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Arry Yu
8 months ago • Columbia City
Adult and child singing lessons
So I'm looking to get myself and #theLentil (our pre-K child) some singing lessons. We're on the south end of Seattle. Any recommendations for good solid voice lessons?
4 replies
8 months ago
Try Jon Lutyens for all things music and performance. I added him to Fresh Chalk but you can reach him here as well
Music Teacher
  • 8 months ago
Thanks, Rob! I'll reach out to Jon. :)
  • 8 months ago
I reached out - but he hasn't responded....

Still looking for good recommendations (private lessons)!
  • 8 months ago
Hi Arry-- You should try Off the Wall School of Music. It looks like they do voice lessons for kids starting at age 4. Fresh Chalk hears really great things about them.
Music Teacher - Wallingford
  • 8 months ago

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