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Ryan Bruss


Mostly just a regular dude, with a family, who likes adventure sports.
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Ryan Bruss
13 days ago • Redmond
The house I recently purchased has a gas fireplace that's not functioning anymore. I would like to replace it with something a little nicer looking...
Ryan Bruss
26 days ago • Redmond
So, I received the results back from the asbestos test in our popcorn ceiling at the house in Redmond. Just as I feared, it's positive. I'd like to...
Rob Franco
26 days ago • Phinney Ridge
Hey folks, what’s your favorite place for ski tuning? Maybe nearing the end of the season but I want to put away my snowboard and nordic skate skis...
Ryan Bruss
about 1 month ago • Redmond
I'm in need of a new water heater and was thinking of converting to tankless, but I've heard some people haven't had a great experience. Does anyon...
Marston Gould
about 2 months ago • Seward Park
Does anyone have a recommendation for someone who can provide an organic treatment for ants. As it gets warmer, we tend to get sugar/protein ants i...
Ryan Bruss
about 2 months ago • Redmond
I need to get the insulation and vapor barrier repaired in my new house. Does anyone have experience with this and know of a good place to start fo...
Matt Gamboa
3 months ago • Bellevue
Anyone have experience replacing a 2014+ BMW battery? The local dealership is quoting way more than I expect. It's the first time I've had to repla...