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Lynne Tanzer

Shopping local, supporting artists and makers and caring for the community are essential to me. I'm a writer, mother, mixtape enthusiast and one seventh of a 70’s cover band.
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Bar Keeper's Friend
Cleaning Supplies
Bar Keepers Friend is actual magic!
Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Beans
Roasted right here in Atlanta, Batdorf and Bronson are my favorite coffee roasters. While their coffee is available at many coffee houses and restaurants around the city, you can order online and have your own roasted to order. The Dancing Goats blend is my favorite. A delicious dark blend with notes of cherry, chocolate, and molasses. A cup of this with a splash of half and half is my favorite thing to wake up to.
Benefit Brow Zings Tame & Shape Kit
Eyebrow Color
Brow Zings consist of one colored wax pan, one powder pan, a teeny set of tweezers, and a two-sided brush in a cute little compact. This is all you need to tame or fill in your brows. The early 2000's weren't kind to me and I worshiped at the alter of Christina Aguilera, so my eyebrows are somewhere with a VHS tape with a TRL episode on it...far, far away. I keep one in my bathroom and another in my purse for quick touch-ups if the Atlanta humidity is particularly brutal, but also because no matter how much time you spend plucking your eyebrows, your rearview mirror will catch the one you missed!
Billie Razor
Love the convenience of having these affordable razors delivered to my mailbox. I really commend their inclusive advertising showing bodies of all shapes and sizes with different needs. The little magnetic piece they give you to keep your razor on the shower wall is borderline genius and picking the color of my razor added to the shopping experience. Sometimes you don't want a bright magenta razor sticking out like a sore thumb when the rest of your bathroom is a serene blue. Just saying'.
Bold and Dreamy Ceramic Pourover
Coffee Maker
I got this handmade pour over for making that single serve cup of coffee that I need to get me through the afternoon. If I make a pot, I'll drink a pot, so this keeps me caffeinated, but not jittery. I love supporting an artist in the process, knowing my cup is one of a kind.
Fujifilm Instax Mini 11
Your phone is your go to for taking photos, but how many do you ACTUALLY print out? Capture memories and hang them up immediately with an Insta. They make awesome gifts for the person who “has everything.”
Hill House Home Nap Dress
Pre-covid I was the kind of girl who loved getting dressed in the morning and wouldn't be caught dead in yoga pants outside of a studio. So, when the pandemic hit and we were staying home 24/7 my sequin pencil skirts didn't make much sense. I tried ath-leisure, but I never felt like myself. Dressing up is part of my self care, adding to my confidence and making me excited to start each day. After 6 months in sweats I was feeling my self-esteem declining. Then I found Hillhouse Home and their Insta famous "nap dress." An easy, breezy day to night dress that has the ease of a sundress, but isn't flimsy. I've worn a nap dress while doing chores around the house, going for walks with my son, shopping trips, picnics and yes.. for a nap or two! My order came and it fit like a glove. They have up to a 2x which can fit an 18w-22w which made me very happy as most dresses stop at a xl. They have an array of colors and sleeve options, each one as romantic as the next. It's honestly been my favorite purchase in the past year. The nap dress makes me feel comfortable and cute. I now own 3.
L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo
My husband recently tried "L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo" for dandruff and we both noticed the difference immediately. His hair looked less oily, too.
Laduree Paris Candle
Of all of the candles, I have burned in my life, and there have been many, Laduree candles are the most exquisite and intoxicatingly scented of them all. As soon as your struck match crackles on the wick the magic begins and you are transported to Paris. They are romantic and sensual and decadent. Give one as a hostess gift and you will be adored forever. Burn one in your bedroom and it won't be the only fire you'll have to put out ;)
Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook
As someone who has journaled for over twenty years, it has been a struggle to find a notebook that can withstand all the abuse that I put it through. The Leuchtturm1917 can withstand knocking about in my bag as I travel. All kinds of different inks can be used without any bleeding through. The spine stays together every time, even though I fill it to the brim with magazine cut-outs, cards, doodles, and daydreams. And the elastic that can be used as a closure holds on tight. I've bought this notebook 5 times. I once got a Walmart knockoff that was a pretty lilac but fell apart a few days later. I promise you; it's worth every penny.
