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Jacob Hollenbeck

Delridge • Seattle, WA
A software engineer who does far too much research for every decision he makes.
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AmazonBasics Shredder
It feels a bit odd to recommend a generic brand shredder, but this thing has incredible value for the price! Gone are the days of ever-growing mail pile that has to be ripped up and recycled. It's so easy to just take care of all those unwanted documents that inevitably build up over time. Haven't had it jam once, and it takes care of old credit cards without issue. I recommend keeping it unplugged if you aren't using it, out of an abundance of safety.
Apple Airpods
I use them every day. Battery lasts for about 6 hours of continuous use before I have to recharge. They have some weird interactions with my Macbook (resulting in mono sound, instead of stereo) that I wish Apple would fix, but otherwise happy with the purchase.
Brooklinen Sheets
Switched to this brand several years ago when trying to find sateen sheets that do not pill. Our sheets have never pilled after dozens of washes. These sheets really hold up and are absolutely worth the money.
Casper Original Hybrid Mattress
I purchased an Original Hybrid mattress from Casper a few months ago. I originally had a Tempurpedic mattress, but the memory foam does not hold up well and it turned into a saggy sponge with little contouring for my body. I had pressure point problems on my shoulder and had to get a super firm pillow to prop up my neck. All those problems are gone with my Casper mattress. No more pressure point problems in the shoulder or the hips. Plush but supportive and the pocket coils I know will last far longer than memory foam. Overall quite happy thus far.
Coway Air Purifier
Air Purifier
Where to even begin? These are so amazing I own 4 of them! We have one in every room! We use to suffer from unrelenting allergy problems (we lived in Texas) and these made a world of difference in an apartment that didn't have central air or high quality air filtration. Now that we live in the PNW these are still valuable for the seasonal smoke! We barely noticed the smoke having these in our apartment. You have to regularly clean the filters of dust/hair (especially if you own pets) but if you do that you'll have no issues with reliability. We've been running these for nearly 5 years and have had zero problems. Convenient filter replacement packs may seem expensive but given how much they improve personal health.. is a very small price to pay. Unless you have central air with good quality filters... you should be using air purifiers! Get these!
Global Knives
I've been using Global Knives for years! They are beautiful in their bamboo block on the counter and they grip quite well. I have sharpened them a few times (using my own sharpening block) and they become razor sharp once more. Great longevity! I have cooked well over a thousand meals with these and am still pleased.
Herman Miller Embody
Office Chair
How often do you sit in a chair? For any office worker it's as much as you sleeping in a bed. Not having an ergonomic chair can do serious damage to your body over the long term. I was having problems with circulation in my legs and hunching. I was using a standard office chair (few hundred bucks). I learned about Herman Miller and decided to go all-in for the sake of my health. I am so glad I made the choice to upgrade! The price may be steep for the Embody, but it is unlike any office chair you'll encounter. The active support matrix back contours to your body and moves with you. The bottom cushion is gentle on my legs and doesn't restrict circulation. The recline is perfect (and adjustable) and gets me past the dreaded 90 degree hip angle. With a 10 year warranty and the massive upside to your personal health... this is such a critical investment in personal wellness and you'll reap the benefits every day.
Lodge Cast Iron Grill Press
Pots & Pans
Love mine! Wonderful for sausage and bacon.
Lodge Cast Iron Pan
Pots & Pans
Have had one for many years. I use a piece of stainless steel chainmail to clean it after every use. It takes getting used to how hot it gets (and managing the temperature of the burner to compensate) but I prefer pan frying all my meats in this, as well as vegetables that I want a slight char on.
Nuun Hydration
Supplement Bar
Been drinking it for years. Simple and easy way to increase your appetite for hydration throughout the day.
Oxyfresh Pet Ear Cleaner
Pet Care
Our cat has very sensitive ears and had a problem with digging in his ear (to no avail). Our vet suggested this stuff because it doesn't have alcohol. It makes his head smell very fresh/clean as a side effect. We use it about once a month to prevent build up. I recommend soaking a big cotton ball, putting in the ear, and then mushing the ear canal to get the solvent all the way down to the ear drum.
Petstages Tower of Tracks Interactive 3-Tier Cat Toy
Cat Toy
Our cats love playing with random things that aren't their toys... but they actually manage to get enjoyment out of this. I do have to flick one of the balls to get them interested but they'll sit there for 10 mins whacking it after I do.
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Headphones
I've owned a ton of headphones in my years, and these are by far the best I've ever had. It's rare to find the right mix of comfort, performance, and reliability in a headphone. The noise cancellation is excellent on these, so much so that my wife often gets angry that I can't hear her. I've owned them for nearly 2 years now and their wireless charge is still phenomenal and there is minimal wear and tear despite significant usage. A real testament to the build quality! If you're in the market I can't recommend these enough!
Shark ION Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner
Previously we used to own a Dyson... but they are so crazy expensive and not exceptionally better than the competition based on price. After some exhaustive research we decided to pick one of these up... man we had been missing out! The super high suction coupled with an excellent battery life has made it... enjoyable... to vacuum! We had started to loathe it! Included are all the normal attachments you might need and the hybrid suction head makes it work very well on both hardwood and carpet. We've even used the handheld mode to vacuum the car!
Silicone Bags
Silicone Reusable Bags
We have been moving away from single-use plastic like ziplock bags. Got these for Christmas and so far they are awesome! Started storing meats in the freezer with them. They are pretty heavy duty and have a nice seal.
Zeiss Lens Cleaner
Lens Cleaner
Zojirushi Rice Cooker
Rice Cooker
For years I cooked my rice in a pot (or worse, got microwaveable rice) and it never came out right (was never sticky, or often overcooked). I eventually heard about Zojirushi and the infamous 1-button perfect rice. I decided to take the plunge. I can tell you after many years of delicious rice that no kitchen should be without one of these. You put the rice in (after washing it of course), fill water to the corresponding line, set the rice type, and press the button. Some time in the future you have delicious perfectly-cooked rice. Very easy to clean, and even after 6 years my Zojirushi is still going strong.


