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Augustina Liu
8 days ago • South Lake Union
Any recommendations for annual physical exam?
I usually do a physical check annually when I was back in China but since the COVID 19 situation, I couldn't go back to China for my regular physical check now. This will be my first time doing the physical exam in the U.S. and I'm pretty lost about the physical check here. The COVID 19 situation even makes me feel more nervous about the physical exam. So, I wonder if there are any good recommendations for a place to do an annual physical exam?
2 replies
7 days ago
Hi, Augustina - ever since I've lived in Seattle, I've gone to various UW Neighborhood Clinics for primary care. They vary a bit from neighborhood to neighborhood, but I've gotten consistently good care from the different providers. They might be a good option for you especially with your connection to UW.
  • 8 days ago
I have a lot I could say about this one. First of all, my doctor advised me years ago that there is no need for a yearly physical. Only make an appointment if you have a question or need something looked at. Especially with covid, probably.

In terms of a specific doctor, UW is a good system and you can get excellent care there. We also like Swedish. I think with these clinics it really depends more on the individual doctor than the office. You can express preferences when you make the appointment. If you have insurance, make sure it will cover your visit. Healthcare in the US is weird and expensive, unfortunately. Post if you have more questions!
  • 7 days ago

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