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Augustina Liu

Hi, I'm Augustina, a UX designer, minimalist, and environmentalist. I advocate for an inclusive society to make the world more accessible and inclusive for those people with different abilities.
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Augustina Recommends


Ikea Raskog Utility Cart
This has to be the cart for every small apartment in the city. I bought two carts for my small apartment and I was surprised by how helpful this is. I have one in the kitchen to put all my groceries and some kitchenware. When I need to cook, I just put them around me so I don't need to walk to get my foods. I also have one in my living room. My living room is small as well so I have one to put all my pens, stickers, books, and bullet journal. This doesn't take that much space in the living room. When I need to work on my bullet journal, I just move the cart to my desk so I don't need to walk back and forth to get things I need. This is helpful! Strongly recommend!
Ikea Skarsta Desk Sit/Stand
Office Furniture
Very great standing desk! I usually sit on my desk but sometimes you just want to stand to work! This desk allows me to do so. You can adjust the height of the desk by rolling the crank handle. Although this is a manual standing desk, it's more affordable than those electronic standing desks. It's easy to assemble. You can buy tabletops in 2 different sizes. They are now offering the beige tabletop in IKEA. What I really like is the design. It feels very elegant to me while some standing desks with slightly higher prices feel pretty flimsy. I bought 2 desks for my family and we all like them!
Petkit Cat Water Fountain
Cat Supplies
I bought this water fountain from Amazon. The price is higher than other water fountains but I have to say this is the best water fountains I've ever used. It's silent. I can barely hear the sound of flowing water. This version has two modes. The high-flux mode allows cat hairs to be pushed out from the surface of the water so cats wouldn't accidentally eat their hairs while drinking. It also has reminders to tell me when the water is below the lowest point, when the battery is almost out, and when is the time to change the filter. Most importantly, this water fountain makes my cat love drinking! He now drinks a lot of water each day. I'm pretty happy about this change and would like to recommend this water fountain to everyone who has pets.
Wyze Camera
Wyze camera is great! They are affordable for every family. I only use it to look after my cat remotely but some of my friends use it for security concerns. One of my friends had her dog attacked by one of her neighbors' dogs. Thanks for her Wyze Cams so they have the entire process recorded. Wyze Cams automatically record videos when they detect any incidents happening. And finally, my friend was able to obtain the evidence of her dog being attacked by the neighbor's dog.


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Augustina's Conversations

Augustina Liu
8 days ago • South Lake Union
I usually do a physical check annually when I was back in China but since the COVID 19 situation, I couldn't go back to China for my regular physic...
Ryan Bruss
9 days ago • Redmond
I'm finally getting around to setting up the smart home devices at my new house and now have as many Google Home devices as Alexa devices (they lov...
Augustina Liu
19 days ago • South Lake Union
Hi! I recently just moved into a small apartment and I got a very severe allergy and hives. I'm allergic to dust mites so I checked everywhere in m...
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