Dr. Sittler is amazing at what he does. Very compassionate, empathetic, and understanding. He helped me strengthen up from chronic tendinitis which was not simple to diagnose nor treat. Even follows up with you via text to see how you are doing.
Family First Chiropractic and Wellness
Been going here for a few months. Very practical and forthcoming, with a focus on me as the patient.
First Impressions Dental Care
My crown (from a different dentist) broke in half while eating breakfast and these guys got me in the same day to get a temporary crown fitted. Fits like a glove too. It was a stressful day but their ability to have a fast turnaround on getting my tooth fixed was incredible. Very courteous staff and a very clean facility.
Lake Austin Smiles
A small office, but with very courteous staff and doctor. Dr Peterson is very nice and direct. Always nice having a pleasant experience at the dentist!
Premier Family Physicians - Southwest Medical Village
I personally see Dr. Brimberry, but this place is the capital of medical services in Austin. From imaging, to physicals, to lab work, and more. Never had an issue to date, but sometimes the wait can be a bit high.
Renton Landing Primary Care
This is my primary care doctor. Very efficient setup and excellent app to view records and speak with my physician. Staff are courteous and the facility is brand new.
Rosewood Wellness
Jose is extremely knowledgeable and proficient at sports massage. Dr Andrade is a very skilled chiropractor that doesn't try and upsell any fluff. Just gets me back in alignment and the difference is very apparent. Pricing is reasonable and the facility is very nice.
Smile 360
Exceptionally good dentist. Quick, friendly, and attentive to detail.
Texas State Optical
Eye Doctor
Dr. Janzen may be getting old.. but he's easily the best optometrist in Austin. Very nice man and very good at assessing your vision.





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