League
Breastfeeding Support
La Leche League is, quite possibly, the best place to go for breastfeeding support in Seattle. For anyone who may be having issues with breastfeeding/chest feeding, Le Leche League is run by experienced parents who are trained and accredited to help in all aspects of feeding.
Pacific Northwest Sound Awakening
Kelly is not only both a birth and postpartum doula, but she is also a sound bath practitioner utilizing crystal singing bowls. She offers one on one sessions in the comfort of her client's home, which can make it an even more enlightening experience. Kelly's sound baths allow for a clearer meditative state and a restoration in vitality, among an abundance of benefits.
Seattle Well Mama Massage
Massage Therapist
As a postpartum doula, it is my job to keep these new mothers feeling great and that includes self-care. This location focuses on soon to be and new mothers and I couldn't recommend them enough for these women who need a little self-care.
The Second 9 Months
Breastfeeding Support
The Second 9 Months offers amazing holistic support for new parents, specifically lactation support. As a popular referral for doctors in the Seattle area, parents can know they are receiving some of the best support in the region. Understanding that lactation support requires calmness, patience, and attentiveness to both the infant and mother's needs is something this organization is well known for.
Ummelina Spa Retreat
This spa is such a luxurious place. There is a feeling of peace and calmness right when you enter. As a postpartum doula, I will suggest this place for some of my clients who need to practice some self-care during the phase of being a new mother.


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