Litter-Robot III Open Air
Litter Boxes
We got three kittens and a litter robot a few weeks back. I was given the recommendation by three friends before I pulled the trigger. I've never looked back.
Magna Tiles
A year into the pandemic, we've spent A LOT of time at home and manga tiles have saved my sanity on many a rainy day. There are so many kids' toys that are a chore to participate in as an adult, but building a spaceship or a castle or city tower with these durable, magnetic tiles is always fun. They felt expensive when we purchased them, and worried that our ROI would be minimal, but they are used often and for long stretches of time. I bought my set at Treehouse Kid and Craft in Decatur, so I supported a small, local, female owned business to boot!
Milk Sunshine Skin Tint Spf 30
All of our lives have changed dramatically this past year, but a pandemic doesn't stop the need for SPF. Especially in the ATL. This no mess, no scent skin tint is a must for every day, even if you're not leaving the house. The rollerball tip makes the application borderline fun, and it's super weightless. Still, you can add multiple layers if your caffeine hasn't kicked in yet. Best of all, it comes in a real range of skin tones, so you can find your shade easily.
Moroccanoil Treatment Original
Hair Care
Morroccan Oil has been a game changer for me. I have less breakage and my hair is way more silky and shiny.
Ooly Color Write Fountain Pens
There's nothing better than writing with a fountain pen, and Ooly has made writing in my journal a hundred times more fun by giving me the option of buying colored ink! I honestly couldn't believe how affordable the pens and cartridges are, and they always seem to have a discount code, so don't forget to google that before you buy. Cursive writing may be outdated to some, but it will never be forgotten in my house!
REVLON 3-Barrel Ceramic Jumbo Waver
Hair Styling Tool
For beach waves, I've found that hot rollers give you more of a curl than a wave. This Revlon wand is affordable and is super easy to use!
Soleil Round Blower Brush
Hair Styling Tool
After having my son my hair went from poker straight to frizzy overnight. I've tried every smoothening shampoo, hair oil, and straightener on the market, but nothing has given me the results I wanted more than the Soleil Round Blower Brush. It's pricey for sure, but because it gives me a salon-level blowout every time I use it, the cost per use is pretty minimal. It has transformed my getting ready routine. I couldn't be happier with it.
Spongelle Body Wash Buffers
I received a Spongelle sponge as a gift last year and have stopped buying body wash ever since. The convenience of having the soap built into your loofah doesn't sound like it would be a huge deal, but I've really loved the convenience of having a cleanser and exfoliator in one. And my bathroom smells so amazing after I use it. The Lemon Verbena is my favorite scent so far, but I'm looking forward to trying the Bulgarian Rose. They last so long that it will be a while. They're also Made in the USA.
Thinx Period Underwear
Feminine Products
I'm so impressed that they go up to a 3x These have been a game changer for me. I don't have daughters, but I would 100% get them for young adults first navigating their menstrual cycle.
Tula Balanced Beauty Gummy Vitamins for Strong Hair, Skin & Nails Plus Probiotic
I am a skeptic when it comes to vitamins, ESPECIALLY "beauty vitamins" but I have to admit taking two of these delicious little gummies every day my skin has never looked better. I've also been a chronic nail biter all of my life and have been wildly jealous of everyones #manimondays so in an effort to kick the habit for good I figured these would help. I am pleased to report that I am typing this with freshly painted nails and a big smile on my face. I ordered my next bottle today.
Vitamix 5200
Another vote for Vitamix, there's really no comparison!

Special Occasions

A Capella Books
Book Store
A Capella Books has been in Atlanta for 30 years, back before the internet was a thing and there wasn't a Barnes and Noble in any Atlanta strip mall. Although the location has changed three different times, the vibe and delicious "book shop smell"is always the same; quite simply, If you love books, you'll love A Capella. They have all the new releases of course, sometimes signed by the author, and the staff can get you anything you want if you don't see it in the store if you ask. I appreciate the thoughtful written recommendations by the staff and the fact that they're updated often. They also have a few different book clubs going on at any given time. I have loved going to their many events in person, and throughout the pandemic they have held virtual events on Zoom hosted by the bookstore and other various locations like the Atlanta History Center, and the Baton Foundation. I hope they're around for another 30 years, because Amazon might charge you less, but they can't engage you in a conversation about your favorite author, or introduce you to a new friend with a bookclub.
