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over 2 years ago
All three boys had a great experience in this bouncer. It was durable enough to survive three boys! Easy to clean.
over 2 years ago
When ever moms ask for a recommendation of a must have baby product, this is my number one response. It’s so worth the money and all the hype, and the resale value is high so it’s a good investment.
Wendy Quast As a postpartum doula, I couldn't agree more that this is a MUST have product when parents ask me for recommendations. The resale value IS high and they last for a really long time!
  • over 2 years ago
over 2 years ago
I second this recommendation! This baby bouncer is the best! I used it for both my kiddos when they were babies. It was great to use when you were doing stuff in the kitchen, office, outside, dinner time, etc. It is worth the money!!!
almost 3 years ago
Do you need a safe space to place your baby when you need to get a few things done? The Babybjorn bouncer is a safe, ergonomic seat that moves in response to your baby’s movements. The seat molds to the frame of your baby to support the head and neck. You can remove the fabric for cleaning and if you need to store it, it folds flat. When your baby outgrows it, it can be reversed to become a chair.

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