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over 2 years ago
This is a fantastic neighborhood bookstore!
over 2 years ago
A Cappella Books in Inman Park hosts several book clubs. Full disclosure, my husband works at A Cappella, but does not coordinate the clubs. Here’s a bit more information about their various clubs: acappellabooks.com/book-clu....
over 2 years ago
A Capella Books has been in Atlanta for 30 years, back before the internet was a thing and there wasn't a Barnes and Noble in any Atlanta strip mall. Although the location has changed three different times, the vibe and delicious "book shop smell"is always the same; quite simply, If you love books, you'll love A Capella.
They have all the new releases of course, sometimes signed by the author, and the staff can get you anything you want if you don't see it in the store if you ask.
I appreciate the thoughtful written recommendations by the staff and the fact that they're updated often. They also have a few different book clubs going on at any given time.
I have loved going to their many events in person, and throughout the pandemic they have held virtual events on Zoom hosted by the bookstore and other various locations like the Atlanta History Center, and the Baton Foundation.
I hope they're around for another 30 years, because Amazon might charge you less, but they can't engage you in a conversation about your favorite author, or introduce you to a new friend with a bookclub.
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