Charis Books & More
Book Store
Charis has been the place that I've turned to when I've needed to get some help with talking to my kids about tough issues. I'm raising two white, privileged boys, and I simply refuse to let them become assholes. We've got books about racism, sexuality, and death. I asked if the staff could help me find a story that emphasizes the importance of consent and they found me a book about kids learning to have boundaries when it comes to their bodies. It's definitely one of the first places that I go when we need a gift for a birthday party.
Glad and Young
Leather bags last longer, we know this, but boring beige just isn't my jam. Glad + Young are a duo of ladies making leather goods look so good you'll say "dayum!" out loud just scrolling through their Instagram. When I saw Glad + Young at a craft show I was psyched, but when I recently saw that I could get a chartreuse leather bag with hand splattered handles you should have seen how quickly I clicked "add to cart." Check out their wallets, handbags, and all kinds of accessories like luggage tags, cord keepers, and keychains. They also carry a super rad selection of leather earrings that help the G+Y gals use every scrap of leather that they can, providing a solution for sustainability and keeping you cute in the process. You've gotta love that! Whether you've got $20 or $200 to spend, you'll find something really magical here.
Kelley Raye
The most important thing that I need to stress about Kelley Raye is that when she takes your photograph, and you will look like the best version of yourself that you have ever seen. I don't know what kind of wizardry she has up her sleeve, but her photographs are emotional, joyful, and, best of all, real! She doesn't airbrush her subjects within an inch of their life. She truly captures the moment. I have cried looking at strangers' wedding photos because they've been THAT good. But, my favorite photos are the ones she takes of female entrepreneurs. Incredible women deserve to be celebrated and have the spotlight shone on them. Kelley puts those women in the direction of their light.
Le Petit Marche
Go early and go hungry! There is a reason that folks line up down the block for this family-owned and operated establishment in Kirkwood. This restaurant/market has so many delicious dishes that I feel like I have to unbuckle my belt just writing about it. From the perfect paninis to the breakfast dish named after the neighborhood, there is not a bad item on the menu that exists. The coffee is great, which is more important to me than the food at a breakfast place, tbh. The decor is pretty and inviting, and there are tables varying in sizes so you can go with few or many friends. I suggest many.
Mali Restaurant
As far as Thai food goes I'm a complete wimp and my husband likes his face to be on fire. At Ma Li, we can both be satisfied and share fortune cookies afterward. We moved from the East side of town to the Westside, and I'm happy to drive the 20 minutes it takes to go pick up our order because the food never disappoints. The staff is all so lovely, and I can't wait to go on a proper date there once things open up again.
The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
Before we get into how inspirational the art at the Atlanta Contemporary is can we first talk about the fact that it can be a COMPLETELY FREE experience?! Seriously. The parking is free, entry into the exhibitions is also free. Then when you're inside the gorgeous building and need a little pick me up, because you're so exhausted from being marveled at every corner by expertly curated contemporary artwork, grab yourself a cup of delicious Batdorf and Bronson coffee, you guessed it, for free! I imagine that you will feel compelled to dig into your purse to make a donation before you leave because you've had such a wonderful time, or because the gift shop is just that good. The contemporary is also romantic AF, and doubles as one of the coolest wedding venues you could imagine. It is always one of the first recommendations out of my lips whenever anyone asks me where they should go on a date. Friends of mine actually got married at the space after meeting at an art show!
Wahoo! Grill
After 13 months without a single solitary date night, my husband and I headed to Wahoo! grill in Decatur. The evening was incredibly romantic. We perused the mouthwatering menu in a beautiful garden lit with crystal chandeliers and listened to the birds and the trains while we talked. We were seated far enough away from other tables to feel comfortable and we were politely asked to put on our masks if staff approached the table and if we needed to use the restroom, which I thought was much better than just putting up signs. The main course was good, but it was really the ambiance that sold the place to me. That and the incredible pot de creme that I had for dessert. Coarse flakes of sea salt were floating on creamy caramel sauce and I savored every bite. My husband said that he'd go back for the cheese grits alone. A delightful choice for date night if you're in Decatur.
