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Lawrence Lerner
9 months ago • Queen Anne
Bluetooth earbuds...
Hopefully not off-topic. I've just upgraded to the Galaxy S20 (thank you T-Mobile!). There's no 3.5mm jack for a wired headset. It requires a dongle in the charging port which I think is a recipe for disaster.

I will admit to being hard on headsets. In the past, I traveled extensively (5M airmiles+) and use them during my workouts. I usually find Bluetooth ones lasted less than a year before they either died completely or people complained about the sound quality. My bose set lasted longest at almost 18 months. I should probably use a different set when working out.

What are your practical experiences with Bluetooth headsets? Key factors for me
-Microphone quality
-Sound quality quiet place and outdoors
-Durability - How likely are they to fall out while running or riding a bike? Or maybe just walking
-Battery life
-A little bit of style

Thanks in advance!
8 replies
9 months ago
I personally use Apple Airpods (gen 2). They last about 6-7 hours with continuous music, and they re-charge via the charging case relatively quickly. I've not attempted to work out in them however (they'd likely slip out given they don't have the silicone fittings). If you want more of a hybrid.. probably look at the Airpod Pros which have silicone fittings.

This comparison might be useful (especially since Samsung's are more suited for Android), but as you've mentioned it may also just be prudent to use a different set for working out (one with a behind the neck connection, to mitigate falling out)
  • 9 months ago
I've struggled with this as well. I'm not super happy with bluetooth in ear when exercising because it seems fragile and expensive. I like to run in the rain, for example... These days I use cheap wired earbuds that are built for exercise. The cord trails down to my running belt, which keeps out the rain. Luckily the belt is invisible or I'd be failing entirely on style points. I believe the headphones are $20 Koss Sport and the running belt is a $25 Aqua Quest. Both recommended via wirecutter.

I have more expensive gear for travel and general use. I can't imagine flying without my Bose headphones, which are worth their weight in gold. At work I prefer Sennheiser over-ear for comfort.

I'm also curious what others are doing!
  • 9 months ago
Bose Soundsport are the best workout earbuds I've ever used. IPX4 rated so sweat and rain isn't an issue. I gave mine to my wife when I got the Airpods Pro, but I may be asking for the Soundsports back. I recommend getting the charging case also.
  • 9 months ago
Ryan Bruss That is what I've heard. Though I was disappointed to learn calls are not in stereo.
  • 9 months ago
Lawrence Lerner I've never once thought about having phone calls in stereo. Aren't calls on all headphones and earbuds in mono?
  • 9 months ago
Ryan Bruss if I am using my wired headset, it's in both ears. The next gen Bose which is delayed is also supposed to be in stereo.
  • 9 months ago
Lawrence Lerner Ah. I get it. I was thinking stereo as in independent left and right channels. The Bose Soundsports I was using are wireless from the phone, but have the wire that connects the two sides together. Those do play calls on both sides. I have heard good things about Jaybirds version of completely wireless, but that was from a person who gets sent free stuff from Jaybird so take it with a grain of salt.
  • 9 months ago
I bought the the Bose Soundsports and took them for a test drive last night. To reiterate, the S20 has no practical option for a wired headset. Bluetooth only.

Warning.... Opinions follow...

Microphone - people tell me I sound clear on call and recordings, even when I am outside. This is important for me.

Listening. Sound quality is good not great. Audio is clear but audiophiles will be disappointed. The bass is how I like my mojitos but not my music. It's muddled. I have broad tastes and tried with a number of genres. To Adam's point, these aren't my Bose QC2 but I mostly bought them so I can make calls and be hands free.

Battery life... TBD. They are on a full charge now and I am headed out for the day

Durability - It took some fiddling to get them to stay in. Last night they were in for about two hours and I was walking. I had to adjust them a couple of times but they never came out. I'll take them for a run later. For the runners in the group, I have a high pronation so I am concerned.

Style - #Fail. nuff said

Additionally if you're out and about there is a handy case that will also recharge them. It will fit in a pocket but it's bulky and awkward. If your clothes don't come with pockets... you'll want a workaround

I do another report in a week.

  • 9 months ago

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