Record Store
Rolling Stone selected Wuxtry as one of its top 25 record stores in the country in 2010, and if that's not a good recommendation for a record store, I don't know what it is. Fun fac: There'ss also a Wuxtry in Athens where Peter Buck worked and met Michael Stipe beforeformingd R.E.M. Boasting a huge selection of new and used vinyl, those who love digging through the crates will enjoy the laid-back vibe of Wuxtry. You're certain to find a gem or two every time you visit, and if you can't find what you want, the staff will be more than happy to order something for you.


Alexis Suitcase
I have bought and consigned with Alexis Suitcase and each time has been a positive experience. Authenticity is guaranteed at Alexis Suitcase so I don't need to worry when I splurge on that gently used Gucci tote, or score those Chanel sunglasses I've been lusting over. There is always something new to see, and if you want outfit inspiration ask literally anyone who works there, they're all fashionistas and happy to help.
Candler Park Market
For being so small, I've never left this place empty-handed. They always have what I need. Honestly, I wish there was a CPM in every neighborhood because it's so much easier to run into than a big chain store. I especially love the prepared sandwiches and meals at the back in the cooler, and you can always ask one of the lovely staff for a wine pairing or three ;)
Christina Kwan
Christina Kwan creates abstract murals for homes and businesses alike. Her gorgeous brush strokes are timeless and dynamic. I've had the pleasure of working with Christina on several projects and she is wonderfully professional. Her creative juices flow like water. Your space will be completely transformed into something spectacular that will have every guests jaw on the floor in amazement at the beauty of her art.
Kelly the Paintwrangler
Kelly has made my dream home projects come to life and I couldn't be more grateful. When I wanted a bold poppy printed wallpaper all over my bathroom, she had it up in a day. When I asked if she could paint the door to the bathroom gold, she made it happen. When I wanted a mountain mural in my son's bedroom she found the color palette I'd dreamed of. Sometimes I sit in that room and just stare at her handiwork. She's handpainted another bathroom to look like wallpaper when I couldn't find the look I wanted. She's painted an emerald green archway on a wall to highlight a neon sign that I wanted to shine extra bright. She is a joy and a pleasure to work with. No dream is too big and no color too bold. She's here for it all! She is also very reasonably priced and will pet your cats if you have any.
Art Gallery
First of all MINT is proud to be the first W.A.G.E.-Certified organization in Georgia, committed to paying artists a living wage, so can I start a slow clap for that? Mint opened in 2006 as a work and gallery space for emerging artists to find their voice that may have gone unseen if MINT didn't have their backs with financial and career support. Their curated shows are some of the best in the city, and the atmosphere can not be beaten. Every event at Mint is exciting and pushes the limits as to what 'art" is. I would recommend following them on social networks, as the staff is always coming up with new and exciting ways to entertain and inspire its patrons.
Phoenix Cleaning Service
House Cleaner
I joke that having professionals come in and make my home spotless in a few hours is cheaper than marriage counseling, but there's some truth to it. Having a job, raising children, cooking meals, and trying to find time to pursue my own interests means that time runs away faster than I can keep up with it. Having professionals come into my home with the right tools and equipment to make it spotless in a few hours vs. me slogging all week to get my to-do list done is priceless. Phoenix Cleaners are always on time and do a wonderful job making sure that our home is taken care of thoroughly. They have even suggested doing jobs that I didn't notice myself like descaling the showerheads and rotating the mattress.
Scott and Sons Picture Framing
"You name it; we frame it" is the tag line of this family-owned and operated frame shop. With a huge selection of colors and finishes, you'll easily find options for framing photographs, artwork, or anything else at Scott and Sons. The only problem I've ever had in this place is making definitive decisions because there is so much choice. There is tons of color inspiration all around as the frame shop is attached to an art gallery, and happy murals greet you at every wall as soon as you park. I particularly like the "Welcome to the West Side" train.


Children's Medical Group, PC
The staff at Children's Medical Group have given both my children and myself peace of mind every time we've visited in the past 8 years. The office staff are always helpful and understanding, and I have never had to wait for an appointment. The practice has undergone changes recently, due to COVID safety measures and I've felt very comfortable bringing my children to their appointments. Even though we moved to the West side of Atlanta it's worth it to us to make the half-hour drive across town because we genuinely feel cared for. Dr. King is the most personable doctor that I've ever met, and, honestly, I'm jealous that he can't be my PCP. I think the app they use to track medical records and medication is helpful.
Heart Space Holistic
Heart Space Holistic is where Doctor Amy King has helped me heal. Every appointment is heart-centric in nature. Her staff is kind and considerate. Homey touches like flowers, local art, and beautiful smelling candles make It feel more like going to a salon than a doctor's appointment. Her ever-present teeny-tiny dog Bacon is the cutest office assistant I've ever met. Her adjustments are gentle, effective, and quick, although I have never once felt rushed. The online booking is hassle free, and the adjustments are very affordable.
Phoenix Wellness Center
As a plus-sized woman I have always felt uncomfortable stripping down to my skivvies and laying face down on a massage table, but Natalie Phoenix at Phoenix Wellness Center has made me feel so at ease that I have a standing appointment. I have received massages and have engaged in floatation therapy. Each time I have visited I have been amazed at how great my body feels afterward. Make sure you accept the glass of water or cup of tea after your session and sit in the cloud room for a few extra minutes of bliss. *The extra mile to ensure COVID safety protocols make me feel very safe. The wellness center may be a holistic approach to healing, but they believe that science is very real. You will have your temperature checked, oxygen level taken and have clean slippers given to you to wear on your arrival. All soap, water and towels in the restroom are automatic. You keep your mask on during your session, which sounds strange, but trust me, you will forget you're wearing one.





3 Parks Wine Shop
Speciality Food and Wine
I knew nothing about wine until Sarah, owner and wine enthusiast, helped me explore my options. I really appreciate Sarah making the wine world accessible to me. Whenever I'm in the Glenwood Park area, I stop and pick up a bottle because I find the occasion to pop a cork as often as I can, and I love supporting a business owned by a woman.
All Fired Up
An absolute blast for kids and parents! The staff is lovely and encouraging and the selection of different items to paint is shockingly large. You can warm up with something simple like a mug or a spoon rest and work your way up to more of a "statement piece" like a moneybox or vase. We've had some super successful playdates here and painted some special pieces for grandparents' gifts. It can seem intimidating at first, but I took a look on Pinterest at some ceramics before I went for inspiration and that helped with decision fatigue.
Aurora Coffee
Coffee Shop
Out of all of the wonderful coffee shops that Atlanta has to offer, Aurora has my heart. This space is the shining jewel in Little 5's crown. The espresso is pulled by experts, the pastries are never not fresh. The baristas are skilled and sassy in a "High Fidelity" way that makes the place feel effortlessly cool. There's no pretense, no bullshit, you can order oat milk or not and it's no big deal. Come as you are, there are bankers and buskers sitting at the same table. On the weekends when you see there is a parking fee and you just want coffee, tell the attendant and they won't charge you. Just don't be a jerk and take advantage. It's that friendly neighborhood vibe that makes the place so damn great.
Handful of Stars
Psychic Reader
I got this book as a gift and absolutely loved it. The packaging is gorgeous and I had so much fun reading my friends palms over cocktails. I even convinced my non-believing husband to get in on the fun.
Indie Craft Experience
The Indie Craft Experience is the best market for you to find those one-of-a-kind, handmade items that are going to make your friends and family feel special. Supporting local makers is so important to the economy as a whole, I love that I can save a certain amount of money for gifts and go wild when the market comes around without guilt because my money goes directly into an artist's pocket. They also do different art classes and workshops throughout the year, so make sure to follow on Instagram, or sign up for their newsletter.
Paper Raven Co.
Branded Merchandise
Illustrator Erin McManness started Paper Raven Co. as a greeting card line, and she's since branched out to offer fabrics, art prints, and a whole line of gifts. Her pastel-colored florals and hand-lettered script are beautiful and timeless. She's my go-to for holiday cards and Mothers Day gifts. Everything is Eco-friendly, made in the USA, and she offers free shipping on orders over $50. I especially love that Erin is an environmentalist and prints all of her work on 100% recycled paper and donates a dollar for every sale to "One Tree Planted,' an organization that plants trees in deforested regions around the globe.
Starlight Drive-In
Movie Theater
Oh, those Summer Niiiiights when you get to pretend you're in the movie Grease and park your car in front of those silver screens at the Starlight Six. I can't imagine a cooler first date, or 100th date than packing the car with snacks and drinks and watching a movie with someone special. It's been around for 70+ years and it's not hard to see why. The charm of the Starlight is timeless. Still not convinced? Check out this great article from ArtsATL

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